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  1. So first off this is my first real big group rp idea. Its basically The Incredibles the rp with a few changes. Supers are a term used for Superheros, back in the olden days they where welcomed and greeted as heros. But now times as have changed, heroes are viewed as freaks and monsters. They had to stay hidden among the normal people now but some still now hidden away fight against crime. This rp will feature about 3 major age groups for characters. Kids, Teens, and Adults. Really this can kind of go anywhere you can make a super if you want or a scientist who studies them or even a supervillain but I really want a normal sort of life theme going on too. Kids hanging out, teens rebeling against things that sort of thing.

    Superpower(If a super):
  2. Name: Hiroki Yana
    Age: 15
    Role: Anti hero, Yana lacks some qualities that would make her an actual "good" heroic girl; she uses her super powers, but she doesn't care about what happens to them. She doesn't have any intention of being a good person.
    Superpower: Being able to morph into anybody and the power of manipulating emotions, which can change one's thoughts (she controls humans, and they do her deeds)
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  3. Ah sorry, role is refering to if your a super or something else, hero, normal joe (wouldnt recommend), scientist, Supervillain I didnt want to limit people.
  4. Alright, thanks for the clarification -- I was rather confused.
    I'll edit the role part right now!
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