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  1. I have a couple general ideas that I am hoping to find partners for, then I also just have some pairings that sound fun. My previous partner searches didn't stick, so I'm hoping to find people who don't disappear on me!

    1. The country has been stricken in war, with an unknown enemy. They attack everything from military bases to just simple Internet and cellular connections, terrorizing ant aspect that they can. Not having a face to the mayhem has caused it to be harder for people, sending everyone into a frenzy at all times, no one knowing what for. After hard work, the CIA was able to get a very open ended IP from the latest hack. It was traced back to Paris, bouncing between more towers than normal, suggesting that it's a team working for different locations. The CIA has combined with masterminds that they have captured to try to hunt this group down. With the promise of freedom in another country, the prisoners have agreed to help, working together to use their talents to help the CIA.

    This one, I would like to be one of the prisoners that is working with the CIA. My partner can be whoever. Another prisoner, a CIA agent trying to keep them under key, a random guy from the street, or even part of the group she is attempting to take down.

    2. Intergalactic travel was accomplished many years ago. There has been many interplanetary visits, some showing planets inhabited by humanoids much like earth creatures, others seem to be exceptionally far from earthlings. On an interplanetary mission, the earth craft crash landed on a small solidarity planet. Found by one scout of an unknown planet that was tracking the planet for seach of an enemy camp. After returning to the home planet, they are attempting to fix the human spacecraft to return him home.

    This one is a little less thought out, more basic, what goes in after the rescue is completely open. I would be playing the lone scout that saves the human.

    I'll add a little about me and what I'm looking for before adding other pairings that I'm open for.

    •I'm open for almost anything, so even if you don't want to do these, but still think I would be fun to play with, don't be scared to message me.

    •I play female. I don't have the fluidity down for males yet. I am practicing though!

    •I wI'll typically match what you post, but I do prefer a bit longer posts. At least a couple paragraphs. Of course quality of quantity, but the more details and such that you put it, more fun is had and easier to keep going.

    •romance is always fun, but not mandatory. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

    •I literally cannot think of anything else. I'm not super picky.
    apocalypse of any kind
    princess×help of any kind

    I think that I will start with this basic, and then add more later if I decide that I need to!!
  2. Is this partner request still open?
  3. Well, I like the idea of 2.
  4. Awesome. If you message me we can work out details and such to get it going.
  5. I would but I am not playing males at the moment. ): I don't ever disappear, I hate when people do that to me. I wish you a lot of luck with your search. (:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.