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  1. so after disappearing for awhile and having a baby, I am now more than ready to get back to role playing!

    I do have more than a few ideas varying from anything. Normal everyday people, to fantasy.

    I am looking for something kind of like the series I have been reading..

    After many years of failed attempt at coming together, the boundary were put back up (parts of the under world brought up to the surface to prevent crossing into the other territories). The westlands, the midlands, and D'hara have been separated again to keep the peace. The west land is filled with normal people, and no magic, the midlands and D'hara are filled with both normal people and magic of all kinds, though separated due to D'hara trying to take over the midlands.

    Adelenta is a confessor... The mother confessor... The boundary between D'hara and the midlands have fallen. So Adelenta, with the help of the council of wizards has sought help in the west lands.

    In the westland no one knows who the confessors are, or what they do...

    This is just a basic idea... And can be changed... Or we can come up with another idea... I just really need to get into another roleplay... Or seven..
  2. I'd be interested in this, it sounds pretty cool. If we could just smooth out a few things I'm unsure about
  3. Of course. I didn't want to add too much detail here and it become overwhelming.
  4. Ok, I noticed you mentioned two out of three of the districts have magic, what kind of supernatural beings have magic powers
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.