Just Another Day

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  1. It was another ordinary day, in an ordinary town. The people of this town had ordinary lives and ordinary jobs, driving ordinary cars to from their ordinary homes.
    Yup, everything is quite fine in this ordinary town.
    And Jeff hated it...he was sick of the everyday life of this town he felt that this town was boring and needed a good shaking up!

    And he knew exactly what to do. He had began to create flyers and post them around the town.

    Wanna get away?
    Sick of this town?
    Meet me at 221 Baker street.
    Spread the word.

    Now all he had to do was wait....

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    Josh walks up to one of the posters, slaps it off, because he cant use his fingers. He reads it from the ground, then embarks on a journey to 221B Baker St.
  3. [​IMG]

    Jeff had grown bored and decided to take a walk while he waited for the others to come, but quickly regretted the decision when he saw a scarecrow being. He reached into his hoodie and hid in the shadows watching and waiting for the right moment to strike.
  4. Josh walks up to the boy and just stands there, slowly swaying there. He waves his head slowly then puts it down. He continues to just stand there IMG_6416.jpeg
  5. Jeff cringes and steps back "What is with that thing?!" Jeff emerges from his hiding spot and swings his knife at the other slashing a cut into it's chest.
  6. A bit of hay and newspaper fall out. Josh looks down at the opening, then looks back at Jeff
  7. Staggering backward Jeff freezes he hoped that it would've at least been effected!

    "Hey leave him alone you bully!"

    Jeff spun around only to see a young man dressed in a white hoodie with its sleeves being brown, and black buttons on its chest. The boy had white hair and black eyes.

    "Who the flappy bird are you!?" growled Jeff.

    The other ignored him and spoke to Josh "Are you okay?" He asked.

  8. Josh looks at the other kid and "nods". Then he bends over, but falls, and tries to put the hay and newspaper back in to the gash.
  9. The boy decked in white frowns, he kneels down scooping up the hay and stuffs it into the creepy scarecrow "I'm Olaf by the way."
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