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  1. Hello, Iwaku community! My name is Artur, my nick is ArtVeigar, but you can call me as you wish. I'm a 17 years old Brazilian boy and currently a student of Computer Science, 1st year.

    I've been playing RP's for a while, not much, but not little. I've never GM'd any RP, though, just played. But it seems I'm currently cursed and all the RP's I've ever started playing died due to lack of posts after sometime, from days to months since the beginning, or due to any unpredictable issue, so I hope this ends here!

    What I like? Games (MMO, RPG, puzzles, platforms, beat 'em up), Animes/Mangas, Music (almost all types. Almost), physics, programming, ponies.

    Nice to meet you all! I'm looking foward to play with you! ^-^
  2. Hey Arty!!! Good to see another here! Welcome to Iwaku!!!
  3. Howdy Arty! :D Welcome to the site!
  4. Thanks, Seriack and Diana! ˆˆ
  5. Hello Arty! Welcome to Iwaku! :smile: Glad to see you here.
  6. Hello, Magus! And I'm glad to be here! Hope we get to roleplay soon! ˆˆ
  7. Indeed! We shall see if I can get something up, or join something fun. If you're open to non-pony, there's a very Royal Academy-like roleplay around here called Private School for the Supernaturally Troubled still open for new players, last time I looked at the Sign-Up.
  8. Oh, hello there, Arty! Another one from LoE? Seriack has the whole site moving, doesn't he! Good to have you here with us on Iwaku.
  9. sure seems that way, or at least the dedicated RPers xD
  10. Eyup, I'm from LoE!

    But I'm afraid I won't be able to join any RP until sunday... Traveling with family to the country side. xP
  11. And I'll be busy pretty much all of next week... though that's a GOOD sort of busy, because I'll be on a cruise with my family. Still! Would you prefer I start an entirely new RP, or try carrying one over from LoE? And what theme would you prefer? On second though, I should probably ask this in the refugee chat.