Just And Idea Fantasy Rp Anyone?

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  1. So bored out of my mind here lol, I had this idea, figured I'd give it a whirl. The character I am using is an alternate version of a RWBY character I made to see her profile go HERE. I will be working on her new profile while I wait for a partner to come along. She is technically 52 years old in this rp but looks early 20s'. This world she is on is called Faevrellis, and its pretty much one big ass forest. What's strange about it is it varies in Tech / Time Eras ranging from Medieval to Sci-Fi - DUE TO the fact that the forest 'Brings' People to it in unusual ways. There is an ocean but it's still under trees. The trees also are a lot like those found in James Cameron's Avatar, (the home tree size = all trees are roughly that big you can use the leaves to coast!). The general plot will be adventure i don't mind this going into the Libertine area so long as it is RP WITH PLOT BEHIND IT! No just throwing characters together for sexy time only.

    In this rp I'm looking for. . .
    •Para - Multi Para Preferred / Flexible • Male or Female (M preferred) • Long Term Don't Abandon the RP Dammit! • Settings in high flying fantasy with tons of adventure and action. • Settings will range from Medieval to Sci-Fi something I call High Flying Fantasy! AND this RP can be done in 1x1, group, PM or on Skype I'm down for whatever just really need to rp lol.


    Dawn was coming up on the horizon but the soft purple of twilight would remain for hours to come still. This world moved slower than most with a 4 hour long twilight and dusk period every day, while days were short and nights were long. The trees had learned to survive on cast off light from the moon and from far away stars, they were sentient as well though they rarely talked anymore. A few very small kingdoms had built themselves into this magical place and one such kingdom was Governed by the group called 'Arkronis Knights', who sought balance in the universe and all dimensions and fought to retain the Scales of Libra.

    It is here our tale begins, not far from the Capital (the city / kingdom) of Dymaski; as a young Summoner Squire was out on her week of leave from the Knights tedious training schedule. She was enjoying her 'Downtime' as she always did furiously training. A long slash of carmine-colored-crimson hair swept through the trees as the flare of golden energy wailed from the blade of a gigantic sword. As the thin and willowy young woman whom looked far to frail wield such a beastly thing danced behind it's sway!

    As the sky lightened a fraction she clashed with the might of partial projected astrals that glowed in the dim light. They were false enemies that shattered into bright shimmering puzzle pieces as she laid blade to them. Her steps were nimble and elegant whilst still a direct precision followed their pattern. She was beginning to question her motives for joining the Knights Order, or perhaps it was their actions that had unsettled her resolve in such away. A frown had burrowed into the arch of her brow, making golden eyes seem more stern than they were. She seemed to be fighting more inner demons than training today.

    (Something insane will happen soon in the story but the characters must meet and become friends at least a little)

  2. I'm up for that.
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