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    The Boy walked into the class room he was greeted by the teacher, he then introduced himself.

    "Hi, nice to meet you all I'm Lucas Koumei" he said gaining the attention of the class.

    Once he had finished he did as he was told and took a seat.

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  2. Danny couldn't believe the new boy sat next to him. Of all people. "Hi," he said quietly. Lucas seemed relatively normal. "Umm. I'm Danny."

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  3. He looked over to see the newly named 'danny' "hi nice to meet you" he said holding his hand out to shake,
  4. Danny shook his hand with somewhat reluctance. "Are you new to this area of something?" Friendly conversation had often been avoided. Danny knew he'd have to be nice if this guy sat next to him a lot.
  5. He looked at danny then the window "yes I'm not from here I just got here three days ago" he said shifting his weight to the back of his chair.
  6. "Must be scary," Danny replied thoughtfully. He'd grew up in the area. He wondered what it would be like to have to move home and school.
  7. "I could never say I wasn't nervous" He said staring idly at the teacher. "I think of it as more an adventure if anything"
  8. Danny thought adventures were fantasy and should only be read in books, but said nothing. The class began but Danny's attention was on Lucas.
  9. Lucas was listening to the teacher. He looked to his side a noticed danny "hey what's up?" he whispered. Trying to not let the teacher notice.
  10. "This is boring. I did all this last year," Danny replied in a hushed whisper, opening his book and copying the notes from the board without looking at his page, causing it to be rather messy, yet readable nonetheless.
  11. "well yeah I guess that would be boring" he replied with another whisper glancing at the teacher. "But I guess I know about half of it" he said writing a quick note.
  12. "You guess, but I know." Danny watched the teacher for a few moments to make sure they were not looking at them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.