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Her breathes were heavy, a small bead of sweat curling down the side of her forehead as she heard the sirens of the police going by. Eyes went downwards, shuffling through the purse and various wallets inside. Fingers nimbly went through and picked each of them clean, removing the cash only to toss the remaining contents aside into a heap in the alleyway. Eyes narrowed and brows furrowed together slightly looking at what she had collected.. it wasn't enough.

The sum was just over four hundred dollars, and while some would claim that was a fairly decent sum it wasn't when you owed people money. Debt brought you to do a lot of crazy things, and the people she was in debt to.. were not the type to forgive or forget. Teeth clenched down and in frustration her fist flicked out to the brick wall beside her and collided. Already she could feel that the skin had parted and a small yet steady flow of crimson began to pour.

She got to her feet, grabbing her backpack and shoving the money within her pocket. From a distance the woman looked like your average local. Tall, with tan skin and long slightly curly black hair. A pair of bright grey eyes and sharp facial features that made her look as fierce as she was beautiful. Slender form was wrapped within a slightly faded black denim jacket, a crimson read hooded sweatshirt lay beneath while hips remained adorned in a similar pair of black denim jeans that fell to her upper calf. Each foot remained covered in white and black nike running shoes, and the last features were a red backpack upon her back along with a read bandana hanging around her neck.

She began to jog towards the street at this point, only to have a few more police cars go by causing her to immediately turn to hide her head. Crime was high here in Romania, however the local police like to protect the tourists.. considering that's how quite a bit of the money was made. Moving in the opposite direction, she would have walked about a half mile before arriving at what looked to be like a condominium. There were two buildings, each of which rivaled one another, at least fifteen stories tall. In between however was a parking lot.. and what filled them was enough to get her to salivate.

Cars, oh so many cars to choose from. A small gate surrounded them, however she was quick to scale the fence, almost ignoring the barbed wire on top entirely. Eyes shifted amongst what was there, though in reality she had already made up her mind. A BMW L60i sedan sat towards the front of the group. Immediately she moved towards it, checking the handle first to surprisingly.. find it unlocked. She didn't offer a word of protest however, eagerly sliding into the drivers seat before reaching under the driver panel. She was about to tear into it and attempt to hotwire the car.. before she conveniently spotted the keys hanging in the ignition.

" Luck's on my side for once.. " She grinned, slowly starting the car.

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Demetri was hanging around with his twin brother--Adyn--and his wife and kids. He had to get his money from Adyn from their last poker game. Demetri was laughing at his nieces--Wynter, Pyre, and Autumn--while they put on a show for him. Wynter was singing a Lady Gaga song, Pyre rapped Super Bass, while Autumn played what was supposed to be the drum but was really the downside of an empty, plastic container. Nala--Adyn's wife--was laughing her heart out, even though she's seen this over eleven times. "I'm on the edge cause he got that Super Bass," Demetri encouraged as the girls mixed the two songs.

Demetri got up to go walk over to the kitchen, getting himself some water. He would usually get a beer, but crime has certainly been rising in this city of his. Which was no surprise, only surprise was Demetri cared. He finally got accepted in the agency. Which meant he had a badge so he could legally kick your ass. Demetri looked at the time, seeing it was time to go home and get ready to go to the station. So he could get a thesis of some man they're trying to find. Once he got his water he took three sips and got rid of it in the sink. "I'm out, man. Gotta' get to work," he told his brother with a man hug. Adyn nodded, telling his nieces to say goodbye. They all tackled him with kisses, and hugs which made his stomach hurt from all the laughing.

Finally, on his way out of the apartment he walked down to the streets to see a woman opening his car door. Demetri groaned, thinking himself stupid for leaving his car unlocked and the keys in the ignition. Demetri took his gun out of his waistband, and jogged off to the car. He saw the woman smiling, and knew that she was going to steal it. He then ran to the side of the driver and tapped the glass with this tip of his cold gun. "Wanna' get out?" He asked her with a charming smile. Demetri was no taller than six feet, two inches. The gym wasn't him, only because he always played sports with his eight brothers so his build was all natural. Shaved head, and chiseled face really showed his good-looks. However when he smiled women practically swooned over him.

As he spoke, he opened the door with ease in case she got any ideas. He brought his hand into the car and helped the girl out with ease. He noticed how gorgeous she was. Tan features, curly hair framing her face. "I should arrest you, know that?" He told her with scrunched eyebrows.

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