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  1. The story takes place in Chester, England.
    chester-england.jpeg and this is where YOU will be living for however long. You can basically do whatever you please, except kill people, thats not nice...but you can fall in love or out of love. There will also be a cafe!

    ((Where my characters will be working))

    Edwin Boone
    Age: 19
    Eye Color Studio1.jpg
    Darin Anderson
    Age: 22
    Eye Color Studio3.jpg
    The half brothers walk around the cafe, cleaning cups and tables and mopping the floor, getting ready for the "not so" busy day ahead of them.
  2. anime_girl_with_black_hair__brown_eyes_and_jacket_by_fawn_leaves-d648hll.png.cf.jpeg Sora Lavelle
    Age: 19

    Sora slid her hood off her head as she walked down the street. The strain of grocery and shopping bags leaving marks in her skin as she lugged them along. This was the worst. She needed to invest in a car, and soon because her arms were not happy. She needed a break, she was only half way home and she already wanted to just leave the bags on the sidewalk.

    She stopped in front of a nearby cafe, peering into the storefront window. I guess this is ok. She readjusted the bags on her arms and pushed the door open. The bags crinkled with her every move as she made her way to a table in the corner and sat down. Sora placed the bags under the table and relaxed into the chair, letting out a breath of relief. She looked around searching for anyone else.They must have just opened or something... she could wait she was in no hurry.
  3. "Eddie! Look alive!" Darin tells from behind the counter. Edwin looks up as the door rings. He makes his way towards Sora. "Good day ma'am. What can I do you for on this lovely day?"
    His accent, a little overpowering, if you're not fromthe U.K.
    He looks her up to toe, taking out his pad and pen.
  4. Sora looked up to see what she was guessing was one of the waiters. He was tall, he loomed over her in her seat. Her eyes traveled to his head where a strikingly red-orange head of hair lay. I wonder if the colors natural... would that be rude to ask? She shook those thoughts from her head when she realized that he had spoken.

    "Good day ma'am. What can I do you for on this lovely day?" His accent was so thick she could barely understand him. She was getting better at it though. She had been here for a month on her own after moving from New York. Things had been kind of intense at first but it was easing up . Sora gave a slight smile and cleared her throat, making eye contact. "Hello, may I have a Hot Chocolate? With a touch of cinnamon, and extra sugar please." She gave a sheepish laugh. People found it extremely odd at her preference of really really sweet things. But come on who doesn't put sugar in hot chocolate... I can't be the only one... "I have a major sweet tooth so don't be afraid to go at it." She grinned and put her hands on her lap, rubbing her wrists where the bags had left angry red marks.
  5. Edwin smile at her order.
    "It will be right out. Ey yo, D! Gimme a hot chocolate with some cinnamon and extra sugar!" He yells as Darin starts creating the masterpiece.
    Edwin looks back at Sora and takes a seat across from her.
    "So...where you from? You're obviously nit from around here." He says looking around the cafe. The place has never had a lot of customers, except in the early morning and late evening. Seeing her out in mid day, feels a bit odd for the two brothers, but they aren't complaining.
  6. She listened to him yell her order out to someone in the kitchen. Sora moved to take her phone out of her pocket when he went to take a seat in the chair across from her. Her eyes widened just a bit. She was not expecting that. Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, why did he have to sit here. Oh I totally suck at socializing. She got a good look at his face when he sat down. Why did he have to be good looking? Please don't let me make a fool out of my self. She began to fiddle with her hands.

    "So...where you from? You're obviously not from around here." Sora folded her hands on the table. "Dang and I thought I was practically blending in." She smiled. "I moved here from New York about a month ago. I stuck out like a sore throat when I first came here, and I probably still do but it's a nice change." She looked down and smiled to her self. It was one of the best decisions she had ever made, she had not been here for very long but she was happier, she had moved on and it was paying off. "You lived here your whole life, or are you just naturally skilled at picking up accents?" She grinned.
  7. "Ohohoho! You got jokes. But yeah, I've been here all my life, I've seen almost all of England, and yet, I've never seen a football game in person." Darin brings Sora's drink over and places it in front of her. "You're from New York? So am I!" He leans on Edwin, both observing sora.

    Gosh. She's hot. And she's American and a brunette! That's like, the greatest combo in the world! Edwin fan boys in his head over her, he can't help it.
    "So, you go to school, lady?" Edwin says hoping she goes to the same University he does, West Cheshire.
  8. Sora laughed and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. She wanted to do more exploring but with school starting again for her, that would make it a bit more difficult. Sora heard footsteps behind her and she turned to see another guy walking towards them. He put her hot chocolate in front of her and she picked it up taking a huge gulp. Oh it was delicious, it scalded her throat on the way down but she just ignored it. She looked at the guy, he had brown hair and he looked older then the first guy, but not by much. "This is fantastic, just what I needed." Wow he's hot too, did I walk into a Bishounen Cafe?

    She gave a smile and said "cool" when she learned that he was from New York as well. He then proceeded to lean on the guy that was sitting down and they both started to look at her. She wanted to look away and she did everything to keep herself from blushing. Do I have something on my face? She went to go check when he asked about school. "Uh yeah, um I just finished straightening out some business and I'll be starting soon, I hope im not too far behind it's a school called Westshir-, Westish-, Chestire.... sounds like a sauce...I don't know help me out."

    She mentally cringed. Sounds like a sauce... why'd I say that? I probably sound so stupid. She still had not introduced herself so she stuck out her hand. "Oh by the way my names Sora. Sora Lavelle."
  9. "WEST CHESHIRE!! OH MY GOD!" Edwin almost jumps out of his chair, almost making Darin fall.
    Maybe that was a bit overboard.
    "I mean, oh cool. I go there!" He says, trying to make himself look cool and composed.
    "Hey bud, you're not the only one." Darin then pulls up a chair to the table.
    "We both go there. I major in Law but minor in music."
    "That doesn't go together." Edwin looks at him like he has seven billion eyes.
    "What? It doesn't matter. And besides, yours doesn't go together either. Photography and music? No honey." Edwin punches his brother.
    Both boys reach their hands out and take Sora's.
    "The name's Edwin Boone!" He says flashing her a smile.
    "My names Darin Anderson. A pleasure to meet you!" He says, wanting to kiss her hand, but his brother's STUPID hand was in the way!
  10. Sora jumped a little at Edwins sudden movements. Then she laughed at his reaction, when he tried to play it cool. "At least I'll know someone in the school." Edwin reached out and took a hold of her hand flashing her a big smile. He had such a nice smile Sora couldn't help give him a big smile of her own. They were so polite, and here she thought chivalry was dead.

    "It's a pleasure meeting both of you. We might even be seeing a little of eachother because I'm going for a in minor in music as well. Do you guys stay on campus." That was one thing Sora had to take care of. She had been staying in an apartment as of late but she wanted to get into the dorms before she started school. That way she would not have to struggle with heavy bags and she could even visit this Cafe more... for you know relaxation purposes.

    It was kind of quiet, which seemed odd because these guys seemed like the popular type, like girls would constantly be surrounding them. They were both gorgeous and super nice which was extremely rare. As soon as they went to school they would practically live in different circles now that you think of it. Sora was never one for big crowds and she did not really fit in with people who thrived off of them, which often left her alone. She almost sighed. She would not think of that now. She wanted to at least enjoy the moment. They were at the Cafe not the school.
  11. "I do not live on campus, because there's just too many people. My apartment is actually not that far from here." he points north of the shop.
    "I however, do live on campus, along with a couple of my friends, whom I am sure will find you adorable!" Edwin says as he looks outside.
    "Actually, one of them are supposed to be here. He's also going to be a familiar face, 1, because he works here and, 2, because he minors in music."
    "All of our friends minor in music." Darin adds as he goes to tend to a customer, who had just walked in.
  12. Sora blushed and rubbed the back of her neck. She was always awkward when it came to compliments. She slid her feet further under the table trying to relax when her legs hit her bags, She remembered why she stopped here in the first place when Darin mentioned his apartment. Edwin was looking out of the window for his friend and she couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm.

    "What do you guys play... instruments I mean?" Sora wanted to keep the conversation going. There was no one waiting for her at home and it was nice speaking to someone who was not asking her how she was feeling stupid stuff like that.

    She heard the bell to the door ring and her hands curled around her cup as she looked the see who had entered.
  13. Edwin gets up to make the order of the stranger, but not losing focus.
    "Hehe, no. We sing...so I guess you could say we're our own instruments." Darin comes back to Sora, sitting in his brother's seat.
    "You should hear Edwin. Sings like a perfect...dying cat!" He laughs as Edwin shoots him a glare.
    "I'm not even that bad. I sing better than you." Edwin gives the stranger her coffee, then he looks at his watch.
    "Oh, I gotta go D. Afternoon classes. Stevie should be coming in a bit." Edwin then hangs up his apron, puts on his jacket, hugs his brother then looks at Sora.
    "See ya later, I guess." He smiles as he leaves the cafe.
  14. [​IMG]
    Aya Lidell

    Aya held her leather jacket close to her body as she made she her fedora wa s placed on her head nicely. Moving herlong blue ponytail to her left shoulder she walked into the little cafe that she had just discovered. Opening the door she heard the little chime of the bell on the door and felt the warmness of the place instantly. Smelling the air she felt as if she was back at home and she felt a little homesick.
    Finding herself a seat in the corner of the cafe she instantly pulled out her medical science book so she could catch up on her study that she had been lagging on for a while. 'Nice place and quiet too, just the perfect atmosphere for me to study' she thought to herself as she glanced over at the menu looking to see what they had to drink. After she had decided what she wanted she turned back to her book flipping through the pages.
  15. Higosha_new.jpeg
    Steven Loos
    Age: 18

    Darin continues to talk to Sora, when Aya comes in. Steve also decides that, now is a good time to show up.
    "Hey Steve! Can you go tend to that girl?" Darin says pointing at Aya. His break started right when Edwin left.
    "Are you kidding, I just got in!" Steve whines as he takes off his jacket, placing it on the coat rack and grabbing his apron. He walks over to Aya and pulls out his pad and pen.
    "I'm Steve and I'll be your server today. How can I be of service to you?"
  16. She didn't hear him a first as she bit her finger looking up and jumped slightly. "Oh god you scared me....I'll take a vanilla frappé with whip cream please?" She asked as she smiled at him. Then she turned back to her medical science book trying to study as she ended up biting her lip on habit.
    'Wow he wasn't bad looking either...okay now Aya stop thinking like that focus on school not relationships' she sighed at her own though and turned her page again.
  17. Steve walks behind the counter and begins making her drink. Once he is done, he walks it over to her.
    "Hey you are, ma'am."
    Dang she's smart. Or maybe she's one of those people who take hard classes, only just to look smart, but in all reality, they're failing...like me...
    I'm taking the same class." He sighs, not aware that he had spoken his thoughts.
  18. [​IMG]
    Ahri Mentra
    Age: 19

    Ahri pushed open the door of the café. It was a small homey sort of place, and it would be a nice place to work on her newest concept art. She smiled and sat down at a table alone, her hair pulled back in a bun and her contacts in. She looked around, seeing many servers around the place. She smiled as she thought about working here. It would be a good way to earn money while she was trying to get her art business to pick up a bit.
  19. Darin gets off his lazy butt, since his break is over.He moves around the cafe, hhelping people who need his assistance. After he's done, he goes to make conversation with Steve. Then the door swings open.
    Steve looks at the girl who just walked in then at Darin. Both having a mental showdown of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Steve loses.
    He rolls his eyes and begrudgingly, walks to the girl.
    "Hello. I'm Steven, how can I help you?" He pulls out his pad and pen.
  20. Ahri looked up at her server, blinking a bit. She blushed a bit and rubbed the back of her head. "Hi. Can I have a Caramel Frappuccino?" She asked him, standing on her tippy toes as she looked around. 'And maybe a job." She mumbled to herself, looking around towards all the other customers sitting down.
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