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    • A crossover rp for HTTYD/RotG, with the focus being on Hiccup/Jack!

    As Hiccup marched to the top of the Raven's Point, he wondered miserably about why he was even heading to the mountain top in the first place. For one, it was cold. Extremely cold, even for Berk. Two, the weather was so bad only Toothless had come with him, although the Night Fury didn't seem too fond of the situation either. Someone had to check out why there was a mass of clouds swirling ominously at the top of the mountain, and it should be the new chief, of course. It was likely some dragon being fussy anyways, so Hiccup was the best person to send up there.

    The storm had appeared practically overnight, and by early morning the town had clamored up to Hiccup's house by the Great Hall to complain. He was enjoying being Chief, truly, but having to investigate a storm while it was blowing wind cold enough to make Thor shiver was not something Hiccup enjoyed. At least he had Toothless, who seemed to want to get out of the storm just as much as he did, so the sooner they got to the top of the mountain to sort this all out, the better.​
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  1. Jack was making his usual rounds around Berk, breezes of cold wind following him wherever he went. He had already spent a day and a half covering the lands with snow and freezing the water that resided in the lakes that were scattered across the island. It had been a long time since he had paid a visit to Berk, likely the reason was the dragons that were constantly roaming around. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful place when it wasn't buried in snow, however Jack was in the process of changing that.

    He was just about to leave the docks when he caught glimpse of a person at the top of the tall mountain that towered over the docks. He wondered what the boy was doing at such a high peak in such bad weather, and he certainly was very curious of discovering who he was. He made his way to the peak of the mountain on his snowflake that could support the heaviest of weights, arriving there it minutes due to the strong winds of Berk.

    Stealthily, he hid behind a large rock. Once the person was close enough to his peripheral vision, Jack knew that the person was definitely male, and was indeed lacking in the strength department. Accompanying him was large creature covered in jet-black scales, which seemed more adorable than frightening. As Jack observed him from afar, an idea popped into his head. He chuckled lightly to himself before sneakily hovering over the auburn-haired boy. He then summoned a pile of snow onto the boy and his dragon, snickering to himself as he returned to his original hiding spot, hoping he didn't spot him.

    - - -

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  2. Well, they were at the top of the mountain, and after a couple minutes of looking around they had proceeded to find nothing. The clouds swirling ahead seemed to conceal no dragons, and there were no signs of anything having been on top of the mountain except Hiccup and Toothless. The young chief was about to tell Toothless they might as well head back and tell the village it was just an unusually cold winter, when snow suddenly fell on top of them. It wasn't a lot, and neither of them had heard it fall from a nearby tree. Which...there were none of, this high up on the mountain. Sure, there were some within sight, but no where near close enough to drop snow on them.

    Then, Toothless seemed to hone in on a sound, one Hiccup couldn't hear with all the wind rushing around at the top of the mountain. "Toothless...?" Hiccup asked, looking to the spot where the dragon was focusing. All it was was...a rock. Unless it was a dragon...? When Toothless didn't move, still focusing on the rock, Hiccup started to walk up slowly, so as to not to frighten the potential dragon. ​
  3. That was when Jack heard heavy breathing, very heavy breathing. He tensed at the sound, supposedly it were the two he had played a prank on. It couldn't have been the freckle-covered boy, it was certainly the scale-covered creature. It must have sensed him, probably due to his carelessness. He heard the soft footsteps of the boy, definitely approaching the rock that concealed him. Jack was about to make a quick escape when the area of snow that he was occupying fell.

    As he was falling, he caught the sound of screaming, he then realized that it was him that was doing so. Jack fell onto the pure white snow at the bottom of the mountain. He sighed in relief when he finally hit the ground, however he seemed to have been stuck in the snow. Twinetender, his staff, was on the ground, covered in snow from prying eyes, luckily. He started struggling to get up, failing miserably. Jack hoped that the boy and his companion would not pursue him.

    Jack suddenly felt a surge of embarrassment. He was a winter spirit, and here he was, stuck in his own snow. He probably could have gotten out of his predicament if he wasn't so exhausted. A day and a half, spreading snow every where was enough to tire him. Guardians, as everyone do, get worn out as well. The only thing he could do was stay there and wait until he had the energy to get up and retrieve Twinetender, hopefully before anyone else can.

    - - -
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  4. Every moment Hiccup got closer and closer to the rock he got more and more weary, but he tried to keep his composure so as not to show fear. Fear made dragons look down on others, while confidence garnered respect, so he took a deep breath just before he was about to round the side of the rock. But just as Hiccup got around it who or whatever had been behind the rock was yelling and tumbling down the side of the mountain. He hissed in a sort of sympathy pain, imagining that such a fall would be pretty painful.

    Settling in his mind that he needed to help...whatever had fallen down the mountain, Hiccup called over Toothless and they started carefully descending down the same way they had come up, but in view. It didn't take too long to get to what now appeared to be a white haired...boy? Man? No, that was impossible, if anyone had landed on this island they would have known about it. All the reasonable docking spots are by the village. Unless...they were dealing with a spirit. Before Hiccup and Toothless walked over to the "fall-spot" they exchanged a glance. Neither of them seemed really sure of what to make of the situation.

    "Well, not like we're unused to surprises, right bud?" Hiccup whispered, giving his best friend a small smile. Toothless cooed gently in response, seeming to agree to the statement but still weary. Then they walked on, heading towards the suspected spirit steadily but with tense postures, as if anticipating an angry greeting. Spirits weren't necessarily known for kindness..​
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  5. When the boy and his companion made their way down to where he currently was, he groaned in annoyance. It took them long enough to get down the mountain, and Jack had already given up countless of times trying to conceal his location. Besides, they would have found him anyway. Jack kept his eyes on the two as they proceeded to approach him, mostly focusing his attention on the black scaly creature. He just had to pray and hope that they would not be aggressive with him.

    The moment he realized that the two were taking their sweet time, he just about lost it. "Oh come on! Just pick up the pace already, would you?" He threw his hands up in the air momentarily. They looked like they were afraid of him, and that made him almost laugh out loud. "And I don't bite, so stop acting like I'm a caged wild animal waiting to eat your face off." he said, almost mockingly. He disliked when it when he made bad first impressions, but at least he tried.

    - - -
  6. Both Hiccup and Toothless balked at the spirit's words, but hurried nonetheless after a moment's hesitation. "S-sorry!" was all the man stammered in response, relieved that the spirit wasn't some furious monster, but still bewildered. The snow at the base of the mountain was a bit thicker, so it took Hiccup some time to maneuver through it, but he trudged through it with Toothless by his side, making sure to be there if Hiccup fell over. It didn't take the duo more than a minute to reach the stuck spirit, but Hiccup paused before reaching out to the white-haired being.

    The young chief opened his mouth as if to ask a question, and then shut it as if he realized the thought was better left to himself. "Spirits aren't too heavy, right?" Hiccup asked rhetorically, smiling and offering the other a hand. Toothless stood a couple meters away, watching the spirit intently, prepared for an unexpected attack.
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