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  1. So I'm just gonna cut to the chase PM me if any of these plots look interesting, prefer to RP with only 18+ only, not saying there is gonna be smut but there could be some nudity or crude jokes and yeah...

    Male Amazon's
    Just as there are the Amazon's there is a group of males who are an all male tribe. They despise women but once every year go to mate with the Amazons in order to keep their numbers up. Both characters will be men in the tribe I am thinking two friends with a friendly rivalry which eventually gets them in trouble and punished by the tribe.

    Your basic servant and master plot. I would prefer to play the servant while someone else played the master but would be willing to play master, both characters would be male.

    Two teenage boys tired of their living conditions (abusive/neglectful families) decide they've had enough and decide to leave in hopes of a better life somewhere else.

    More to come eventually
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.