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  1. As it says I'm bored... I don't have any strict plot but I would like to have a few more roleplays :)
  2. I would Love to roleplay with you i too get bored XD

    Here it is How about this plot

    I would like to do a spin off from wicked the musical and frozen the disney movie. The genral idea of both Plots Is what im useing. A person with hidden power , But Not ice Blood :) Which is much much more on edge and dangerous , Imagine if you could control blood but had no control over this cursed power it would make you into someone dreadful and Evil , After Mc loses control and kills your chracter's Lover, Family member ,( Someone of your chooseing ) And goes missing you chracter Vows Revenge the king and queen Hire your chracter to find mine and Kill Him , You must come back to the king and queen with a heart in a box (Old school snow white XD In here ) Will you become a prisoner and fall for your most hated Enemy. Will be a dominant in this one but wouldnt care if i had to be submissive

    If is not your cup of tea I have many other plots i can throw at you XD

    Wicked /Frozen spin off Character
    name: Salus (named after roman roman Goddess of salvation XD)
    Age: 18

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.