Just 'cause it is awesome.

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  1. [video=youtube;kqCE066fNpU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqCE066fNpU&feature=related[/video]
    SOO this is pretty awesome. I had a deprived childhood... I never played with dominoes... D:
    Sad.. right?! Anywho! I found this really enjoyable! :D

  2. Tearing apart the flags of various nations in effigy? Count me in.
  3. I used to play with dominoes. I'd spend hours setting them up, only to accidentally knock them all over.
  4. Like every Spanish house, I grew up playing dominos. Either I would really play it or build up a structure that I was likely to knock over.
  5. That was very cool. It reminded me of Domino Day, in a very good way. But I am kind of sad that my country got left out.
  6. i was the one child who when my brother would play with them i would scream "im godzilla fear me little people." and stomp around until they all fell....^_^ so i guess i played with them
  7. Wow.. I wonder how many times they tried to pull out their hair because they had come halfway and then happened to push down a domino piece so everything got destroyed and they had to start over xD

    I didn't like domino's when I were a kid, I were a bit weird xD hahahah
  8. you were weird...i dont think you can say were when you still are XD
  9. pff, I'm not weird anymore.. Now I'm only crazy ^^
  10. I used my dominos like building blocks. I had far more fun that way, but maybe because I was clutzy...