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  1. I was thinking of doing a foreplay along the lines of these two immortal beings (you can choose what your character is like. Whether it be vampiresh, magician, etc.) being lovers and having to separate. They promise to meet one another soon but my character ends up being nearly killed and has to have his soul put into the nearest body. Unfortunately, that ends up being a baby boy of a nearby pregnant woman.

    Now grown again, the two end up meeting once again. There is an issue though. The old body of my character used to be a woman, and your character doesn't particularly like men...

    I'm aiming for this to be comical but can also be dramatic if you want, the two characters trying to see past the differences. I don't want your character to accept mine right away. It would be a male x male rp and I am looking for a person that is willing t switch being dominant and recessive with me.
  2. so a slight headstrong and stubborn male character would do for this position?
  3. That would be perfect.
  4. Well, I am really interested in the role.
  5. Okay. All you need to do is make a character sheet with a name, age, and looks.
  6. okay. i will pm it to you. would you like a picture with it? is anime picture fine?
  7. Yes please. An anime picture will be fine. Thank you
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