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  1. This rp is about a group of friends who form a band and end up scoring a record label, this is their tour story.




    Love interest of the band members-(each member requires a gf or bf)

    Singer- name- Teal Rallow / age 18

    Screamer and back up vocalist-


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  2. Drummer

    Name: Valentin Korsakoff
    Age: 19


    The quiet, yet intriguing type of guy.
    Smart, and down to earth.
    This guy knows how to have fun, and has his heart in the right place.
    He is a bit of a wild child, and sometimes a complete hot head, he's very charismatic and is overall very liked.
    But most importantly, once you get to know him, he's a great friend.

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  3. I love him already lol
  4. You do? Hopefully everything gets filled up quickly, I'm excited.:p
  5. Ikr lol invite your friends also u need a respective opposite as in a bf or gf that you will also co play ! Hell you can be married if u want i have to get my characters gf set up.
  6. I'll invite some :3
    Married? I'm too young!xD

    Name: Cherry Walters
    Age: 18

    She's a friendly girl but with occasional temper. She likes hanging out and singing with her friends. She can be a spoiled brat sometimes but will do anything for a friend. She can be a mischievous girl especially when she feels really happy.

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  8. Accepted !
  9. Needeth more people my dear friends invite and please make your signifigant others! Tis needed as a guidline i created.
  10. Drummer Valentin's love interest

    Name: Harley Reed
    Age: 18

    Harley met Valentin while on tour with her band The Common Line. Even though they haven't made it official they spend a lot of time together. Harley is not afraid to speak her mind even though she may come across as a jerk. For the most part she's fun to be around and laid back.

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  11. I like it
  12. Thanks :)
  13. Btw u can play more than one character
  14. I'll join in . .
  15. Haha alright lad pick a slot!
  16. Guitarist Cherry Walters Boyfriend

    Name : Nikolai belinski
    Age : 18

    A man who has a love for Vodka . an idiot with a dense head and easy to anger but a man who is very loyal to his friends . a brave dude he meet Cherry during one of her gigs . they became fast friends . oh never miss with him when his drunk

    Is this ok
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