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  1. Okay, this is a typical little plot I came up with. A romance mixed with adventure/action I suppose~. Here’s the basic summary of the plot:


    Navii is known as a reputable bodyguard and mission-taker in the village that he resides. He is also known for his keen eyes. Keen eyes for picking out beautiful women in the crowds, that is. Navii was a respectful young man, so he simply enjoyed picking them out of the crowd, silently admiring their beauty, and then watching as they go on by. It was a casual, but harmless little hobby of his. He simply enjoyed watching pretty girls during his breaks, as odd as it may sound. He was so nonchalant at doing this that one would never notice that he was engaging in the peculiar hobby, until that very day came. His eyes caught sight of ‘the’ most beautiful woman he had ever seen. And this time, his staring and gaping had grown much too hard to go unnoticed. The woman--who appeared to be not as stick-thin as most of the other females in the villages, but still possessed a slim figure nonetheless, with curves to her flattering shape, of which only seemed to add to her beauty--met eyes with the gaping lad, and it was the first time he felt as if...he wanted this woman. Very badly. He needed to know her name--he desired to know who she was. He wanted to know what she like, where she had come from, and so on and so forth. She seemed like an intriguing mystery that he longed to solve. Alas, he eventually lost her in the thick crowd of villagers while he had attempted to follow her. He thought that that would be the last time he’d see her...until the next day came along, and he is assigned to be her bodyguard. What will happen when he finally gets his chance to meet her at this point? Could it be that destiny existed after all? If so, what will they make of their intertwined destinies?

    Forgive me for the awful summarizing. ><; Anywho, I’ll need someone to play as the female character in this please. ^^ She is actually a runaway princess, but she’s going to be keeping that a secret for now, at least until he somehow finds out. You can decide on why she needs a bodyguard. Navii has a couple of secrets of his own though, which may add a few events to the plot. This will also be basically set in a fantasy-like setting. So, any takers? =3

  2. is there magic in this fantasy world? If this going to be a smut rp eventually? and I'm interested.
  3. Yes, magic does exist in this world, though there are only a limited amount of people that can use it. And Navii is supposedly one of those people that can, but the reason why he can is related to one of the ‘secrets’ I mentioned. Of course, the runaway princess can use magic as well if you’d like. Hmm. I wasn’t thinking on the terms of it becoming a smut rp solely, but we can certainly include sexual themes later on in the rp if you want. I definitely don’t mind them. XD I’m glad to hear you’re interested--I will start working on the IC thread for this then. ^^ Would you like to include profiles in this, or just go straight into the roleplaying? Doesn’t matter to me.
  4. bios don't matter I already have my character picked, though I do not have a bio for her
    I will post a pic later when I come home from work.
  5. [​IMG]

    Her name is Kuyame, there are a few differences from the picture, she has one blue, one red eye, she does not have the leaf ears, and lastly she does not wear the paint or the clothes lol.
  6. Lol, okay cool. And nice character. ^^ I'm still working on the IC thread for this since I had to work earlier myself, but I shall post it when I get back on. I'll also reply back to this thread to let you know when I've finished. = ]
  7. Just curious, were you looking for multiple partners for this? I personally don't mind having a few of any one genre going at a time, but if not, I understand. ^_^ If you're still looking, though, I'm extremely interested.
  8. Hello Nightmare--thanks for your interest! I'm currently in an rp with this idea, but I certainly wouldn't mind doing another rp of this plot with you, though at the moment I probably can't do another rp. These next few weeks will be more busy for me in RL... ><; I would still love to do this rp with you at some point though, so if you're still interested, could we do this roleplay at a later date perhaps?