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  1. I talk about my art a lot wherever I go, and I've decided to make a small little portfolio for this website, so some people can get an idea of what kind of stuff I do. My best work has been academic work, since I'm an art student (going to be a Junior this fall).

    sheep_in_wolves__clothing_by_ilaughatyoursmile-d8bijtq.jpg fan_blades__for_my_show_by_ilaughatyoursmile-d5hwllc.jpg drawing_5_by_ilaughatyoursmile-d8cfn6j.jpg 11079524_1004588102886358_3061710697754573100_o.jpg 11004652_1004587029553132_5640775464530553344_o.jpg just a small collection of my work~!

    I recently have gotten into digital paintings. Once I get more comfortable with the software and such, I'd like to open up for commission work!

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  2. Oh.. My.. God.

    Gorgeous! I'm envious of your artistic skill. I'm sure you do wonderfully in class. ^_^
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  3. These are really great. I love the lines you've put in for fur on the animals. It gives it a really nice texture. And the portraits are wonderful!
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  4. Thanks so much ^_^ It definitely doesn't come without hard work!
  5. Thanks so much~!