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  1. Ever had that feeling were you have half a dozen roleplay ideas buzzing around in your head but you never get around to doing them?

    Well that's how I've been feeling for a while now, so I figured it was about time to just throw them out and see which ones are interesting!

    And just a quick note, these are all works in progress and I may not start all of them but if you particularly want to take part in one then comment below!!

    Idea One
    Title: (To Be Decided).
    Genre: Sci-Fi/Romance.
    Basis?: Losely based on the movie, TiMER.
    Summary: A group of people all get a thing* that leads you closer to your soulmate.
    Type of Roleplay: Small group. Maybe 4, 5 or 6 roleplayer's maximum.
    My Thoughts: While I thought the movie was bordering terrible in places and not bad in others, I love the concept of the whole count down to meeting your soulmate thing. So that's why I really want to do this kind of roleplay. It would be all about trying to find love in a modern-day city, and whether the introduction of these devices changes how you/people see love. For example, what if you don't like your soulmate? What if your soulmate doesn't like you? What if you can't commit... what issues would that raise?

    *In my head I called the device a Chronometer, but this is open to discussion hence why I called it a thing. I was also considering that maybe it doesn't have to be a timer? Maybe it could be a little doll on your shoulder or something and that doll is practically a miniature version of your soulmate, drawing you closer to your one true love, or like an embedded gem in your skin that glows when you draw closer. Honestly I'm leaning more towards the Timer or the Doll because the Timer is the easiest option, and the Doll could be really fun to do because it would be alive and have it's own personality. But as I said, this is completely open to discussion.​

    Idea Two
    Title: Reborn.
    Genre: Historical/ Sci-Fi/ Adventure/ Friendship.
    Basis?: A dream I once had.
    Summary: This is all about reincarnation. The same group of people are reborn into the same bodies over and over again across the centuries.
    Type of Roleplay: Small group. Anywhere up to 8 people should be fine.
    My Thoughts: So I've tried this roleplay before but I didn't really have much of a foundation built up. The gist of it is that a group of *insert number here* friends are bewitched to be reborn over and over again after they die tragically. But through each reincarnation they all seem to die before they reach a certain age, but the events that lead up to their deaths don't start until they are all in the same place. Basically you follow the characters through the years of Earth from Ancient Greece, to Medieval England, to the First Colonies in America.... it can pretty much go wherever you like to be honest.... Through wars, disease, new countries, disasters.... It has so much potential.

    Idea Three
    Title: Luna.
    Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/ Werewolf.
    Basis?: Pretty much every Werewolf story ever....
    Summary: Werewolves have been a secret for centuries, but now the secret is out and all wolf packs must set aside their petty disputes over territory to defend themselves.
    Type of Roleplay: Any, 18+ only.
    My Thoughts: So I did set up an interest thread for this before, and it had a lot of interest but it fizzled out because of various circumstances. I basically wanted a very dark roleplay to kind of go through the more animalistic side of werewolves rather than the human side. Lots of gore, lots of war, lots of well.... animalistic impulses. Hence why it's 18+. This rp is open to a lot of discussion, but I will probably end up referring to the other thread for the foundation.

    Idea Four
    Title: (To Be Decided).
    Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama.
    Basis?: Various Sci-Fi things & Atlantis legends.
    Summary: There is an underwater city on Earth, thought to be the lost city of Atlantis. Only there's a catch. It's inhabited by aliens.
    Type of Roleplay: Any.
    My Thoughts: This was designed as something random I'd never done before. Basically a human expedition comes across this underwater city that appears empty at first, but then things happen. It turns out that there is an alien race on board that can change it's shape to take the form of humans, and before the crew can return home they have to find out who the aliens are and what they want.

    Idea Five
    Title: Dollshouse
    Genre: Drama/Mystery.
    Basis?: Pretty Little Liars - Season 5, Episode 25, Welcome to the Dollhouse (loosely).
    Summary: Your characters are all taken from their homes, and trapped in a lifesized dollhouse unable to remember who they are or where they come from.
    Type of Roleplay: Any.
    My Thoughts: This is not a PLL fandom roleplay, it's just where I got the idea from. I thought it might be interesting to have a kind of amnesia roleplay that's not just 'lost and can't find your way back'. They would be trapped in this house and manipulated by the owner into doing things, and punished if they don't do them. It is a little creepy.... ok a lot creepy, but I do like to create roleplays that are just a little different. It's got a lot of options. Like can you trust everyone around you? Do they all really not remember where they came from? Why exactly are you being locked in a dollhouse?

  2. Idea four and five are very interesting to me, especially four
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  3. Two, Four and Five.

    Two sounds like it could be pretty funny, especially if they were cursed to always die in a murder mystery or something.

    Four sounds interesting, though I think its ultimate success will come down to whether it feels like the players are in control of the story or whether the GM is in control and the players are just along for the ride.

    Five sounds interesting too, but again I think it depends on how its done. Let the players be in control of it and all the mysteriousness and creepiness of it vanishes.
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  4. I'm glad that you two like those ideas :) Four and Five are two of my fav's!

    @Karakui Four would be a mixture of player based and GM based control. I think the way it would start is a group of people, maybe 12 or so characters and the GM would assign some characters to be the aliens under the condition that it's a secret and they try and drag it out for as long as possible... That kind of thing.

    But you're right in that Five would be much more GM controlled. Like I can imagine the 'dolls' being told what to do, where to go and stuff like that. Like when to eat and what to wear, like real dolls really.

    As for two, some of the deaths would be like a murder mystery but some of them would be a lot more tragic. I found that by the time you reach sort of death 3, you have to be careful otherwise it gets a little repetitive.
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