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It was a day like any other, except she was walking into a school full of vampires with about a handful of other humans. When she had gotten the letter of acceptance to the school she had been dreaming about, life had been for her like a kid who had just gotten full access to a candy shop. Everything was going okay, until she found out the reason she was actually accepted. Apart from her high intelligence and great scoring on tests, her and everyone else who had just gotten off the bus had a specific blood type that was rare to vampires. In a way she was helping people from getting murdered to become food, but in the other way...she was basically being thrown into the lions pin with a mean necklace hanging from her neck.

Some girls were already checking out the guys that were standing around and guys were already being guys, but she was a ball of nervousness for two reasons...she was deathly afraid of needles, and potientallh dangerous situations. Breathing in quietly she adjusted the glasses that were hanging off her nose waiting as she looked around from everyone that wasn't humans. A school, for vampires...who would have thought that was an actual thing. But now it was just time for them to wait, wait for them to get their guides to show them around the school and to their dorms. Everyone seemed to have gotten paired up but her, now she was standing on a courtyard full of vampires just staring at her with her bags in her hand.

This was great, she was probably about to die before she had even got to attend her first day. Please god if you're up their listening...send something, the best thing would be some help.

The school was starting to get a bit more excited than usual, as if the vampires were becoming impatient for some reason. Like a superstar who was going to visit a school to surprise the students with their presence. Though Mi Jin did not really think that it was that exciting as she did not know why on earth they would react this way as it were only humans who were coming to the school. Indeed it was the first time after all that humans entered the domain but that was no reason to actually start freaking out because of them as they were practically everywhere in the world. If you would walk a bit further away from the school, you would already see lots of them flocking together, more likely in the big cities such as New York, Japan, etc.

So when a voice echoed throughout the corridors, saying that the respective guides should go to the courtyard where the human beings would arrive, she let out a sigh as it meant that she needed to go there too. The vampires did not get why she was even chosen as she almost did not have an interest in them except their blood as it was her basic need to survive in this world. It was annoying to be dependent on those species, but she could not change it, no matter how much she wanted it to. Her feet started to move into the direction of where already a crowd was getting together, guessing that they were looking at the humans as if they were going to become their prey anytime soon. Well, that was not impossible but it should be prevented by all means and that was where Mi Jin stepped in to protect their lives.

As she passed the other vampire students, she walked towards the girl who was the last one without a guide. Making the other vampires groan by her presence as they knew she was not an easy person and should not be underestimated by any means, even more when she would be pissed off. She placed her hands on her hips and looked the girl from top to toe before looking her in the eyes. “My name is Mi Jin, I’ll be your guide for this year.” She introduced herself shortly and reached out her hand so they could shake hands as a greeting.

It felt as if she was waiting for another hour at least with all eyes on her. Then she heard a voice beside her and looked over with a small smile. "Oh, hi...I'm Charlotte, it's nice to meet you" she took her hand shaking it before she let go and grabbed her other bag in her hand. "Why don't we head to the dorms so that I could put my bags down...then we could go explore the school.." Pushing some hair out of her face she began to walk to the school building. It was a new scene for her because, well because everyone was staring at her it she was pretty sure that she could survive the year. In fact she had to survive the heat because no matter how creepy this school was, it was her dream to go here. If this highschool was on her resume, every door to every college could open up for her.

Charlotte dragged her bags up to the building that was labeled dorm hall and tried to find the schedule that stated where her dorm was. She hadn't known if they went by the roommate policy but she hoped they had. Because honestly she was afraid to be alone, especially going to a school like this. There were only a hand full of them so attending this school was going to be hard unless friends were made on her part. Which was a hard thing because she was never really any good at making friends, and the few she had made were hard to leave at her old school.

Heading into the dorm hall she went inside and looked around for her room, it was pretty big for just the girls. But a school like this probably made a lot of money to pay for these huge dorm halls. "Guess it pays to be accepted to a prestigious school" she mumbled to herself and walked down the hallway. It had only taken her a good ten minutes to find the room and once she had it was probably the best room that she had lived in. The room had a nice color scheme of black ,white, and red with two twin sized beds meaning happily she was going to get a roommate. "Well these are nice...better than what I'm used to" she smiled and placed her bags on one of the beds then brushed herself off turning back to see her guide. "Well I'm ready when you are"
Mi Jin just followed the other girl around after exchanging their names and greetings, letting out a sigh while nodding when the girl mentioned to go explore the school. Though she agreed that it was best to first drop off her bagage in her room as it would be a pain to carry all of that around the domain which could get heavy. Also, Mi Jin did not plan on helping out as that was not her job in the first place. Her job was to guide her, not be her lacky or something like that. She really detested to be used like a servant and avoided anything that meant helping out people as much as possible. Though she could not avoid the sports festivals where she had to team up once in a while.

As they walked towards the pieces of paper where all the dormrooms were on, Mi Jin let her eyes roam over the vampire students, glaring at them whenever they gave a look that she did not like. Making them turn the other way around as they did not want to get into a fight on the first day that the humans arrived, that would be a bad impression on them. Though one could not simply avoid arguements as most of the vampires here were from a wealthy background and some of them think that they are just better than everyone else to her frustration.

When the human found her dormnumber they went over there, Mi Jin sometimes telling her which way to go as the school was rather big, even she had to admit to that as she even got lost on the first day. Though when the human opened the doors of her room, her expression was priceless as if this was the first time seeing such a big room. However, Mi Jin could not go inside the human dormrooms because of a spell that was supposed to keep vampires out of there in order for their protection. It indeed was necessary to take precautions as nobody was really to sure of what a vampire was capable of. So Mi Jin waited outside for the other to come out again. "Mhm... what do you want to see? The gym? The cafeteria? The classrooms? The principal Office?" She summed some possible places up that they could visit.
She bit her lower lip thinking of what she wanted to see first then remembered what she had to do. The principal of the school told her that as soon as she arrived she would have to donate her blood. Of course she was a afraid cause needles were probably the scariest things next to clowns and thunder. But if she wanted to attend she had to suck it up and just get over her fears. This was the school of her dreams and she wasn't going to let something as petty as that ruin her opprituinity. "Could you show me to the place where I have to donate the blood...I just want to get it over as soon as possible, but the after that you could show me where the classrooms are" Charlotte was still a bit confused as to why she had to show her around, it could have been because she knew the school, but something deep down told her that she was supposed to be protecting her from the other students.

Chewing on her lower lip again absently she looked up finally focusing once more and gave the girl a small smile. "Thank you for taking the time out of your day to show me around...I just never thought this school would have existed." After hearing of her entrance and the secret that followed she just couldn't believe it. A school full of vampires who needed to live off of the blood of humans. Meaning aka as soon as she got here, she was someone's prey. Of course the thought scared her and she was almost tempted to just forget it and go keep attending the high school she was at. But then she thought about it in an academic level and figured that this would be the best choice.

Then she saw the looks that everyone was giving her and looked up at her confused. "Why is everyone looking at you like that?" She asked stepping closer to the girl once she felt their gaze shift from the other to her. Swallowing softly she pretended not to look so afraid even though anyone who had eyes could see that she was nervous as hell. Las she kept doing side steps Charlotte found herself arm to arm with her tour guide and wasn't making any movements to step away from her either. "U-um so you wanna start the t-tour now.."
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