Just a couple plots for a couple partners.

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  1. Hello all!

    Thanks for checking out my thread!


    I've had this idea lingering in my mind for a roleplay. It's very vague and needs to be developed a little more but it's a starting point.

    Basically there are two characters, one is human, one isn't. For whatever reason the human is hunting the other. The human can be an assassin, a hunter, a cop, whatever you might want, I just want the human to be chasing this creature down. Through this little hunt the two somehow become allies. They don't really see eye to eye but they make due.

    The details are something that I want to figure out with my partner because I enjoy building plots together so both of us have an interest. This plot can be MxF or FxF, doesn't matter to me. I would prefer the female/creature role but things can be discussed. There will be blood, gore, cursing and sex so let's make sure we're both over the age of 18.

    The second plot is another one that's been floating around.

    Think of a sort of X-Files partnership. Two agents have recently been partnered with each-other, they both meet for the first time at a crime scene. One agent has been following this series of murders that he/she believes to be related to the supernatural/occult and whatever else fits. The other is more of a skeptic towards all these things, or so she convinces people she is. The "skeptic" isn't actually human. Together the two try to solve cases that would ultimately lead to one big show down, or some sort of revelation.

    Again, details would be worked out with my partner. As my other plot this can be MxF or FxF, blood, gore, cursing and sex is always welcome. Once again, let's all be over 18.

    NOTE: I prefer quality story over smut, I like character building and I like having things happen in a realistic manner. Obviously when dealing with supernatural things not everything can be realistic, what I mean by REALISTIC is TIME. I don't want our characters meeting the first day and then the next they're in love with each other and it's as if they've known each other their whole lives. I want our characters to butt heads and try to learn things about each-other. Nothing is ever perfect or ideal.

    Now that all dat fun stuff is over let's discuss the expectations.

    I'm a student and I work. I typically try to respond at least once a day, sometimes multiple times a day and I also sometimes respond once a week. If I don't respond for a week, then feel free to remind me that we have an RP going. Typically I don't forget but life can get overwhelming on occasion.

    I do not have a preference when it comes to PM's or Threads, I'm okay with either. Sometimes if I'm not in the mood to go into detail with the sexual things I won't, please don't complain about this. These Roleplays are intended to be more story driven and less about the smut.

    Typically I can send out at least two good paragraphs, sometimes it might be pages worth, I expect at least two decent paragraphs from you as well. If you can match my length go for it.
    But one thing that I find rather frustrating is when you give me five paragraphs and out of all of it, two sentences progress the story. We're in this together, I expect that you will advance things as much as I will. I understand catching up to what I have written, character reactions and responses. But please if you can try to have at least a paragraph that advances things then I'll be happy :)

    I think/hope that covers everything. If it doesn't, feel free to ask me.

    If you're interested in any of the two plots and think you can bare with all my rules :P shoot me a PM and tell me what you're interested in working on.

    Also as a side note here, just so I know you've read everything and I didn't spend twenty minutes writing all this out for no reason, include a link in your PM of a song you like.

    Thanks ya'll and I hope I find some people interested!

    P.S. I am within the Eastern Time Zone (Ontario, Canada). SO yeah lol, hope that helps with pacing.
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  2. Still looking?
  3. UPDATE!

    The first plot has been taken I am definitely still looking for someone to do the second plot with. Thanks!
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