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  1. So hello~! just wondering if there's anyone up for a pokemon RP, though it's a bit different from your ordinary vanilla pokemon rp though. It was meant to be a pokemon university rp but @Gremory and I did some changes here and there and we end up making a Pokemon Guild. We're planning the RP to be in GEN1 set in alternate universe from the canon universe. The world itself is less modern than the canon universe so it's like medieval-ish settings. As for fighting, we think it's more efficient if we didn't use the RPG style like in the game since it's really complicated to deal with.

    I'm really bad at explain am i? ;__; but fear not I ensure it'll be a fresh feel of Pokemon RP

    And I'll be Summoning Thee, @Gremory
  2. Well the medieval-ish setting has gotten me interested. Curious to how you will end up doing the fighting, I'll wait for the other person to explain it in detail I guess before I give a for sure yes.
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  3. I will watch this and see how it goes.
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  4. I'm interested as well. Medieval settings have always been my weakness.
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  5. So, would we be only having Gen 1 pokemon available?
  6. Waiting for a little more detail, might join! c:
  7. If we're going Medieval, I could probably imagine it being in Kalos. Its the most western region barring Unova and has a knightly kind of war in its lore or something similar.
  8. Well, Greensea did say "We're planning the RP to be in GEN1 set in alternate universe from the canon universe.", which gives off the impression at least of gen 1 pokemon only (although being a non-canon universe, it's plausible that the pokemon found in the region may include those from other regions, which is why I asked)
  9. Bleh, you're right. Totally forgot about that. Forgive me, got no sleep last night.
  10. Plus, as a matter of interest, I think I'd be more inclined to go with Hoenn if it were Medieval, since while Kalos is relatively European, it's way too high tech.
  11. Correct
    Welll for the fighting I intended to make as normal pokemon battle, it was at first thinking to have them battle like the vanilla pokemon style (where we calculate and al that stuff) but thinking that it would be complicated, might as well change it though if you have a better suggestion please tell us ^-^~!

    as for medievalish setting, I'm planning to make the whole world into medieval with only a little room for the futuristic stuff such as pokeball exist and such.
    Well as so far I only manage to get the brief plot done, it's about two kingdom fighting for each other, and at the end of the war there was mew that interrupt and pooff....

    our story start 40 years later, after the war ends and Mew's appearance, since the appearance of the pink creature, similar monster begun to show themselves to the public. The king proclaimed these creature as pokemon, their first appearance brought a lot of attention to the society with many capture them with rope at first but later the king's personal blacksmith and mages have found a way to capture them and that's using a sphere shape capsule. You are an aspiring trainer who recently got a starter pokemon/ had it since you were born/etc goes into the Tavern, Trainer's Pub or also known as Ruins of the Fallen Kingdom Ostia.

    There'll be monetary system as well where player get the money they obtain through quest (it'll be the GM work to keep tracking all of the player's status such as Trainer Points, Gold, and Pokemon Reserve)

    TP or Trainer Points are a way to define on how experienced the trainer are, TP also use to determine your Ranks as a trainer. While in vanilla there are badges to indicate how strong we are, we have Ranks. From time to time as Trainer's TP grow they can do a promotion quest, by defeating Dukes / Prince / Paladin in a certain city.

    How Pokemon Strength determine?
    that I haven't figure out yet but for now I'm thinking to put it the "logical way" of battle. Like Pikachu and Onix, Pikachu would skillfully dodge Onix as he's way more agile than Onix, but due to typing it would be really hard to bring him down. As for Onix, he could destroy the yellow creature easily with one hit but really low probability to hit him.

    ^---I know there's way better than this so please help me XS

    Catching pokemon
    this one is debatable as well since we're in medieval setting, like in the beginning I want to make the RP without any pokeballs available, pokemon will be sold in shop or it's a reward through completing quests but then again I decided to implement pokeball system. The capture system are base on luck, you'll need to throw dice though for that. I'll explain further later on

    Pokemon availability
    as @Karakui said, we'll only have gen 1 pokemon excluding legendaries, since I want them to be unobtainable and as a raidboss.

    question and suggestion are welcome!
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  12. Will we be able to use the stats, moves, and abilities available to the gen 1 in the latest games? (Well assuming no Mego-Evolutions but the stats)

    Also how will pokemon strength be used if we use the vanilla battling style with stats and calculating? With the same onyx and pikachu example, a tackle is a 100% accuracy move, while not that strong in game, an onyx giving a pikachu a full body tackle sounds much more painful than actuality for something that should be hitting almost always. Not that I have a better suggestion, but figured I could ask about it anyways.
  13. Haven't thought about it that much though for move I think It'll be best to use the latest ones? but there'll be no mega evolution

    Hmm thorugh the power of math!!!!! since I never though about using it officially I never did make a formula. If we would use stats that's mean we need a formula for def and attack not only that the accuracy (accuracy will be using dice) so for example let's have formula for attack Physical attack:

    (really it just a dummy example so expect a lot of weirdness)
    Pikachu Tackle to Ditto
    (0.1 Moves Attack Power+ 0.5 Attacking Pokemon Attack Stats) - 0.5 Defending pokemon Stats = damage taken (if accuracy below 50 then roll dice between 1-100, if dice below 50 then it'll be miss)

    ^--it'll be sort of like that

    also I wonder if any of you would be a lot more interest if the trainer would join the battle like fight alongside the pokemon?
  14. Well I'm not opposed, I believe this has a ton of potential! You've frightened me with potential math inclusion though, so I'll wait and see how that's coming into play complexity wise. Looks good though c:
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  15. Hm, I'll pass then. I don't like enough of the non-legendary gen 1 pokemon for it to be worth playing.

    Also, just my two cents but I think using actual math is probably a bad idea considering the majority of battling will be PVE anyway.
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  16. Since we're going back to Gen I...

    1. How about Pokemon that evolve from Gen I Pokemon through still-plausible means? (Eevee line except for Leafeon and Glaceon; Lickitung can learn Rollout)
    2. Does this mean my Jolteon will lack Volt Absorb, and my Magikarp will lack Swift Swim?
    3. Are the moves limited to moves learned only in Gen I?
    4. Will this mean Magnemite is pure Electric?
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  17. Yeah that's why I want to avoid math as much as possible

    I would prefer the typing, move learn, and ability matches with the latest which mean they are allowed to use up to kalos, which mean Magnemite will have steel type with it, Jolteon and Magikarp will have the skill.

    as for evolution Eevee will have only 3 evolution because I think espeon and umbreon come in later gens
  18. You have my interest.
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  19. Im good
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