Just Another New Person

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  1. Ahoy!

    Since I'm really bad at introductions, I'll just dive right in and get things over with.

    You can go ahead and call me Mocking; or anything else, really. Names don't mean much to me, so I'm not too picky about them.

    Although this is obviously my first time here, I've been roleplaying for about five years. I feel awkward in one-on-ones unless I know the person fairly well and like to keep romance to a minimum. Sometimes it's cute, but usually affection just repulses me in a deeply inexplicable way. Bring on the gore and tragedy and magic, please.

    I like anime, reading, and obviously writing.

    I don't like people, numbers, or medical procedures.

    The song currently stuck in my head is: Outer Science
    (for the millionth goshdarn time)

    Hopefully you don't hate me already~
  2. *bows* Greetings stranger, a pleasure to meet you.
  3. Thank thee kindly for the welcome.
  4. Hello there Mocking, welcome to the site! :D
  5. Thank you~ :3 I like your icon.

    Hmm, you guys get lots of new members per day, it seems. I'm not used to bigger forums xD Oh well.
  6. Welcome! I'm new too. (Also love Outer Science too holy shit)
  7. I just hopped out of my computer chair a little.

    Welcome to you also, then~ I'm guessing you know of the other KagePro songs as well...?
    I didn't expect anybody to recognize it, yeesh.