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  1. Okies~ So I wanna try out an RP that has to do with a two people who slowly begin to fall for each other after a long time of hating each other, and after a year or so of them being together a tragic accident happens where my character loses his/her memories of the past years they've been going out, sending him/her back to before they had been going out.

    I'm not too sure where this story would take place, whether it is when these two are going to Uni or when they are past the Uni life and living as separate adults, but I'm sure we can figure it out. This can either be a fxm or mxm roleplay, I don't think I could make it work as a fxf one though, sorry! ^^' I'm not even sure if this will lead to any 18+ posts but we'll see~

    Let me know if anyone is interested! :)
  2. I'd be interested. Sounds really cool.

    I like your signature, by the way!
  3. Awesome! :D And thank you! :D

    Which relationships would you like to do? ^^ MxM or FxM? ^^ I don't mind, either one is awesome with me! ^^
  4. I usually do FxM and I'm better with the F, if that's okay.
  5. Yeah sure thing! ^^ Would you like your character to go through the accident or mine? I have a feeling that it might flow better if my character did, but if you'd like to I'm sure we could try and figure something out ^^
  6. You can. =) I'm not picky about plots
  7. Okay sounds great! What sort of setting would you like? These two in Uni or finished Uni and off in the real world? :)
  8. Hmmm...let's see..they could be just fresh out of the uni, like, only a year out or something.
  9. Okay sounds good! Anything else you wanna discuss before starting up? ^^
  10. hmmm...where will we start? Before the accident, or in the hospital?
  11. I was thinking before the accident, kind of in the middle of them still hating each other. They could have applied at the same job or have jobs close to each other or something like that, that way we have some mutual back-story to reflect on, you know? :)
  12. okay, sure =) I think that's it now.
  13. Awesome!! ^^ I'll get up the starter post tonight and message you! ^^
  14. I'd be interested, PM me
  15. -whispers-
    Darkie, I think the slot's already been filled...