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  1. Hello everyone! I've heard of Iwaku here and there before from the Top RP Sites however I never really checked the site out until now. I understand that there has been some updates to the forum and I'm glad to be joining at such a fresh time. I have been roleplaying now for three years and plan to keep doing so despite past problems. I hope to have fun and enjoy my stay here with the rest of you.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Sara! We are glad to have you here, and happy that you find our new updates and changes as good things. We have many plans for our community that we hope you will be able to take part in. ^^ If you need help, don't be afraid to approach us staffers. We are here to help you!

    See you around, and hope you have fun exploring and roleplaying!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! Nice Monokuma avatar c:
  4. @Sen Haha, thank you. I really like it.

    @Hana Sounds good to me! I like to take part in community and site things. It's always fun to me.
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  5. Hi there! You've come on the grand opening day of our open registration, how exciting!
    You are seeing the site in its newest iteration post update, it's shiny and sparkly and we're pretty excited about it.

    If you need help with anything or think you might have encountered a kink that needs to be worked out, we have a Help Desk here. I hope you have fun!
  6. Heyo Saralaxy.

    Welcome to Iwaku. Its nice to know that we're quite popular on the RP topsites.

    Anyhow, enjoy your stay and have fun! :)
  7. @Kitti Thank you, I hope to have fun with everyone as well. Iwaku seems like a great place.

    @Akashi I will! Thank you for stopping by.
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  8. Hi there, Sara (if I may call you that), and welcome! I joined from the topsites thing, myself, and it feels like it was such a long time ago. I'm glad you decided to check us out again. Best of luck! If you need help, especially with drawing in partners, please feel free to ask me! I love helping.
  9. @The Mood is Write I'll keep that in mind! Thank you for offering to help me. I appreciate it.
  10. Not a problem! I wish you ALL of the best things here. <3
  11. [​IMG]

    Hey, welcome to iwaku! So glad your here!
  12. @Krintha Hello! It's nice to be here. Thank you for the welcome.
  13. Hello, @Saralaxy and welcome to the site ^.^ You may not know it yet but you just enlisted in the bunny army >:{D If you haven't already go ahead and give the rules a once over, and if something on the site stumps you, we also have a nifty Help section ^.^ This is where you'll find the FAQ, and within the FAQ a list of Roleplay Tags, a list of the site's bbcodes, a link to the staff roster, and other insightful things. But if you can't find an answer to your question, need clarification, or found a bug, the Help Desk might be more your cup of tea.

    As a roleplayer, new or otherwise, you're always looking for ways to improve your craft and one of Iwaku's many goals is to help you with this :D Thus the Content page! Here you'll find forums dedicated to Roleplay Guides and places for users to commission and display their own works ^.^ But if you're more worried about actually roleplaying or need a place to start, we have the Roleplay Search page :) This is where you'll find Interest Checking and Creation where Game Masters posts interests check for their future roleplays and plot future roleplays. Roleplay Advertisement is where Game Masters advertise their running group, dice, or jump-in roleplays. But if you're a Game Master looking for players, there's always the Seeking Group Invites forum. This will allow you to browse users looking for group roleplays to join and snag them up for yourself! Last but not least is the Seeking One x One partners. If group roleplays are too main stream for you, set up shop here and look for someone of similar interests ^.^

    If you're wondering who I am, I am but only one of Iwaku's many staff members :D As the banner says, I'm part of the Community Maintenance branch and my job is to make sure all roleplays have their correct tags and prefixes, archive dead threads, and fix whatever you break :3 Other branches of Staff include the Security team, the users who make sure you aren't up to anything questionable, and the Content team, the users who make sure you're never bored!

    I hope to see you around the forums and may the muse be with you =^.^=

  14. Hello fellow Monokuma avatar person, have


    I too hope you enjoy your time here :)​
  15. @Noctis the Devious Whoa, thank you for taking the time to inform me of all those things. I appreciate it very much. ^-^

    @Atomyk Monokuma! Haha, random shout. Thank you for the warm welcome Atom. ^.^
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  16. No problem ^.^ Feel free to ask any staff with a red name or blue name if you need clarification or stumble across a problem :3
  17. Hey Sara!
    It's fantastic to have you here and to hear that Iwaku is doing well for itself on the toprpsites website!
    Anyways, seeing as you're new to Iwaku, check out the "Newbie Care Package" thread - you can get a bunch of free graphics and a guide around Iwaku :)

    P.S here are some threads to get you started on our lovely website. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Take care!
    Help Desk - HELP DESK
    Interest Checking & Creation - INTEREST CHECKING & CREATION
    Seeking One on One Partners - SEEKING ONE ON ONE PARTNERS
    Terms & Rules - Terms of Service and Rules | IwakuRoleplay.com
    BB Codes - BB Codes | IwakuRoleplay.com

  18. Saralaxy! Hiiiiii^^!!

    "I~whack~you~!!" that means welcome in Rabbit. Soooooo... you've been RPing for quite a while now, eh? Soooooo like have you ever RPed while being a new bunny? Cuz that's what you are now, Saralaxy!!! Yes, yes, a new bunny! Did Topsites tell you that too? How about a Newbunny Care Package? You should get one. Our wise and great Bunny Logo says so. Have you seen our Bunny Logo? Have you seen ~BUNSY~

    Well it sees yoooooooouuuu...

    Heh. Heheheh...

    Soooooooooooo... do you like rainbows, new bunny? K, what about~~


  19. @Ali A newbie care package?! Now that's something I have to check out. Thank you for telling me about it. ^-^

    @Boo Girlie BoomBoom Haiiii! A new bunny, aye? Noice!! I shall hop to my hearts content. Muahahaha! Kek. RAINBOWS!!!! *hugs you*
  20. Hi there! 8D Welcome to the weirdness!
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