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  1. Sooo, I'm kinda-ish new here on Iwaku but not RPing. Well, here are the lists.


    - God/Goddess

    Of course if you have any ideas, feel free to share them~! And most importantly, have fun!

    Lots of love,
  2. I'd be interested but I want to know a few things first before diving any deeper because I can't look at your roleplay resume. What gender do you prefer to play? What's your writing style like? What is your playing style? Are there any genres or plot candies you're hoping to do along with these pairing ideas? Do you have any plot ideas and/or suggestions for any of these pairings?
  3. Thank you so much for replying. Oh no! I'm so sorry about that! I did it all again, you can take a look. So sorry for the trouble. ;~; @Alexa
  4. @ApocalypseStar May I know the answer to my questions? I can't look at your roleplay resume.
  5. I love to join you in a roleplay, Star! How would you feel about having me in one of your roleplays?
  6. It doesn't work at all? That sucks. ;_; Anyways, I prefer to play female. I can play as a guy too, but not so well. My writing style: detailed & more like telling a story. Plot candies? Well, mostly Romance & all that stuff~ As for the plots, I do on most of them. But, of course. If you have a suggestion, we'll definitely go with your way. I'm not much of a strict RP person. >~< It's all about having fun. And again, I'm really sorry about the Roleplay Resume. Odd that it doesn't show up. >: I'm really sorry about that. @Alexa

    And of course @ThreeDaysDisgraced ! I have sent you a message! ^^
  7. @ApocalypseStar Well, yes. You've limited who can view your profile so I can't see your roleplay resume. Anyways, I appreciate your feedback but unfortunately cannot fulfill your expectations. Happy finding though!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.