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  1. Hey! Thanks for clicking this! I'm just putting this here as a default for some of my ideas I've been having for RPs or what I'd like to do in the future given I have a partner to help me with a plot. Feel free to contact me if something interests you or if you have any questions. I will be added or editing these ideas as time goes by.

    Modern Fantasy:
    -Zombie Apocalypse
    -Angels and Demons
    -Werewolves and Vampires

    Mature (18+ Only):

    -Harry Potter
    -Walking Dead
    -Naruto (AU as well)
    -X Men
    -Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    Some Notes:
    -I would prefer my partner to have Intermediate writing abilities, as I find it hard to continue with some ideas without something to go on, but Elementary is acceptable as well.
    -I am working a lot so don't expect more than 1 post a day, though sometimes I will be able to post more.
    -If you are losing interest, let me know and we can either quit or talk about what can get the thread going again, communication is key!
    -Some of these ideas will contain violence and other possible offensive materials, we can discuss them if you'd like depending on which ideas you like.
    - I will not RP any mature ideas with anyone under the age of 18 (legal age where I am from).
    -I prefer my ideas to be played out in the appropriate sub forums, not in PMs as I'd prefer to help out the site by keeping it active.​
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  2. I would love to build a plot around your love for werewolves and vampires, changelings, and the angels with demons. Of course, not all at once, so how about changelings for a starter? :)
  3. Angels, demons, hangelings, werewolves, and vampires make me very happy. I'd love to discuss potential plots, talk about characters, all that jazz.
  4. Hey. Im 21 with Advanced writing skills. Would love to roleplay with you and your awesome ideas.
Thread Status:
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