Just Another Day

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  1. [​IMG]Aye Shawn it's your turn, jump man". Jamie called from the lake down below as he swam around with a few of the other guys and girls around him. Shawn peered down off the ledge at his friend before a smirk formed on his lips. " I'm coming". He scanned the distance and then backed up a few feet before taking off into a full sprint and diving off the cliff and into the cold water down below. His eyes quickly adjusted to the water and he looked around before at the few bodies he could make out before lifting up his head to catch his breath. A rush was what it was. All the adrenaline that was racing through his body was what he lived for, all the excitement and the suspense. Shawn was the wild one, the one that went where no else went. He was the kid that sneaked into crazy man Miller's house and almost got shot with his pistol.

    " WHOOOO". Shawn shouted as he threw his fist up from under the water like he was the king of all kings. Jamie cocked his head back and laughed and Shawn as he swam over to the rest of the gang. It was the beginning of the school year but the weather was still warm and Shawn and Jamie had planned on hanging out with the neighborhood gang, Sarah, Collin, Deanna, and her boyfriend Lewis. Shawn floated on his back and stared up at the sky. He could hear Jamie swimming and giggling with Sarah and Lewis was now on the rock lighting up a cigarette. They hung out for awhile in the lake before drying off and heading back home to eat and then meet back outside to play football.

    Shawn's mother greeted him with a warm smile and his brother's Tanner and Thomas where already sitting down waiting to eat. Shawn was the middle brother. Tanner was 20 and Thomas was 17. " I can tell you were at the lake".
    " Yeah just the gang, usual. We're gonna throw the ball around after dinner is that fine?".
    " Well it is Friday night so sure". His mother spoke placing the food on the table. Shawn didn't have rules and he didn't have them because he broke them. Trouble was nothing to him, while Thomas who was a goody boy and did what he was told and Tanner who barley did much besides chasing behind his girlfriend Danielle.

    After dinner and the sun started coming down Shawn met up with Jamie and thew guys outside. The girls were on the side watching and battling their lashes to which most the guys responded to. " Yo Shawn go long". Jamie spoke before flinging a perfect spiral and Shawn ran to catch it but it was to far and Shawn tried to run faster to catch it putting his arms up. " I think I got it !".

  2. Cheyenne sighed as she looked at the time and hurried out of the huge library. Sure, she had always loved being around books and being around her friends that she studied with, but not when it made her late. Basically, she was to be home and ready for dinner by seven P.M. sharp, and she had missed it. It was now almost nine-thirty, and she knew that she would get scolded when she arrived home. As she clutched her books to her chest and hurried to head home, she realized she had taken a wrong turn and gotten to the other side of town on accident.

    This was just her luck. Cheyenne groaned in frustration and turned to look at a crowd of boys she had heard yelling at each other, and noticed a few girls sitting and watching them, of course giggling. Cheyenne rolled her eyes and chuckled at them before turning and continuing to make her way down the sidewalk before she heard someone with and low voice yell, and the next thing she knew, she was on the ground.

    Groaning as and guy landed on top of the small girl, she hurried to reach for her books, hoping all the loose papers didn't fall out. As she grabbed for one, she began to stand up and no she heard the girls snickering at her and laughing at her clumsiness. She ignored them, along with the boys that had thrown the football that was beside her foot. She sighed and stood up sorely, and grabbed for another one of her books before she turned and looked up at the guy that picked up the football."I'm sorry. I didn't see you, I didn't mean to get in your way,"she says apologetically.
  3. Shawn could make out the ball coming down in front of him and just when the fall touched his fingertips he felt a sharp pain on his side before falling over. Wincing in slight pain he opened his eyes to see exactly what he had run into and when he saw surprised to see a girl. Since he was running at full speed the impact had hurt a lot and he wondered just how much pain the girl might be in. The girl to his surprise stood and immediately went on picking up her books and Shawn instinctively walked over and helped, handing the girl one of her books that had few a short distance on impact. When she apologized he raised an eyebrow taking a good look at her. " There's no need to apologize I ran into you so I'm the one that's sorry". Shawn grabbed the football that was near the girls foot before turning his head to Jamie and shooting him a look that made his friend stop laughing.

    He turned his attention back to the girl who looked somewhat familiar to him. " Hey what's your name? I haven't seen you around here before but I think I might have seen you in school. The names Shawn. Shawn Thomas". Running his hands through his disorientated hair Shawn managed to smile at the situation. Nobody was seriously hurt and that was a good thing. Jamie who had once been laughing was now next to Shawn throwing his arm around his shoulder. " You lost over here man. And who's this girl here?" Jamie leaned into forward getting a good look at the girl. " Your cute, real cute so how come I never seen ya around here?".Shawn playfully smacked Jamie in the back of his head. " She already got rushed by me I'm pretty sure she doesn't need you coming at her with a thousand questions".

    The rest of the gang had grown restless at the fact that the two had been gone and wanted the game to continue and began calling for them to come back. Shawn sighed as Jamie pulled him away rambling about football players and how there was plenty of more girls to run into.Shawn simply gave a faint wave to the girl before re-joining his friends in some hardcore football. When the game was over Shawn went home and took a nice warm shower to wash of the dirt and grime in his hair and on his body. George and his other brother Tanner were in the living-room with their father who was watching some family show on the television. After being outside all day he was tired and Shawn headed into his room and fell asleep.
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    Cheyenne looked as the boy stood and apologized, handing her a book she had dropped."Thank you, and it's alright accidents happen." She listened to the boy speak and stare at her and then saw the other male walk up. She opened her eyes wider with each question hat was asked, and chuckled a little."Oh, I am Cheyenne, Cheyenne Brown. I don't really live around here, but I got lost and went down the wrong sidewalk."

    Cheyenne watched as the other guy pulled at Shawn and got him back over to their game again. She gave him a slight wave as he did her, and turned to walk back the other way. By the time she finally made it home, she listened to the scold she got from her father and even a smack when he got himself worked up. Soon enough they all sat and ate dinner.

    As soon as they were able to leave the table, Cheyenne hopped in the shower, washed up, changed, and plopped down on her comfortable bed. She immediately fell asleep, exhausted from the day behind her.
    The next morning Cheyenne woke up tiredly and looked outside to see the sun shining. She rubbed her tired eyes with her hand before getting dressed. Today was Friday, so so she had school. As she quickly made her way to school and into the building, she walked straight to her first period and stayed quite, hoping not to cause any trouble.