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  1. A wealthy businessman has decided to throw a masquerade ball, to celebrate recent successes as well as benefit local charities. Donations are collected at the door and guests are ushered inside to enjoy a classy evening full of music and fun. The guests have no idea that their host for the evening is more than he appears, but one guest suspects he might just be a creature of the night. A vampire .

    She has no proof, only the pain and anger over the death of her parents ten year prior. All the evidence points to a vampire having been the murderer, and recently random killings leaving behind drained bodies have cropped up. So her assumptions are what she sticks with. Her family also happens to harbour a secret, one she must keep from others, especially the vampires. She comes from a family of mages charged with protecting an elixir, that if reproduced in a large enough quantity, would give the vampires the edge they need to rule both night and day.

    She is unaware that the businessman is looking for the elixir for reasons known only to him. He has no idea she is the mage keeping it from him and neither realize just how badly others, human and vampire, want it. They are even willing to kill for it.

    So this is my little plot. I tired this out once, but my partner just wasn't feeling their character so I let it go for a bit. I find myself wanting to give it another go with someone interested in doing it with me. Just a note that I would be playing the mage (female). PM if interested and if you have any suggestions to add to the plot by all means share. I would love to continue to chat outside the RP so as to plot wonderful twists and such, just so you know :D
  2. So, he's a vampire looking for this elixer? Or is he trying to get it for someone else?

    Just curious, because this sounds interesting. :o
  3. Well, I was thinking he'd be looking for it for himself. Perhaps because he wants to live as normally as he can or because he has other ambitions, (I'll leave that up to whoever wants to be him).

    It's flexible though if you had ideas.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.