just another red dawn.

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  1. someone, anyone
    why won't it end?

    didn't you promise one day it would stop?
    what am I?
    still alive-
    why can't I finally sleep?

    I have died but I didn't stay dead-
    not in the way that mattered.

    nights huddled and weak
    furious when hands cannot fight
    when words were my only strength

    trembling/standing/breathing under a mountain
    of insurmountable knowledge that cannot be said
    not in any of the words I know

    not die, never die
    not like this
    just another red dawn

    but the snow bird sings differently
    'pitiful child' it croons
    as claws cut red rivers in a thin arm

    it's just another red dawn, nothing else, nothing more
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.