Just a normal High school for the supernatural.. wait Normal?

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  1. May I Welcome You To The School Of Supernatural Abilities But To THe Human Eye We Are A Prestigious Correctional Facility :D.

    We all live in dorms here and inside this facility are many stores as well as sadly no disciplinary measures.
    So if you want to survive well you better join a gang or you might just end up dead. Our school has classes that you must go to its our one and only rule here and if broken well lets just take the red queens words "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS." Easy enough right?

    Character sheet.
    Dorm Style:
    Brief History:

    Now lets start shall we?
    Age: 18
    Species: human with powers
    Powers/Abilities: can turn herself into air, create weapons out of thin air, and regeneration
    Dorm Style:[​IMG]
    Picture/physical description:
    Short hair: [​IMG]
    long hair:
    [​IMG] (add the scars)
    Personality:antisocial crazy smart evil genius mysterious mischievious
    Brief History:She was born and raised in a lab in there she went crazy due to captivity in cages. Whenever she feels nervous or afraid she will turn into air and fly at 100 miles per hour.She will most likely be behind you at random times and start giggling like a maniac. Due to her hiding she dresses as a man to make sure she isn't found. When she uses her powers profusely her hair grows as does her *cough* chest size. On the contrary when she cuts her hair *ahem* shes just about flat as a board.


    Ruki walks through the hallways giggling and laughing like a maniac to her self. But then the inevitable happens she trips, She lifts her head and screams, " Damn invisible gnomes I shall shove a banana up your ass and make it hurt like *Deep voice* Hells Firesssss." She then proceeds to get up and wipe herself off as everyone backs away from her whispering silently,"God shes such a freak" "Do you see those stitches?" "Look at that messed up grin" "I bet she'd kill us all thats why shes not in a gang and no one talks to her!" She sighs a bit and walks away pulling at her countless stitches making a weird rope on skin sound.
  2. I forgot Dont Put A Curse In Every Sentance
  3. Character (open)
    Species:Human w/ powers
    Power/Ability:The eyepatch he wears is for safety,for if he took it off and looked someone he is able to do things with their soul, such as direct control. Not only that his eye has been known to cause madness after looking at it for a while.
    Dorm: image.jpg Appearance: image.jpg Personality:Kind and never judges anyone on looks or something he heard. He's got a fighting spirit and never give up.
    History:His parents knew something was wrong at a young age. When they took him to a doctor, his eye caused the doctor to go mad right then and there due to his weak mind.He was abandoned immediately.

    As usual Ty was reading a book and avoiding obstacles while walking down the hall. He occasionally waved to the people who greeted him but kept going. "I have...gym next..."He turned a corner and headed to the gym.
  4. Ruki was interested in going to her classes still although she never liked them she didn't want to die yet. She sighed 'always alone, always forgotten, and still they wonder why i went mad.' She heads off to gym 'oh shit I forgot I have to do gym with the boys since I guess I am a Boy right now?' She sighs again and continues her journey to the boys changing rooms. A couple of people whisper but none of them conquer what she is thinking about as her black jeans cling to her bare feet.

    'I wonder what the coach will say about me having no shoes' she giggles to herself a bit. She finally gets there and slams the doors open. She almost has a nosebleed at all of the half naked guys 'How-How many guys are there?' She quickly heads to one of the closed of changing rooms and shuts it quick.
  5. Ty was currently getting dressed and joking with a couple of other guys when a guy slammed the door. "Whoa...He seems pissed..." Everyone nodded and Ty did too. Everyone went back to talking but Ty's eye...It was acting up. Clearly something was up with the guy. "Huh..."He got fully clothed in his gym clothes and walked over to the changing rooms and said. "Hey man...You new? You acted like you've never been in a locker room." His put his hand over his eye as it began to throb.
  6. Character sheet.

    Name: Alex
    Age: 17
    Grade: Senior
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Powers/Abilities: None
    Dorm Style: Messy with posters of sceam-o bands

    Personality: Can be a bit of a hot head and anger issues. He likes to be alone but only sometimes. He just sits in his dorm, playing his guitar.

    Brief History:Alex has not been known to be a perfect angel. He has been elected "Most likely to go to jail" In the high school yearbook. Despite all the horrible things he has done, he actually has a big heart. One thing he always wanted to do? Fall in love with the perfect girl and maybe someday marry her. He knows he will sound like a wuss if he ever said that out-loud, maybe thats why he act the way he does? To hide the way how he really is; a huge sap for romance. Can a girl steal his heart and change this rebellious teen into the prince he actually is? Or maybe it's all in his head...

    OKAY! Lets start!

    Alex goes into his dorm. He hasnt been assigned a roommate yet, which had its positives and negatives. Positive? He can enjoy all the space he wanted..so far. Negative? It did get lonely sometimes. He saw everyone else in the school with their own clique and he was just..there alone. He made sure it didnt seem obvious that being alone so much bothered him, he didnt want someones pity. Alex decides to get off his ass and walk around the school to find something more interesting to do other than play his guitar to no one but himself.
  7. "N-Nothing wrong Dude I just am uhhhhh self conscious about uhhh stuff." Oh lord I cant believe someone just had to talk to me Someone just haddddddd to talk to me. She starts to take her top shirt off only leaving her tank top and black jeans. "I just dont like gym thats all...." She looks around the changing room and notices stray clothes and such 'Slobs..'
  8. "Self-concious...Alright then. I'm Tyler by the way. Call me Ty." He did a small beat on the door and walked out of the locker room. "He seems cool." He smiled at the guys and jogged over to them and started talking again. The pain in his eye was still there, but was not as bad. Maybe...He isn't so cool.
  9. The devil is in the detail (open)
    Name: Kimberly
    Age: 16
    Grade: Junior
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half Succubus
    Powers/Abilities: Life force absorption (more effective on humans), seductive magnetism, natural enhanced beauty due to her species, natural enhanced dexterity and strength due to her species. Half human doesn't have the ability to physically transform (wings, claws, etc.), doesn't have all of the abilities of a full blooded, and not as strong.
    Dorm Style:
    Picture: (profile picture)
    Smart, flirty, somewhat obnoxious at times, loyal to those she cares for, outgoing and enjoys social settings, confident to the point it's considered conceited, rarely trusting, almost never open about her true feelings
    Brief History: Kimberly's mother was a succubus who mated with a human male that Kimberly has never met. Being an outcast of the succubus community, Kimberly hasn't seen her mother in a long time either. So, she was sent off to this special school to live and learn. Kimberly's personal life usually consists of partying and socializing. At other schools she had attended, she was known for skipping classes (or school all together) and getting into fights. Needless to say, she was only going to be getting away with one of those things from now on.

    Kimberly sat up in her bed, yawning and stretching, before staring blankly at her sunlit room with swollen half asleep eyes. She was in a dazed state from being so tired, and couldn't think of anything more than to snuggle back into her silk sheets and fall back into slumber. She attempted to do just that when she fell back flat on her back and lazily rolled over on her side. Fluttering her eyes ever so slightly, she caught a glimpse of the clock sitting on her bed side table that was practically screaming "look at me". Kimberly almost immediately shot back up, her eyes open wide now, and slammed her hand down on the button. "Damn it! I hit snooze again!!" She exclaimed before practically throwing the sheets and blanket across the room as she escaped the grasp of her bed. She was late, as usual.

    Not having enough time to get ready, Kimberly had thrown together a quick outfit which included a pair of ripped up skinny jeans that hugged her legs tightly, boots, and one of her low cut tees. Her hair was a mess and she hardly had any makeup on, but she was a woman on a mission. Normally, Kimberly wouldn't be in such a rush to get to class, but given the one and only rule of the school, she had to show up or suffer the consequences. This in mind, she quickly rushed out the door and made her way to her first class of the day.

    ((Hope you don't mind me joining. ^^))
  10. Ty made the excuse he forgot something and walked silently into the lockers. He still saw the persons feet and sat down. What exactly was off? He raised his hand to take off the eye patch but lowered it, not wanting to risk driving them insane. "...Gym will start soon...Is he just gonna stay in there?"
  11. Ruki walked out with a grin plastered on her face. "Oh hello ty why aare you in her." She giggles to herself a bit her bangs still covering her eyes. She concluded that he didnt know she was a girl and she was safe. She stares at his eyepatch facinated about how his eye might look. Not caring if he was wierded or not she was ussually labeled wierd.
  12. "I was waiting for you. Ah..." He held his eye again, this time it was throbbing more than ever... "Sorry...Don't mean to intrude but..." He slightly lifted the patch, and the eye stopped throbbing. He looked at the guy and analyzed his soul. "Huh...I see...Madness,huh? You shouldn't have a problem if you see my eye for some reason...." He pulled the patch back down and looked. "You have a reason you're trying to be a guy?" He stood up and walked to his locker. "If you're gonna do that...You'd better stop the giggling." He grinned and grabbed his bottled water and left.
  13. "What fun would that be?" She giggles again "and if you havent already heard so I am ruki uh no name." She holds out her hand littered with scars and stitches. "Oh and I am quite mad ive murdered oh so many people as well." While saying this she smiles like she didnt just say she murdered people. "And I believe I will be sharing a dorm room with you."
  14. He stopped before he reached the door. [Murderer?] He turned back to her and said "You'd better not kill me in my sleep...I'd want a fighting chance at least.And try not to sic your boyfriend or whoever you have on me..." He smiled and went out the door to see the class was just starting warm-ups.
  15. "Boyfriend?" She thinks about that a bit before heading out to gym. Her bangs cast a shadow on her face making it look as though shes demonic. In gym they start dodgeball as she just stands there balls depressurising as the G come near her.
  16. Ty's eye throbbed everytime someone aimed at him, and he had to move. He was more focused on dodging then balling because of it. "Oh....My....God....It hurts!" He ducked and weaved and maybe threw a ball every once in a while but he was near his limit.
  17. Character (open)

    Kuro Shisen

    He can inflict emotions and on people if he chooses. This requires direct eye contact to work, though people are normally tempted to look directly at his eyes.
    Demon to human transformation

    Enhanced strength and endurance
    Slight automatic healing
    Dorm Style:

    Kuro isn't exactly the nicest person around. He can sometimes be rude and you may not be sure if it's on accident or on purpose. He can be rather insensitive to others feelings or opinions. On that same note he can be very sarcastic and normally likes to have the last word. He is rather confident in his abilities, and very rarely doubts himself, though sometimes has trouble taking certain things seriously.
    Brief History:

    Kuro was abandoned by his father and left to his mothers care, which was to much for her. He soon took his leave figuring wherever he ended up would be better than were he currently was. This was true and through a bit of hard work he became rather successful. One of the ways he started out was in a battle arena. He would win and earn money for beating up the loser. This is how he got the nickname, "Gold eyed demon." He got a love for music over the years though and now is rarely seen without headphones in his ears.

    Kuro headed inside the school, unfashionably late. He had been late for personal reasons which the school did know about. Due to that he was ok, but that didn't really matter to him. He rather liked the stares. Having missed a couple classes he headed off the gym were he was supposed to currently be. I think today is dodge ball. This should be interesting. He thought. He wondered if powers were allowed for this game. The teachers sometimes banned powers for a game to make it fair to a select few without any. Entering the room and seeing a ball hurtling towards him he quickly deflected it with his telekinesis, sending it flying back to its owner with a flick of his hand. He may not be the strongest with said power but it was enough for him to make do with until he had completely mastered it.
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  18. (Hope I'm not to late join)
    Several balls whizzed passed memes head but like always there were aimed at some one else where as she was so invisible the coach wouldn't acknowledge it if she did get hit
  19. He suddenly saw a purple flash coming from the doors in his eye. Someone had used their power. Was that even allowed? Due to his thinking, Ty was pegged with
    a ball and was out. "God damn eye...You distracted me..."
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  20. Yet another one down she decided to pretend she got out and sit down
    Not like it mattered ,coach didn't notice me
    I sat next to the person who last got out Ryan's do what I do best not being noticed
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