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〈 "I couldn't breathe, as the smell of lavender and cigarettes filled my lungs." 〉

[ Important Note : I somewhat know how I want this rp to pan out, but for some reason my heart is telling me to bring in some modern fantasy into this. ]
This is a simple story that brings the souls of two different people, with two different lives, in one city, in one town. It is based on loneliness, the longing feeling of being with someone, to fill the unwanted void that has occupied their life, and the defiant test on fate. These vessels have their own paths, for they go in different directions, but with occasional crossings. It started with a random glance in the coincidental direction, an accidental bump of the shoulder with no apologies said, a lone ride home on the metro together--on opposite ends of the train--both different stops, but never entirely sure where they are going.

Fate was always said to work in mysterious ways. What if one night, these wanderers paths met once more, but this time, it wasn't a coincidence, it was meant to be? Only one question lies between these two different colored souls -- If you were given the opportunity to fight against your own demons that clawed at your closet, would you take it, or push your strength aside and keep your head down?

A b o u t M e

- I write A LOT. So, please, come ready to write a story, not a basic text response.
- I can be pretty specific on what I want, and I want to make sure you get, I get it, and we both get it, y'know?
- I'm a pretty busy person, and I will always make sure to tell you when I will be gone for a full day, or more, or if I just can't post tonight. I would hope you'd do the same if something comes up and you won't be able to post.
- I'm not looking for speedy fast posters, I'm looking for long-term, and precise posters.
- I'm a slow poster, forgive me.
- When plotting, if you don't get anything, or if you want to add to the plot PLEASE DON'T HESITATE. Plotting is a two-way street after all!

- If interested, write on the post, or PM me!
a lot of the themes you described come up pretty frequently in my own personal writing and i am incredibly interested in this. i also think we'd match up well because i tend to get a bit (read: very) wordy. if you're still looking, i can pm you maybe?
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