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  1. Okay, since I just did a request where I will be playing the dominant character I wish to put out one where I'm submissive to balance things out.
    Here is the maid: [​IMG]

    This is probably going towards master and slave and that is fine. I expect this to be smut oriented and that is also fine. I can think of a few small plots to keep a story going as well.

    All I ask is that you can give me a well worded paragraph. Any takers?
  2. Do you wish for the other character to be male or female? And what sort of a rating are you looking for this to be? I understand some people are not to comfortable with going into great detail or having harsh language/situations occurring, so I am just trying to get a feel of what you are looking for. And would you want this done through a thread or private messaging?
  3. Either is fine. Rating would be A/0 I am more than comfortable with detail. I am more than willing to do either, I do mainly threads just because I don't need to clear them when my inbox is full.
  4. Well, playing males is my strong point so I shall play one. And threads is perfectly fine with me; does help keep the clutter down. If you are up for roleplaying with me, an example of my roleplaying is on my profile, then I would not trying my hand at this sort of roleplay with you.
  5. I must give a bit of warning... there is no way I can post at that size >.> I'm a one to two paragraph poster :/ so if that's cool with you...
  6. That is perfectly fine with me! Honestly, I cannot do that sort of post length all the time. Its only if I really get into a character that you will see posts at that length. That character that the post is about is one that I have been roleplaying for over three/four years now. hehe.
  7. Okay *sighs of relief* Any specific time frame? Historical setting or modern? (I can swing either wayl). New maid coming to work work for you?
  8. I was just about to ask you those sort of questions. hehe.

    Though I do not mind older setting roleplays, I am much better with modern settings. And we could do a new maid type of thing; granted she could have already been there for a couple of months instead of making her very new. Its all up to you.
  9. Awesome!

    As soon as I am done with reply I am doing at the moment, I will get started on my reply for you. Should not take too long to finish up. :]
  10. My reply has been posted.
  11. Sorry my reply was only one paragraph, I couldn't think of what else to say.
  12. Hey, I know it's a bit late, but... I've been gone for a while, and I'm looking to get back into the hang of things. Mind doing another?
  13. Sure I will run a second one with you! Any specifics you would like? Setting or the like?
  14. Hm... Probably a fairly young character on my part, I think 18 would work well since it's the typical "coming of age" point. That way, it could set the background... Just turned 18, inherited a fairly large house and fortune from long dead parents, decided to hire housekeeping to help. Preferably a modern setting.
  15. Actually, that isn't short at all, from my typical length. It's excellent :3
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