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  1. Andrew was just waking up, he scratched his head as he looked at his clock, 1:05 PM, "damn, I woke up sort of early", he said as he got up, stretching and walking over to his dresser and getting some clothes on, a kind of baggy "Smiths" T-Shirt that depicted the cover of their "The Queen is Dead Album", a pair of slim fitting dark gray jeans that were a little short on the bottom, and a pair of green wool socks. He then headed upstairs to get some food, not much in the house aside from old cereal and bacon which was well past it's expiration date, he simply rooted around in the back until he found one of the beers he had left over from the night before and cracked it open, the house was empty, which makes sense seeing as John had a job interview today and Nick was at work and would be until at least 5:00, he sat down in the living room and turned on the TV, hoping to kill some time until someone at all showed up.

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  2. Natalie sat in her pajamas on her barely made bed, looking at all the boxes in her room. She was new and had recently moved into town last week, and she has yet to show her face around town. She had moved for a simply reason. That simple reason being she and a student had a minor disagreement on animal rights. And the disagreement went to yelling. Yelling went to pushing. And pushing went to a nasty fight causing the other girl to go to the hospital for a broken arm and Natalie leaving school with a black eye and several bruises. Simple simple reason.

    The bruised girl with a fading black eye looked up when her stepdad opened the door. He made his stupid 'hmph' sound he always makes at her before speaking in his 'I'm-in-charge-do-as-I-say-or-your-ass-gets-hauled-to-military-school' voice. "Get dressed and go outside. You look like a freakin vampire you're so pale." Then slammed the door.

    Natalie groans, hating that he's in charge while her mom works her ass off to get him money, and stands up, searching through her boxes till she found her clothes. She changed into a simple back skull tank top and a pair of black jeans. Jamming her feet in an old pair of converse, she makes her way out the door. She didn't bother saying goodbye since the deadbeat was already on the couch and watching cop shows.

    She yanks the front door open and slams it shut behind her. Natalie stood on the porch for a second and took in the not-so-impressive scenery of the neighborhood. Reluctantly, and with an over dramatized sigh, she left the porch and started down the driveway. Who knows, maybe she'll get lucky and find a gas station to waste her time in till the ass hole comes looking for her? Running a hand across the back of her neck, Natalie started walking down the street.

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  3. Andrew finished off his beer, and went down into his room to get some money for "groceries", when he checked his usual stash, he found that he only had 5 bucks left, "fuck.. am I seriously this broke.." he sat down on his bed for a moment, thinking about what to do, he really only had a few options when this sort of thing happened, it was either rob some junior high kids, or call his mom, both of which he didn't want to do, but he decided it was best to avoid any more attention from people around town as he was already 200 dollars in debt with his ex dealer Anthony from across town, so he picked up the phone and dialed his mom's number, lighting up his last smoke as he awaited an answer.

    Finally someone picked up. "Hello?" his mother said, "Mom! hi, how's it going? we haven't talked in a while I figured I'd give you a call" Andrew replied in his most genuine (but obviously fake) tone, "You're not getting any money, Andrew." she replied in a stern tone, hearing right through her son's act, "Who said I needed money?... maybe just a few bucks for groceries but-" "Bullshit, I know exactly what you need money for and you can forget it, do you think I'm just gonna keep providing you with the means to drink and smoke your life away?" his mother interrupted, "mom come on I actually need food, for real, Nick isn't even sharing shit with me and John anymore, please I just need 50 bucks for tonight and I won't bother you for the rest of the month" Andrew pleaded hoping his mother would show him some mercy, "Andrew, you're 21 years old, why don't you get a job and stop leeching off of me like a child... I'm at work right now, I shouldn't have even picked up the phone, this discussion is over" she hung up after that, Andrew sighed in defeat before throwing the phone across the room, "FUCK!!".

    Andrew decided that moping and smashing even more of his own possessions wouldn't solve anything, so he threw on his old, mangled Gray Fallen sneakers and his black pullover hoodie with the Joy Division album "Unknown Pleasures" on it's front and stepped outside, staring to walk down the road, maybe he'd run into Vlad or Kirk and they'd lend him a few bucks, who knows.
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  4. Natalie slowed to a stop by the time she reached an actual road at the end of the block. She watched the few card drive by and glances around to see if anything interesting was worth seeing. And, as she expected she found nothing that really caught her interest. Then again, not much really did.

    Sliding her hands in her pockets she started walking across the street and towards a Micky D's. Personally, she hated the place. It smelled disgusting, the food had, well, meat and she refused to eat the stuff. Natalie chuckles to herself. She was rather picky for a poor kid, but oh well. Letting out a yawn, she glances in the windows and spots kids happily eating food with their family's. She smirked at them, then turns her gaze across the street and means against the building.

    Out of boredom Natalie watches the people across the street. Well, sort of. She was closing one eye while holding two fingers in front of the other so she could pretend to squish there heads. Stupid as it might sound it gave her some tiny spark of amusement for a short time. Though the amusement was short lived and replaced by boredom again.

    The red haired girl looks up at the sky, then down at the ground. "Damn I should've brought my watch.." She mumbles to herself. Glancing inside the window she spotted a few workers frowning at her for loitering so she moves off the building and walks back towards the houses.
  5. Andrew's stomach growled, his breath reeked of cigarettes and alcohol, his clothes smelled the same, as he walked down the street he started thinking of the stupid inside jokes between him and his friends, he laughed to himself as he recalled them, he didn't have a cellphone, so he couldn't check the time or call anyone, he started to walk towards mcdonalds, hoping he could snag a cup off of the counter and get a drink of something.

    On his way down the road he kept his head down and kicked at the sidewalk, having only himself to keep him company, in the midst of his thought he bumped into someone and fell to the ground.
  6. Natalie kept her gaze at the sky, trying to make shapes out of the clouds. She knew it was a stupid and childish game but it wasn't like she had much else to do. She was in the process of finding a castle in the clouds when she ran in to someone and fell over. She tried catching herself but scrapped her palms and elbow in the process. "Shit.." She mumbled at the stinging feeling she got from her hands.

    She glances over to the male who she ran into and frowned a little. She wasn't mad at him, she was just mad she couldn't blame them running into each other on him since she should have paid attention. Dusting the tiny rocks off her hands, Natalie stood up and held her hand out to help him. "Sorry."
  7. Andrew looked up and smiled a bit,
    "It's okay, it was my fault" he said as he took her hand and pulled himself off and dusted off his sweater, he held his hand out
    "I'm Andrew." He said with a dorky smile
  8. She raises an eyebrow at his dorky smile, but takes his hand and shakes it. "Nice to meet you. I'm Natalie." She spoke, then releases her hands and slides both hands in her pockets. She glances across the street at a stray dog then back at him. "Uh, I just moved here."
  9. Andrew's eyes widened slightly,
    "Oh really? What part of town?"
    Andrew asked with a tone of high interest
  10. She paused at little at his curiosity and pointed down the street. "In this neighborhood. A few blocks down." Natalie said and shoved her hand back in her pocket.
  11. Andrew looked and shook his head slightly,
    "That place is great, it's real quiet, I only live down the road"
    Andrew rooted in his pockets, finding a cigarette and lighting it up
    "So what are you up to roaming around alone if you just moved in?"
    Andrew asked as he puffed on his smoke
  12. Natalie shrugs a little, running a hand in her hair to push her bangs back. "Stepdad made me. He said I was getting as pale as a vampire hiding in the house all day." She mumbled a little bit. She glances to his cigarette but decided to ignore it.
  13. Andrew finished off his smoke and tossed it, messing up his hair a little bit
    "Yeah, I get you... Well ya know, it was nice talking and all but, I got another 2 hours to kill, I should get going"
    Andrew said as he scratched the back of his neck, getting obviously nervous
  14. She gave him another odd look at his nervousness but shrugged softly at it. "Yeah, I better her going too. It was nice meeting you Andrew." Natalie gives him a friendly smile before walking around him and down the block.
  15. Andrew thought for a minute before yelling out
    "Yo wait up!!"
    When she looked back, Andrew gave his dorky smile again
    "I could, I dunno... Show you around the town? If you'd like.."
    Andrew said trying his best to sound cool
  16. Natalie blinks in surprise and chuckles a little at him, turning so she faced him. "How do I know you won't kidnap me? Or turn into some crazy axe murderer and chase me down the street." She spoke with a small smirk.
  17. Andrew smiled and threw his hands up in the air
    "Pretty sure you can take me if that's the case"
    He said with a laugh as he ruffled his hair
  18. Natalie laughs and smiles, walking towards him. "Heh, that's true. I'm pretty tough." She smirks an pretended to flex, chuckling and sliding her hands into her back pockets. "So, tour guide, where to first?" She said and gave her own cheesy smile.
  19. Andrew looked down the road and thought for a moment
    "Ooh, I got an awesome place that'll help you see the whole town! Come on!!"
    Andrew said as he ran towards the back of a tall building and opened a door that lead to a large staircase
    "It's just up here"
  20. Natalie kept up with him, running behind him as he lead the way. She stood behind him as he opened the door and peered past him at the large staircase. Sure, she thought it was... Odd. But she decided to just go with it. Besides, if things got weird she could rub it in her stepdads face so he'd let her stay inside. She nods at Andrew and walked inside and up the stairs.