Just Another "Normal" Anime High School...(Always Accepting)

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  1. This is just a normal anime high school...By normal, of course, we mean riddled with different species all learning to become ruthless warriors in order to find and kill monsters to protect the world.

    Sounds pretty normal to me.

    At this high school, you will learn how to defend yourself and the general public from mysterious monsters that can't be seen by regular mortals. You, however, are not a regular mortal. Be it by your bloodline, your race, your species, or even your magic. Only those with "The Gift", come to this school to hone their skills. Anybody with The Gift is able to see monster for what they really are. Demons from the underworld, Familiars that have broken free from magic and everything in between. To the humans in the world, they look like animals and people, but not to you.At this high school you will still have Math and English classes, but also Weapon arts and Magic Control classes.

    This high school is very different when it comes to rules. Some of said rules are the following:
    -All fights must be supervised by a teacher
    - No using magic and abilities in the classroom (Use in halls and outside are acceptable)
    - If you require humanoids for food don't eat fellow students, take advantage of the human sacrifice sections in the cafeteria.
    -Any sexual act on campus must be within in private quarters, disobeying this rule will result in public humiliation (authorized and preform by the teacher who caught you)

    Those are only some of the rules that can be found in the school rulebook

    You will be a student, or teacher, at this fantasy high school set in the anime universe. Through high school you will find love, friendships, learn new talents and have a fun time doing so. If you interested post your CS.
    -My word and the word of the CO-GM is law
    -Have the persons consent before fighting or sexual advances on some ones else's character.
    -I don't mind naughty scenes, but keep the sexy-time in your characters dorms.
    -You character can only be humanoid creatures. I don't wanna see people playing as dragons or something ,like that.
    -I'd prefer if you were 18+. The following roleplay may contain scenes of violence, nudity, and suggestive themes .Viewer discretion is
    -Do not control other's characters
    -No drama. I don't want to see any arguing in the OOC, I will end the arguments. Okay, you guys can have little disagreements,but that's it! >:c
    -There is a posting order, You must wait at least 3 posts before making another post of your own.
    -I'd prefer if you didn't do one-liners. I understand if you can't write long posts, but more then 2 sentences should be fine.
    -You must have an accepted CS, in the ooc, before posting anything in the IC
    -Every once in a while is fine, but please keep OOC post in the respected thread.
    -I'd ask of you that your character only have one power. If you decided to make your character have more than one, all of the other powers must be insignificant (basic and weak, more or less).


    Appearance: (Must be Anime)
    Personality: (optional)
    Power/Ability: (Don't go overboard)
    Othr: (Anything else you want to add?)

    Accepted characters:

    1. Undying Curiosity ~ Akane Saito
    2. Blakethedestroyer ~ Mr. bones
    3. Dunruffle ~ Grendel Vongult
    4. Fantasy_Star ~ Caroline
    5. Yumaki Hikari ~ Yumaki Hikari
    6. Conrad Norwood ~ Jason Koizumi
    7. Doc_Halladay ~ Deron Hollingberry
    8. La Blue Love ~ Kiyomi Koukaji
    9. Zamorak ~ Kiruyo Kiraba
    10. Nocturne ~ Shino Ashia
    11. naminie ~ Nami
    12. ~Infinity~ ~ Hikari-Kuro Shimizu
    13. GreminasM ~ Acturus Mencer
    14. Enthriper ~ Zachary Tompsin
    15. Terra Rose ~ Terra
    16. TheBitterBunny ~ Sekitan Suzuui
    17. Justice Hunt ~ Cyril Kenchi
    18. Ryu Keiko ~ Ryu Keiko
    19. DiamondGhosts ~ Kevin Storm
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  2. This looks interesting, would it be alright if i made my character a skeleton?
  3. You can be whatever you want XD
    As long as it's a humanoid.
  4. Name:
    Age:16 (after being reanimated)
    Race/Species: Undead
    Appearance:like this but wearing a bartender suit [​IMG]
    Personality: Friendly and laid back
    Power/Ability: can put himself back together as long as he is not totally destroyed
    Other: cannot remember anything before he was reanimated, may or may not make skeleton related puns, thinks of the litch that reanimated him as a father.
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  5. Name: Akane Saito
    Age: 17
    Race/Species: Angel
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Laughs at everything, and very Sociable.
    Power/Ability: Can manipulate the air/wind
    Other: Is bisexual, Has a sword given to her by her angel mentor.
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  6. You character is accepted, Although, he needs a name. Unless it's part of your character to not have name, seeing as he can't remember, than it's ok.
  7. whoops i forgot the name, it is Mr Bones
  8. lol, Okay ! Accepted!~
  9. Name: Rikako Masaoka
    Age: 19
    Race/Species: Human
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Rikako seems friendly on the surface, but that's more a cover than anything else. She's almost always got some sort of ulterior motive when dealing with people, and has a very bad habit of collecting information given to her in confidence, for later use as blackmail fuel. In fewer words, she's not a good person.

    Power/Ability: Her ability allows her to instantaneously relocate herself to any location of her choosing, provided she knows how the place looks.

    Other: She has a somewhat solid distrust of males.
  10. I like that character, Yonaka. Accepted~
  11. Of course! Post Your CS~
  12. Show Spoiler

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality:She is a quiet yet curious girl, even though she is a demon she can be friendly if you get to know her, but also deadly if you tick her off.
    Power/Ability:Dark magic, Able to posion people and creat illusions.
    Other: Caroline has a small red panda and baby panda who has a thing about celebrating christmas. The two together cause big havoc.
  13. hi! may I join? could I reserve a guy spot if it's okay? :]
  14. gonna reserve a spot for now
  15. Sorry for my absence guys! Fantasy_star, you're accepted. Sepdemonium & Dunruffle, I'll save you two a spot..
  16. Thereis now only two spots left.

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  17. Name: Rei Kusuna
    Age: 15
    Race/Species: Neko
    Personality: Meet her and see
    Power/ability: Meet her and find out
    Other: She is straight and usually keeps to herself