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  1. What if when you were a young officer in the marines you held your best friend as he died in your arms, staining your hands with his blood. What if every time you look at those hands you see those crimson stains, every time you hear a certain song you hear his high jovial laughter and it takes you years to even be able to get through the day without seeing the hole that was torn through his chest and the glazed over look in his eyes as his life slipped away from him. _______ knows what this feels like. He and his best friend since kindergarten went into the marines together and were the perfect team. Until they were put on a very dangerous mission behind enemy lines. They were told that their position was unknown but somehow there was a group of enemy soldiers waiting for them. Their group managed to take down the enemy, but one of them pulled a gun and shot at _______, his best friend jumped in front of him and took the bullet. ________ begged him not to go, to stay with him but it was no use as he watched the light leave his friends eyes. He no longer so the point of being in the military, no longer saw the point in anything because he had lost his best friend and, unbeknownst to anyone even his friend, the man he loved.

    He was sent back to the states where he fell into a terrible depression, his family tried to reach out to him but it was no use he was so far gone. Plagued by nightmares of his dead friend, forced to replay that moment over and over every time he closed his eyes. this went on for several years until his depression turned to a dark hatred for the military. He knew, he just knew that they were set up that someone gave away their position. So he started a company that worked to bring all of the soldiers back home. He funded rescue missions that were never supposed to happen and pushed for peace treaties to be signed rather than bombs to be dropped. Because of this he became a man with many enemies. Especially with a certain industry who specialized in the creation of weapons for the war that was currently raging in the middle east. From bombs, to tanks, to a promise of being able to enhance men one day to become the perfect unbeatable soldiers. ________ is their number one threat because he is constantly breathing down their necks, catching them on legal issues that most people would gladly look over if it meant better weapons for the war.

    _____ just recently started a lawsuit against them to stop their progress in the production of chemical weapons that would be used to destroy entire towns. He had enough evidence to at least pin them for malpractice, since they had started testing the devices long before they were ready. But he was striving for more, he had heard the rumors of POW's being used as test subjects for these new chemical weapons and was currently digging for proof. One night he decides to break into one of their facilities in hopes of finding something incriminating. What he finds instead is ten times worse than anything he could have ever imagined. he had been in the middle of searching through the files when a strong hand grabbed him from behind and threw him with a strength that was practically unnatural. In the dark he could not see his assailant and was fighting blind. However as he was finally pinned up against a wall a light switched on and he got a first glimpse at who it was that attacked him. It was his dead best friend only at the same time it wasn't. His usually kind expressive eyes were dead as if he were only a shell of the man he once knew and when he says his name, there isn't an ounce of recognition to be found. At first he was too shocked to react, it isn't until he is taken to an interrogation room and the head of the company is standing in front of him with his best friend at his side like some sort of obedient lap dog does he finally react.

    (yes my character is loosely based off of TWS)

    My Character Sheet:

    Name: Solider (Sebastian Moran)

    Age: 32

    Personality: Before he was taken Sebastian was one of the kindest and most dedicated people you could ever meet. He was the first to laugh at a joke and was always smiling even if he wasn't entirely happy. But that was before, before he lost everything. Now he is cold and calculating, following orders to the T without even questioning the order. He kills without remorse and secretly craves the praise of his boss, the only familiar figure he has had since he woke up in the dark cold room with no memory of who he was.

    Tattoo's/Scars/Piercings: He has a small tattoo on his hip that is dedicated to his deceased mother, he has no piercings but he had a plethora of scars from years of torture and fighting. Though the most definitive scars on his body include a bullet wound on his chest and a long jagged scar down his chest from where he was cut open to essentially bring him back from the dead.

    Bio: Sebastian has no memory of who he once was, everything is blank in his mind. However hidden away in the files of the company that essentially own him now Is his entire history that was erased from his mind when they took him. He was born into a big Romanian family, his father a strong hard working man and his mother a sweet lady who was probably the best cook known to man. He was the middle child of seven, having three older siblings (two brothers and one sister) and three younger siblings (two sisters and one brother). They were not the most wealthy family and most of the kids had to get jobs at a young age to help support one another, however that only made them closer. Sebastian always felt a bit overlooked by his father, who showed more attention to his other brothers who were strong and more manly than him. But his mother had enough love for him to make up for it. She knew that he felt small and insignificant against his other brothers who had all adopted their dads strong bone structure and brute strength.

    When he started school he was extremely shy and nervous until he met his best friend, from there he truly began to blossom into the bright ray of sun he was. The two were practically inseparable and when _____ voiced that he wanted to go into the military, Sebastian was right there with him ready to follow him to the end of the earth. His mother grew ill when he was seventeen and passed away before he had graduated. The large family sort of fell apart with out her there, she was the anchor that kept them all together. At first Seb didn't know what to do, he fell into a deep depression but ______ was there, extending his hand out to him and pulling him back to the living. As long as he had _____ nothing else mattered, he could survive anything.

    When they entered the military it was a bit difficult for Sebastian to keep up since he wasn't the strongest person. In fact he was pretty weak, but he found his place when he was first given a gun. While it felt awkward and heavy in his hands he was a beautiful shot. Able to hit his target from insane distances. that was why he was put on the special forces with ____ and not simply left behind. Then they were sent out on this 'special mission' and everything fell apart. They were ambushed and in the flurry of chaos he lost sight of _____, and he felt the cold icy grip of fear and panic in his heart. Once things had settled down he ran to _____ and as he was running to him he saw movement from the corner of his eye. One of the men they thought were dead was lifting a gun and aiming it at _____. there was no hesitation, no thinking about it, he simply jumped in front of his best friend and took the bullet, crying out as the metal ripped through his body, tearing through his lungs.

    When his body was recovered he was not taken back to the states, no he was taken to a facility where they cut him open and revived him just enough to start the procedure to make him the perfect soldier. The men were thoroughly disappointed with the fact that the only body they got to recover was that of Sebastian Moran when they originally intended on taking everyone on that task force. They were all hand selected because of their skill set to be the first guinea pigs of their super soldier serum but they ended up being much more skilled than they anticipated and the only casualty was Sebastian Moran.

    It was a long grueling process of first stabilizing him then every day he was injected with a serum that slowly changed his body to make him faster, stronger, and overall more skilled. Every now and then he would come too and be reduced to screams of agony as the serum tore him apart from the inside and then rebuilt him piece by piece. It took three months for this process to finally be complete and by then Sebastian would actually manage to stay awake for a couple hours. Once he could walk and talk he was taken into a dark, cold room with nothing but a single chair with straps on the arm rests and on the legs of the chair. He was forced down and restrained. From their began his conditioning. He was asked his name, age, and where he was from. he could remember these at first and would answer honestly.

    These results were unsatisfactory and every time he answered them correctly his head was forced back and he went through hours of waterboarding. The torture was to condition him to forget, they needed a fresh slate and if he remembered anything then that was no good. When waterboarding wasn't enough they moved to strong electrical shocks directly to his head, focused on the portion of his brain where his long term memory was located. After just a week of this the only question he could answer was his name and all he managed to remember was 'seb', his nickname given to him by _____. While most would feel helpless and broken in the situation he was in, there was something that kept him from completely falling apart. A name. He could not remember who he was, where he was from or anything about his past but he could remember a name that somehow gave him hope.

    Even long after he forgot his own name he still remembered _____'s name, whispering it like a word of encouragement every time he was taken to that dark cold room with the single chair where he was taught to obey without question. Soon he began to physical training, he was taught to fight, to use his knew strength and speed to take down his enemies swiftly and without mercy. At first he was hesitant, his kind nature still intact even if his memory wasn't. This was taken care of by operant conditioning. Every time he disobeyed an order he was taken back to the room and tortured for hours on end, every time he obeyed and took down his target without mercy then he was rewarded with words of encouragement and a good meal always presented by Darren Markov, the head of the company that was secretly funding this entire project. He began to see Darren as a comforting figure and someone who meant him well despite the fact he was also behind the torture he went through as well. This was so Sebastian was loyal to him, so that when it came down to it he would never deny an order given by him. It became a sick sort of Stockholm syndrome, where Sebastian would actually seek the approval and praise of the man who sat back and ordered people to torture him for misbehaving but never rose a hand to him himself.

    It took three and a half years but he was finally the perfect assassin and soldier. He no longer whispered ____'s name and couldn't even recall the name he used to whisper to himself when he was put through hours of torture. He follows orders without question and Darren begins to use him to get rid of people who were a possible threat to his company. over the years Sebastian has murdered thirteen public figures, some foreign and some American all because Mr. Markov of Markov industries ordered him to do so. Darren could not ask for a more obedient puppet. Sometimes, over the years, he begins to regain his memory back, due to his enhanced healing, and that is when they are forced to apply the electrical shocks to his prefrontal cortex to wipe out the memories that threatened to destroy their hard work. Which also began to wipe out the memories of what happened to him the first few years of his training, to the point that all he knows is his obedience and that if he disobeys something very bad and very painful would happen to him.

    Before he was taken:

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