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  1. Hello! Thank you for stopping and taking the time to read for those who actually do read it anyway. But let's get to the point shall we? I am searching for long lasting RP partners.

    • Someone who can be at least semi-active and can post at least a couple times a day. I have a part time job so I'm not always the most active, so please do not expect speedy replies from me.
    • Be able to play multiple characters of either gender.
    • No Godmodding without my permission.
    • Please write in 3rd person. I dislike 1st person style.
    • Someone who writes in paragraph style.
    • A partner who is relatively close to CDT zone.
    • I RP via ONLY PMs. Forum rules still apply.
    • I write in 3rd person only.
    • I can play multiple characters of either gender equally.
    • I play submissive characters ONLY. I cannot and will not play as cruel or evil or dominant type ones at all.
    • I do not do fandom RPs whatsoever.
    • I do not do or need big elaborate CSs. All I require is a name, age and image included in with your intro post.
    (Anything in all CAPITAL letters are the roles I will play. And any pairing with an ! are ones I have a plot for.)
    • Vampire & HUMAN !
    • Vampire & Vampire
    • MERMAID & Pirates (or) Researchers !
    • Bully & VICTIM !
    • KIDNAPPED & Kidnapper !
    • Torturer & VICTIM !
    • ABUSED & Abuser !
    • Werewolf & Werewolf !
    • Male & Male
    • Female & Female
    • Male & Female / Female & Male
    • Alien & HUMAN !
    • God / Goddess & HUMAN !
    • Demon & HUMAN !
    • Father & SON
    • Brother & Brother
    • Teacher & STUDENT
    So! With all that laid out, if you are still interested in RPing with me, please send me a PM and we can go over details and all that good stuff.
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  2. I would be really happy to do Vampire/Human with you!
  3. If you're still looking, I don't mind Alien & Human.
  4. Still open!

    Though rather wanting to do Demon & Human if anyone is up for that. Need someone to play the Demon role...
  5. Demon/Human could be interesting! if you're interested, maybe we could pm about what you have in mind? I also really like a few of the other pairings if for some reason the demon/human isn't a good fit :)
  6. Still open!
  7. looks like youre doing pretty good so far with requests, ill discuss an rp with you involving a vampire role once i know ill be able to be on steadily
  8. Aching for active partner...
  9. Hi, I'm interested in doing a god x human Rp with you. I have a few characters I could use for this.
    I would really like to hear your plot idea.
  10. Bump...!

    Anyone up for Control Freak Sadist & Normal Person with me?
  11. Anyone up for a M & M RP with me?
  12. Really in need of an active parter.
  13. Yo, I sent you a reply when you pmed me, I hope we can start a story.
  14. Very much still in need of RP!
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