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  1. Gryffindor Accepted Characters

    Aleksander Ansgar Hotvedt ~ 2nd Year ~ Yewitz
    Dakotah Moss ~ 3rd Year ~ Mundane Monster
    Tyler Timmothy Tillany ~ 4th Year ~ Helena Sky
    Helena Sky-Anne Tillany ~ 4th Year ~Helena Sky

    Slytherin Accepted Characters

    Caspian Beauchamp ~ 4th Year ~ Yewitz
    Christi Bailing ~ 5th Year ~ Prefect ~ Helena Sky
    Ethan Jett Tillany ~ 6th Year~ Prefect ~ Helena Sky
    Delilah Rose Windsor ~ 6th Year~ Timber.

    Ravenclaw Accepted Characters

    Alexey Solovjev ~ 4th Year ~ RecentlyInsaneRussian
    Jack Esther ~ 5th Year ~ Prefect ~ Petricus Euryale

    Hufflepuff Accepted Characters

    Mindy Washington ~ 4th Year ~ Mundane Monster
    Draymon Yung ~ 6th Year ~ Blitzfang43
    Vivi Hawklight ~ 6th Year ~ Charlie's 4th Angel


    Gryffindor Quidditch Team

    Chaser #1~ NPC
    Chaser #2 ~ NPC
    Chaser #3 ~ NPC
    Beater #1 ~ Sky
    Beater #2 ~ Tyler
    Keeper ~ NPC
    Seeker ~ NPC

    Slytherin Quidditch Team

    Chaser #1~ Christi
    Chaser #2 ~ NPC
    Chaser #3 ~ NPC
    Beater #1 ~ NPC
    Beater #2 ~ NPC
    Keeper ~ NPC
    Seeker ~ Ethan

    Ravenclaw Quidditch Team

    Chaser #1~ Jack
    Chaser #2 ~ NPC
    Chaser #3 ~ NPC
    Beater #1 ~ NPC
    Beater #2 ~ NPC
    Keeper ~ NPC
    Seeker ~ NPC

    Hufflepuff Quidditch Team

    Chaser #1~ NPC
    Chaser #2 ~ NPC
    Chaser #3 ~ NPC
    Beater #1 ~ NPC
    Beater #2 ~ NPC
    Keeper ~ Draymon
    Seeker ~ NPC

    ~Their Word is LAW~
    Helena Sky
    Petricus Euryale​

    Rules Reminder!!
    1. Obvious. No god-modding.
    2. Respect the other people. If your character wants to bitch slap another character and cuss them out, go right ahead. If you want to bitch slap another person and cuss them out, take it out of the thread and preferably to a moderator. I'm not going to handle your petty arguments. At least not nicely.
    3. Damn, shit, ass, etc... If you don't like it, don't continue because there is going to be much more of it in the future.
    4. Literacy. Learn the word. Love it. Because I do. I'm not going to go all grammar Nazi on you, just please... please... respect the English language... After all. Good grammar is the difference between helping you Uncle Jack off a horse, and helping your uncle jack off a horse. I will behave. Until i 2ee 2hiit liike thii2. OR SHIT LIKE THIS. I do not want to feel like I am being screamed at through text. I, however, will not murder you for one or two misspellings. Everyone makes mistakes. I understand this. Just, like I said. Please don't abuse the English language. It is a beautiful thing.
    5. One liners are the enemy. Can we have at least a paragraph? Is that too much to ask? If I see a single sentence post, I will go beyond flipping my shit. I understand writer's block is a common issue, just please don't drop below three sentences.
    6. If you have read these rules in their complete glory, please put "Dumbledore's Army" in your character sheet. If I do not see this, you do not get accepted. Plain and simple. I will tell you that you can have a place once you've read the rules.
    7. All characters must be approved by me before joining the role play. This is to prevent stupidity and, once more, to prevent shit flipping.
    8. Each person is allowed to have four characters since there are four houses. You can have one in each house, you can have two in a house, but no more than two characters in the same house. We want diversity. You can't put all your characters in the same house.
    9. If you are gone for more than a week without giving me a valid reason before you disappear, you will be removed from the RP. We're not all waiting on one person, we want to keep moving. If you are going on vacation or somethingtell me before you leave.
    10. @Petricus Euryale has the same power I do. Listen to him like you'd listen to me. He's my fiance and partner in crime. His words are law just like mine are.
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  2. ~Ethan, Tyler, and Sky~
    The three of them had just boarded the train from Platform 9 3/4 and it was getting ready to depart. Ethan looked at his siblings and shook his head. "I'm gonna go find my friends, you go find yours." He said, taking a moment to ruffle each of their hair before wandering off and ending up in a compartment full of Slytherins.

    Tyler and Sky merely looked at each other and shrugged, deciding to raid the snack cart before it even came out... and off they went. They weren't even at school yet and they were getting in trouble.

    Peace and quiet. Just the way she liked it. Having been one of the first ones to board the train, she got a compartment to herself. With a small smile, she pulled out a book and began reading, thinking of hexing the first person to disturb her.​
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  3. Alexey Solovjev ~~
    Location: Hogwarts Express ~~
    Interaction: Christi Bailing (@Helena Sky) ~~

    Alexey was gazing through crowd of people right in front of Hogwarts Express, trying to get inside the train.
    Why he was so enthusiastic? Let me explain.

    Everything started on today's morning, when dark owl with English MoM's symbol brought him message from Education Office. Additionally, there was another message, but now directly from Hogwarts. Half of that morning, Alexey was jumping around happily, and collecting things that he needed. He put his big, and quite fluffy, brown cat in special luggage, and walked out of house.

    Apparently, he bought all needed, and somewhere not needed, books for Hogwarts. Alexey found strange, that in the document is written that he needs wand, since his friends at Koldovstoretz used non-wand magic as main, and wand magic was taught like additional technique. But, he didn't want to again send owl to MoM, so decided to bring wand.

    Right now, our nervous Russian was pushing through the crowd, carrying his luggage to the back of train. When it was done, he rushed inside the train, searching for free seat.

    Apparently, Alexey ended up founding nearly empty compartment - with only one person. He lightly opened the door, and asked, as polite and gentle as possible.

    "Ah, excuse me, may I sit in this compartment?" His rough Russian accent could still be heard through his English, but it was like a quiet addition.
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  4. Draymon Yung
    Yawning a bit as he walked down the stairs just like others who needed to get to the train stations on a daily basis. He however, was on a completly different path than the average person as his train was located within a special place. Platform 9 and 3/4 had been quite the welcome sight after being forced to spend the off-time within the human world. He always did love to just stay behind and remain at hogwarts, but one of his teachers decided that maybe spending time among his people would do him some good, and allow him to appreciate his magic more. Feeling another yawn coming on as he made his way through the secret entrance, and checked before rushing right on through.

    Coming out on the other side he finally saw the other world, his world that was more than a heartwarming sight. He waved hello towards the students that recognized him before boarding the train, and making his way towards his houses part of the car. Sitting down in a luckily empty seat he kicked back and relaxed. His mind wandered over all the fun times he had to look forward to as he waited for the train to take off. It shouldn't be much longer
  5. Aleksander, in short, was quite hesitant to run straight into a pillar at a running speed at this hour, even though he had done it a few times before. And, if he wanted to get to Hogwart's, he'd have to any way. The small Norwegian boy took in a deep breath, looking down at his belongings, which were all stacked and placed neatly on a- Erm.. Wheely-thing, whatever it was supposed to be called, then back up at the pillar that lead to the platform "9 and 3/4." He hoped there weren't people waiting behind him, because he wasn't looking, or even listening. Finally, after what seemed like twenty minutes, he broke into a run and, just like that, he was in a completely different area. He looked around as if it were new, before quickly locating said platform and making his way to the train, and making his way inside. Yay, he made it.


    Caspian had all ready boarded the train, and was currently seated in his own little compartment, a grin on his face, for reasons unknown. He kinda wished there would be someone else in there, but, of course, there was nothing he could do about which compartments people chose and ignored. He curled up on the seat he was on, and glanced out at the window, before releasing a small sigh. It was quite a nice day out, and he couldn't wait to return to Hogwart's again.
  6. Vivi Hawklight
    Hufflepuff ~ Age: 16

    Vivi was in a rush this morning. Most of her things were already sent to Hogwarts, so it was suppose to be a simple, well thought out day. That was until she couldn't find her Flew Power.
    "Mom, have you seen the little bag that usually sits on the mantle?" Vivi called out.
    "The bag of dirt?" Her mother replied from the kitchen, "I threw it out."

    Frustrated, Vivi looked at the time. "Ugh." If she hurried, she could probably make the train. Vivi began collecting her things around the house frantically.
    "Mother, that bag of Dirt was not dirt. It was Flew Powder, you know the stuff we used to visit Dad at the Ministry." She stubbed her toe, "Ouch,..."
    "You mean it was traveling dirt?" Returned her mom. Vivi rolled her eyes, "Yes mum, now I have to take the Train." Vivi just finished putting the last notebook in her messenger bag.
    "Want me to take you?"
    "Definitely!" Vivi then clicked her tongue, and a white ferret seemed to come from the study and to her feet. "So that's where you were Keith." She picked up the ferret and placed him on her shoulder, heading to the car.

    Now Vivi's mother was not all that 'understanding' when it came to the magical world, but even in the muggle world she could be quite lost. For example, her driving. From a muggle's standpoint she is a bad driver; Speeds, weaves in and out of traffic; and proceeds to merge last second. But to Vivi, this was the only talent her mother seemed to have.

    At the station, Vivi looked again at her watch. Plenty of time, thanks mum. The station was filled, but of course Vivi was more aware of the first years. Those that seemed to be colorless. She waited patiently between station 9 and station 10. A 2nd year was having trouble getting the nerve to run 'into' the wall. The Gryffindor boy looked as if he had already been there for a while.

    The Gryffindor boy didn't even look like he had the strength to push his cart. But lo and behold a few minutes more and he finally ran through. Good Job, she thought before wait another minute and passing through herself.

    On the train, the kids were loud and hyper. The hall was also much smaller than she recalled, and many people were sprinting, touching her to get by.
    "Ah, um... Oh, please don't touch me. Pardon me. Excuse me..." Vivi kept repeating as she continued down the hall.

    Of course she had done so well so far, the world must of decided to pick on her.
    "Excuse -ME!-" Vivi began crashing down on the ground. Her ferret flung onto another student. "Ah, he's just a Ferret, please don't hurt him!" She called out, picking up her things.

    After a good ten minutes, she located Keith being hurled around by some Slytherin boys.
    "Stop that!" She shouted but of course they saw her Hufflepuff robes and laughed. Infuriated, Vivi pulled out her wand.
    "Wingardium Leviosa!" Catching the poor creature in mid-air and bringing it back to her side.

    "How rude." She mumbled, finding a box seat that wasn't packed yet. She opened the door slightly.
    "Is there a seat I may acquire here?" She asked politely.

    @SnapetheDrain (Aleksander was the Gryffindor boy)
    @open (anyones character can be in the box seat Vivi called into)
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  7. Shade signed as she stepped onto the train for the sixth year in a row. She still didn't have many friends though. Yet, even around people, she kept to herself still.

    She stepped onto the sixth year compartment and took a seat in a empty compartment. Usually people never joined in with her. If they did, though, they usually tried to ignore her. She didn't know why. She usually was really nice with just a slightly messed up and morbid humor. It would be a long trip to Hogwarts.
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  8. Draymon Yung
    Looking up from his currently upside down position, Draymon spotted another one of his Hufflepuff brethren. "You Vi. Cutting it close as usual...then again i'm not that much better huh?" Remaining in his downward position he began to rub his chin as if to think about it for a bit. He was of course dragged out of his thoughts by her question to be seated with him. "Oh right of course dude. Seat over there is free for all comers." He pointed an arm out towards the seat on the other side of their box as a welcoming gesture.

    He then saw someone else walking over to sit in the box opposite of them alone. He recognized this girl to be Shade, and he happened to be one of the few students at Hogwarts who didn't try to ignore her existence completely. "
    Hey Shade! You don't have to sit alone ya know. Come on over and join us, besides its more fun to ride with company anyway." He hoped she would take the invitation because he did enjoy talking with students in his year as opposed to the younger generation. He liked them, but he liked people he had history with more.

    @Poetic♥Night @Charlie's 4th Angel
  9. Shade looked over at him and nodded slightly. "Yeah... Okay..."she muttered as she walked into the comparent. She put her bags up on the shelves and then sat down. She bit her lip and looked out the window. It was odd usually for other students to invite her into their compartment. It kind of made her nervous, so she just looked staid quiet.
  10. Vivi Hawklight
    Hufflepuff ~ Age: 16

    Vivi was surprised to hear a familiar voice.
    "Oh, it's you Draymon!" She smiled happily. "And as usual?" She added, "You know I try my hardest to be early." She pouted.

    Vivi knew Draymon as more of a well-known acquaintance. It's not like she had anything against him, they just never had a conversation that lasted longer than three minutes.

    "Thanks!" She responded to his reply. Leaving the door open, she took the seat closes to the door opposite of Draymon. She didn't like the window seat because it made her feel sick. In fact ever since the 'incident' from her first year, she had been avoiding the train entirely.

    Keith slid down to her lap, pawing at her hands to pet him. Which of course she complied.

    Draymon called out the name 'Shade'. Looking up, Vivi saw the Black long-wavy haired girl in Slytherin clothes. Vivi looked questioningly. It wasn't that she hated Slytherin, just that all the ones she knew weren't nice.

    "Nice to meet you, Shade. I'm Vivi." She tried to extend her hand to the Slytherin girl who was radiating nerves.

  11. He had eventually found a compartment all to himself, and that was just the way he wanted it. He sat down and watched through the glass door as people passed him. He really hoped no one decided to sit with him, but that would probably happen anyway. Oh well. As long as they didn't expect him to talk.


    lmao ima skip cass bc he just chillin alone </3 rip
  12. Draymon Yung
    Draymon decided to sit upright like a "proper" gentlemen now that he was sitting alongside people. Yawning as he stretched out the kinks in his system from his previous nap, he glanced over towards Shade. He assumed the lass didn't get much in the way of people interaction, so he decided to be as nice as possible. "Yo. I'm Draymon just in case you haven't heard my name passed around the school. Nice to finally talk face to face." He gave her a slight smile as he followed up with introductions alongside Vi, but his intros lack a certain grace to them as many have noticed. He milled about in his head for a conversation topic to at least not keep the conversation from going too far south, so he decided to take the easy route. "So you guys ready for another wild year at out illustrious school? I know i'm ready to see just what craziness is in store for us upon arrival." His favorite activity was the sorting hat ritual as he enjoyed seeing just which house would have the most interesting prospects. It put him onto a bit of a nostalgia trip as he remembered his first time in the process, and the possible house he could have been inside along with Shade.
  13. Shade looked at the two with her royal purple eyes and waved. "Hi." Her voice was quiet, but soft and smooth like silk. She smiled softly before going back to looking outside. She was an awkward pureblood no doubt. Yet her personality and some would say "beauty" distract them from that. When Draymon asked if they were ready for the school year, she nodded. "The school year is usually very normal for me,"she said as she continued to stare out.
  14. Important Info for GM
    So the only reason I am 'taking over' a character that is not my own is because said user is banned and therefore can no longer respond. If what I did is an issue, please let me know.


    Shade was indeed shy. She thought she could interact with these nice people, but their full attention was making her feel awkward.
    "Hi." Her voice was so soft and quiet it was almost inaudible. As Draymon spoke aloud to her and Vivi, the atmosphere became over whelming. Shade gathered her things, slightly blushing in what almost seemed like pain before rushing out of the compartment.

    ((Please do not respond directly to this post))

    Vivi Hawklight
    Hufflepuff ~ Age: 16

    "I'm ready for anything other than my mother's home cooked meals." Vivi laughed grimacing at the memory of last nights Beef Stew that was more of jello texture. She was startled by the sudden passing of green and black.
    "Shade?" Vivi called, but the girl was gone. "I hope she is okay." Commented Vivi before looking to Draymon.
    "So, do you think we have a chance in this years Quidditch?" She untied the top of her robe, so it was more draped on her shoulders. I forgot how hot this train could get. She fanned herself for a moment with her free hand.

  15. ~Delilah Rose Windsor~
    Delilah stepped onto the train, just as it was about to leave the platform. She sighed in relief, and headed down the aisle towards the Slytherin compartment. She slipped into a seat and made herself comfortable. She looked in side of her purse, moved a few things around and eventually pulled out a green fleece blanket. She silently thanked her mother for casting an undetectable expansion charm on it. This was going to be her 6th year at Hogwarts, and by far the most difficult one she had ever experienced. The classes were tougher, and the spells required more concentration than before. Hopefully, she would manage to stay focused through out the whole year.
  16. Draymon Yung
    Just before he was about to respond towards her mention of home cooking which was quite the subject for him, Draymon had to lift his legs out the way as a blur shot past him at a good speed. Looking at Shade run off he shrugged as he placed his legs back upon the ground before turning back to Vivi. "Dunno. She never was one for crowds to be honest. I remember she passed out one time she was paired with a partner our first year." Shifting back into a comfortable position as Vi started onto another string of conversation this time about his favorite sport. "Of course we'll have a big shot this year. Thankfully most of the better keepers graduated last year, so i'm one of the few good ones left. My goal this time to go break my streak of 10 saves a game....ugh I hope for a better offense." Throwing an arm over his eyes at the memory of the amount of saves he had to preform that game, only because of those new comers that didn't know that teamwork was what made a team actually win a game. "Though I guess in retrospect it did make my fame as a keeper rise higher, so I guess i'll just take the positive where I can get it."
    @Charlie's 4th Angel
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  17. ~Ethan~
    The Prefect just got out of his meeting to find his friends being idiots. After hexing a few of his fellow Slytherins, he found a compartment and settled down. "I swear my house my be proud, but it's full of bullies and idiots...." He mumbled as he cracked open one of his potions books and began reading.
    ~Tyler and Sky~
    The two of them had raided the snack cart unnoticed and now were in their own compartment stuffing their faces. Well, at least Tyler was. Sky was delicately eating one thing at a time and laughing whenever one of Tyler's chocolate frogs got away. To be honest, the blonde was getting quite frustrated by this. much to his sister's amusement.
    Hearing a voice she hadn't heard before, she glanced up. "Oh, of course." She said softly with a smile. Sure, she had a small problem around new people and was quite shy, but it's not like she could keep a whole compartment to herself. Nervously, she averted her gaze back to her book.​
  18. Alexey Solovjev ~~
    Location: Hogwarts Express ~~
    Interaction: Christi Bailing (@Helena Sky)
    Alexey smiled lightly, heading in. His cat was sleeping lightly in a small luggage he brought in, so he would have no problems with issue called "Why-my-cat-looks-like-he-got-hit-by-a-truck". He lightly sat on seat, putting luggage up on a special shelf. Boy then took out journal of "Магическая Россия Сегодня" ("Magical Russia Today"), opening it lightly and starting to read. On big shiny surface of journal, some young looking woman was smiling at the person she was facing, and waving sometimes - big red letters underneath it didn't actually mean anything funny:
    "Новый магический маньяк на свободе: Правительство России бездействует?!" ("New magical murderer not caught: No actions from Russian Government?!")
    Underneath main theme, there were also a few topics:
    "Магическая Дума приняла новое постановление о лиге Российского Квиддича" ("Magical Duma announced new resolution towards league of Russian Quidditch")
    "Ошибка докторов, или тайный замысел врагов: Операция на известном Российском алхимике закончилась фатальным исходом" ("Professional mistake, or conspiracy of enemies: Surgery on famous Russian alchemic ended with fatal outcome").
    There were also several more themes, but redactors decided not to put it on "face" of journal. Apparently, all topics were written on Russian, so it was hard for non-Russian to understand what they meant.
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  19. ~Christi~
    She glanced over at him, not understanding a single word of what he was reading. Not being one to sit awkwardly in a quiet room though, she spoke up. "Hi there. I'm Christi Bailing, Slytherin 5th year and new Prefect. You must be one of our transfer students. What's your name? Do you know what house you'll be in?"​
  20. Alexey Solovjev ~~
    Location: Hogwarts Express ~~
    Interaction: Christi Bailing (@Helena Sky)
    Alexey lightly glanced on the girl, sitting on the opposite seat, as he quietly left journal on his knees.
    "Nice to meet you. My name is Alexey Solovjev. And, indeed, I am a transfer student from Koldovstoretz, I sent request to to Educational Office of your ministry several mouths ago. My parents didn't want me to study in Russia..." Boy paused, and then added "Koldovstoretz is a Russian magical school, if you know." Alex paused again, not knowing what to answer anymore, but quickly changed his attitude "I think I will be sorted into Ravenclaw so far. Ministry included possible houses via quick DNA-test. Magic is so progressive in this century, isn't it?"
    Alex smiled at his last words, and quickly looked up, checking on his cat - quite long cat was still sleeping, mewing sometimes nervously.
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