Just a few plots, looking for two roleplays!

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  1. Hello everyone.

    So I have come back to Iwaku (full posting but it will be slowed. I have one hand right now, so my writing will take a little longer) and I have found that most of my roleplays have either stopped or just lost interest. So, I am here to request new roleplays and plots!

    I do MxM and MxF, but not FxF

    About me (roleplaying with someone requires one to get to know the other)

    I am -- many years old (enjoy never knowing), my gender doesn't matter and I'm into roleplaying. There. You know me. And I like cheese.

    But I guess I should be a tad serious (why so serious). I am usually calm, but do have spurts. I try to write more than one paragraph but if fed a one liner I won't take the roleplay seriously and might actually forget. Please make an effort of some sort. One paragraph at least, quantity over quality but so help you gawd give me a one liner. Do you open a novel and see one liners? No. Kid's book maybe. This is the Lib A section, not for kids.

    Also, while I am on that subject, I do NOT do:

    -Incest of any kind. If they are related, they don't bump uglies.
    -Rape (backstory is alright but I don't flesh it out on the writing)
    -OOC in the IC thread, because that means that I have to delete it. NO.
    -Bathroom play. Good Lesbian Jebus Toad no.
    -Obviously no kids 13 or under (cause that's against the rules)
    -Chatspeak (I will beat you with a dictionary through the computer screen. It'll be the first breech of the laws of physics, it would be amazing and painful. Mainly painful)

    Fandoms (OC/OC only)

    -The Walking Dead (taken)
    -Star Trek
    -Harry Potter
    -Harry Potter universe mash up with X-Men


    -Collage Student/Professor

    • {slide=Plots, Plots, and oh more damn PLOTS!!!}Plot 1: Robin Hood

      Kind of a Hunchback and Notre Dame themed roleplay. It is set back in Medieval times with a tyrannical king that is opressing the people of Paris but also percecuting certain groups. In this case however it is mythical beings called shifters. They are beings that can turn into wolves, but hate the title called 'werewolf' because a werewolf is forced to change and is quiote unreal, a shifter's wolf form is seen as an honour. They are known well among the people of Nottinghamshire, England, and are said to be monsters. The king has ordered a bounty on any shifter's head. So, they took to hiding in the forest called 'Sherwood'.

      You get the gist of what they do as it is a Robin Hood roleplay, but they are also staging a war against the king.

      Plot 2: Xavier's school for the youth (mash up)
      The year is 2026. A mutant by the name of Ortheos has opened up a new dimension to a whole new world for every mutant died to create a safe haven for those who are persecuted on Earth. The world was named after him, and an entire society is created. There are no cars (except for the school buses) and very limited technology. The common belief is that technology separates people, so its use is for scientific and medical use only. There are boarding schools, and one in particular has the realm’s most protected schools; Xavier’s School for the Gifted was renamed Xavier’s School for the Youth. Kids who have gifts are sent to this school in hopes of controlling their powers and learning how to use them properly for a better future. They spend their lives here from ages twelve to twenty five. Those who have parents have leave to go back home during holiday and the three month break, but kids without parents are more than welcome to stay and make a life there. They still face Earth’s bigotry; not all mutants have been able to make it to Ortheos, so, many scouters go out searching (these are referred to as aurors). One mutant, however, disagreed that humans should even be in control of Earth. Trying to persuade anybody to join him on domination, to finish what Magneto started, he soon began to collect a following. But there were members of the Ortheos realm who fought against him. His rise to power started in 2012, just as the realm opened. Many have been slain by Tremor, but he has yet to be captured. They live in a dark world, as new as it is.

      Plot 2: 1895: Outlaw Saga

      Currently I'm in a roleplay with Fluffy with our characters Darious and Clover. Their story is being told but what about all the others?

      A man named Red has been killing half the country with his telepathy. He is the worst kind of mutant outr there, and the Order of Supers has spent years trying to find him. Two of their best members, Clover and Darious had disappeared and have been marked as enemies. However, there are still others in the Order who now hunt Red and the two lovers, and supers not in the Order but in Outlaw groups. One outlaw group called The Uglies is run by a man named Jose and his deputy Robert Hyet, little brother to Darious Hyet. But young Robert didn't want to stay in the outlaw group forever, so, he leaves to find Red and put an end to him. Darious has been blinded; the man can no longer fight. The Order is currupted and Red is gaining more followers, so in this story the quest to destroy Red continues.


  2. Hello! Interested in an rp. Given that this post is very recent I take it you are still looking for someone?
  3. Yes I am, which one are you looking at?
  4. Well I noticed you have Star Trek up there. Have you seen any or all of the series?
  5. So you've only seen the original series?
  6. I have seen TNG, but didn't like it
  7. Hm, haven't really bothered to watch the original series but I watched every other series. I take it you know well enough about ships etc along with some races?
  8. Right then. How shall we do this? Perhaps our oc's with a federation ship exploring doing some missions like in the show. Maybe then we move into a plot point at times to progress and then back to missions?
  9. Sounds good. What race would you like?
  10. Hm... I did have a star trek like rp at one point where I made an oc... It was like a symbiot/parasite that looked like a giant centipede. It was attached to a persons back where they live in a sense of harmony benefiting one another... The centipede having all the memories from it's previous hosts since it lives hundreds of years and onward.
  11. I could do that but it wouldn't be lib, the centipede thing kills romance for me
  12. I'm interested in Harry Potter. Do you play canons?
  13. No, sadly I don't
  14. Well, are you okay with playing males?
  15. Well, could we do oc/oc in the HP universe?
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