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So I've got an odd craving involving two female knights of different or opposing nations, where one is a dragon knight and the other is something you may come up with yourself. The dragon knight, however, dresses and tries to cover up the fact that she is a woman, and so armour and the like is rather common for her to wear, as well as a helm which would make no sense in life, but hey, this is roleplay.
After sighting the dragon knight plunging down from the heavens, the other knight is just about entranced by the way they manage to control things from up so high. Their budding romance after this event may or may not cause national tensions, but alas, that is to be discussed and created. C: I'd like this to be both something fun and sexual in nature, but also having that serious side where the fate of the two nations could hinge on their actions in battle. There will be a third nation who tries to invade the two of them at once, but details on that will be held back.

I don't expect anything of anyone, but hey, basic things like following Iwaku's rules and being capable enough to either match my post length or at least come close would be nice, the former obviously out of my control.
Any who! If this has piqued your interest, do PM me! Thanks for reading, if you did, just mention something about swords in your show of interest. C:


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Would you mind this being yuri with a bit of Ms?


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I've got interest in this. The real question is who would be the "dominant" partner of the relationship?