Just Another Day In Tokyo(IC)

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  1. - Late Evening, Yesterday(Eve before starting day)-

    Those detentions sure do take time away from other things." Sadao noted as he walked back home after detention. Despite being punished for an extended portion of the day, the teen showed no signs of remorse for his mistakes. As he got closer to his house, Sadao could see a shadowy figure from afar but it was too far away to tell what it was exactly.

    The teen suddenly stopped and clenched onto his anime oriented backpack with right hand before calling out to the figure. "Come out into the light whoever you are!!" The teen yelled with aggression, thinking that it was someone he knew or a possible gang member since they tend to roam the streets at night. Unfortunately, once the being step out into the light of a nearby light post, it turned out to be something foreign. In fact, it looked like something foreign to the entire planet which caused Sadao to take few steps back in fear.

    "You...have something of importance. Hand it over or die..." A ten feet tall dark red wolf like beast with a shell on its back ordered, causing the teen to toss his backpack without hesitation before running in the opposite direction. Dammit, dammit, dammit!!! Why does everything have it out for me!!!? First, I have to pay Rikowa off or else he's going to bully me, my teacher sends to me detention for being smarter than him and now this!!! Sadao thought before taking a sec to catch his breath. "Huff...huff...I guess running track has its perks." He sarcastically noted; pulling his phone out right after.

    The teen began typing in the necessary digits to alert the police, but before he could, he immediately found himself in a choke-hold by the beast from before. "...so you die then..." The wolf like creature crushed Sadao's neck almost instantly afterwards, causing him to drop the phone as a result. However, the beast caught the phone with its other hand before it could fall. "I've finally found you..." Was the last thing the ten feet tall creature said before crushing the phone as well.

    - The Next Day -

    "Sadao Kazuki, a junior student at Tamasu High, was found dead early this morning. Witnesses say that the teen was caught running outside of their window sometime before his death but didn't see anything else. The police are following some leads that could possibly lead them to th-" Right before the reporter can finish, the TV cuts off. "It's time for my Saturday shift and I mustn't be late if I'm to acquire that promotion. More money, the better." Amine muttered to himself as he began putting on his work clothes. Once he was dressed, the teen headed over to the fridge before sticking a note on the fridge door that had the words,"Will be back later!!" on it.

    Afterwards, Amine exited the apartment, but not before intentionally slamming the door on his way out. "So where are we going human?" A nearby voiced asked. The teen nervously turned both left and right, with him finally looking down at his crimson red watch with an irritated grin shortly after. "I told you not to speak to me when we're in public!! And if you feel the need to do so, then speak low because everyone doesn't possess a demonic watch that can talk. Understand?" Amine asked. "Not really...but maybe a few burgers would help?" Vascrelia suggested, causing the teen to sigh before responding. "I could've swore you just ate my breakfast a few minutes ago and now you want more? Just shut it until we get back and I'll make you whatever you want." There was no response to his words, which he took as an agreement.
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  2. Kimi sighed when she remembered that all the practice studios were in use. She had finished her duties and decided behind the counter with boss and her bass guitar nearby while she waited for one to open up. Sadako was quiet as usual, but Kimi could feel tension coming from it, so she tried to figure out some way to distract herself. "Hey boss, I'm gonna make something to eat, want anything?"
    "It depends on what you're making," The boss said, "I could go for some of your yakisoba."
    Kimi nodded and headed for the empty kitchen, bringing Sadako along with her.
    "There isn't any way I can get out of this case is there?" Sadako asked as soon as they were alone, "It's cramped, even in this form."
    Kimi sighed, "I can open it a bit if that helps."
    "Not really," Sadako replied bluntly.
  3. After awhile of walking through the streets of Shizawa, Amine finally reached his destination. He stood in front of the back door of a restaurant style building that had the logo, "Gige's Flame Broiled Delight!", engraved on the exterior of it before walking in. The second the teen walked in, a middle aged man approached him. "You're an hour early Amine but I guess you can start your shift now." The man noted before going back to doing whatever he was doing.

    "Sounds fine with me." Amine replied contently as he casually walked toward the register and began working his shift. His job was to greet any customers and process their orders. It was as simple as that. Not many commoners came in on weekends except for the occasional festivities held nearby the shop. That was probably why the people that worked on the weekends were being paid the same amount as those who worked on the weekdays, because the restuarant usually was packed when nearby festivities were held. Either way, Amine didn't care as long as the hours fit his schedule.
  4. Kimi finished cooking, placed one of the two plates in front of her boss, and sighed, "Has a practice studio opened up yet?"
    "Nope," The boss said before taking a bite of his yakisoba.
    "Damn," Kimi sat down with her back against the employee side of the counter and the plate in her lap as she ate, "If nothing opens up by the time I finish eating I think I'll go for a walk." Maybe we can find a secluded place to practice something else.
  5. Amine remained still in front of the register, despite the lack of customers coming in. He was used to waiting for long periods of but since his breakfast was stolen by a three-headed demon, he couldn't put his hungry thoughts at ease. It was unlike him and unprofessional to let something so small like missing a meal reduce his performance level. Luckily, Amine had a 15 minute break coming up soon which would give him enough time to tame his hunger and become his usual professional self once again.

    "Your break is now if you want it. Just be back here in an hour and not a minute later!" The same man from before notified in a somewhat displeased tone. Amine quickly responded with a, "Yes sir!" before leaving the restaurant only to come back in. "What is it?" The man asked, a bit surprised to see the teen back soon. "Oh, thanks for asking. I would like two cheese burgers and a box of orange chicken mixed with steam fried rice." Amine requested while pulling out his wallet.
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  6. Kimi sighed as she walked down the street, carrying Sadako in its case, "How can they afford to use the practice studios for so long."
    "I don't know," Sadako replied, "Maybe they don't spend money on food or something."
    Kimi shrugged, "Maybe, I'm guessing your hungry too?" The street was empty so she didn't care if Sadako talked to her.
    Sadako seemed to think about it for a moment, "Yes, can we go to Gige's before we find a place to practice?"
    "Fine," Kimi sighed again, we're nearly there.
  7. "Tch, coming right up." The man replied with a bit of an attitude before walking into the kitchen area. Amine leaned his back against a nearby wall and pulled out a miniature textbook while waiting for his food. The textbook was filled with what appeared to be random math numbers but a closer look would reveal that the math numbers were actually his maximum amount of money. It also showed a slow decline in cash which apparently began a few weeks ago. The teen with lime green hair soon took out a pencil before deducting the maximum amount of money he owned by the amount he just spent on the orange chicken and cheese burgers.

    "I know we was in agreement about me being silent but I couldn't help but ask. Are those cheese burgers for me?" Amine looked down at his watch with a occupied look. "Yes, yes they are. Now are you satisfied?" The watch chuckled darkly. "Not until I'm able to sink my teeth into them." Amine took a small sigh in response before closing his textbook.
  8. Kimi entered the restaurant right after they had finished talking and waited by the counter for somebody to help her. She noticed that there was a guy standing there in the place's uniform, but assumed he was on break, so she didn't say anything about it. After a little while somebody came out with what seemed like enough food for two people and set it down on the counter.
    "What can I get for you?"
    Kimi didn't need to ask Sadako what it wanted because it could only absorb food through a host, "A bacon cheeseburger, large fries, and a medium strawberry milkshake."
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  9. Amine tilted his head a little to see a teen who appeared to be around his age enter the restaurant. "That makes the third customer of the day." He muttered to himself lowly as he turned his attention to the counter. Amine noticed that his food had arrived and casually took it off the counter. "Where are we going to e-" The three headed dog's voice was covered by the teen's spare hand as he tried to make a break for the door as quickly as possible.
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  10. "You hear that too, Sadako?" Kimi turned her head slightly as if she was talking to somebody behind her.
    A voice, breathy and feminine, seemed to respond, "Yeah, I did."
    Kimi turned her attention back at the boy as he started to run off and started to chase after him, forgetting about the food. "Hey, wait!" She followed him out into the street, "I just want to talk, come on."
  11. As Amine exited out of the restaurant, he could notice the sound of someone shouting something. He looked back only to see a girl chasing after him, causing the teen to elude her even faster. If only this demonic watch could've kept it's trap shut for a few more minutes. Then again, why is this girl running after me instead of being weirded out? Maybe it's because she didn't hear anything at all. But if she didn't hear anything, then what does she want with me. He thought to himself while running.

    After taking some to think, Amine stopped suddenly in his tracks before turning toward his pursuer."You're following me. Why is that? Did I leave something at the restaurant?" The lime haired teen asked. His face held a calm facial expression but the redness of his face said otherwise.
  12. "Not exactly," Kimi replied calmly, "I-" What do I say, I just chased after him, but I didn't plan ahead enough. "I think we have something in common."
    Sadako scoffed, "Well that's an understatement. We heard your," She paused to decide on the right word, "companion."
    "You're the first other person I've met who has a relationship of some kind with one," Kimi continued, "and I just thought that it'd be nice to have somebody to talk to about it."
  13. After hearing Kimi's words, he nonchalantly looked down at his crimson red watch. [I[Seems I'm a bit low on options. If I continue to run, then I'll be all sweaty by the time my break ends. Not to mention the possibility of her coming back to my workplace and reduce my chances of getting a promotion anytime soon. I guess I have no choice but first..[/I] Amine turned his attention to back to the girl.

    "I do have to admit that you sound rather convincing but I'll require more than just your words to believe you." He noted before pointing his left index finger in the direction of a nearby alley. "I'll require proof that the companion you have is on the same sheet of music as mine. Once that's over with, I'll be open to talking further on the matter." The teen noted as he began making his way toward the alleyway.

    "And how are you going to find out that me and her companion aren't the same?" The crimson watch asked curiously. "Hmph! By getting you to do it of course. I'm not sure what she will pull from out of her hat but I know it's something that's just as dangerous as you. And if this girl can't be trusted, then we'll have to find a way to destroy them both." Amine replied as him and Vascrelia entered the alleyway. "But that would require three additional cheeseburgers.." The three headed dog watch mumbled.
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