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  1. Looking for someone who would be up for one of the three plots below, let me know if interested.

    His Doll
    A demon claims a young artistic solitary girl as his after watching her for days on end through the eyes of the humans around her. Just before he claims her as his belonging the girl notices the strange ways that strangers are looking at her and saying things to her. Being claimed means that her life is at risk, and the demon is not afraid to hurt her. This young girl better be nice to the demon or who knows what will happen.

    Best friends and roommates get involved in a relationship after walking in on each other during some very interesting situations. Officially bound to each other they end up in a few fights that may threaten everything they have simply because of the nature of the fights. Of course they work everything out though. They wouldn't be soulmates otherwise.

    Eternal Servant
    Stuck in a haunted house for several centuries, a vampire by the name of Dimitri finds himself in a nice little house with a friend in his head and a butler of sorts. More of another night creature who took it upon him to watch over and look after the loopy vampire who's always switching between personalities. However Dimitri on a nightly walk found himself a bit of a servant/playtoy and took the male/female human home and marked the human. The human now stuck to serve the vampire for eternity.
  2. Chains looked interesting.
  3. ^^^

    Chains, please.

    Though someone has beaten me too it by the looks of things. But, if it becomes free, let me know. I really like the plot.
  4. Well I don't mind doing more then one so please feel free to message me so we may discuss this more!
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  5. I am interested in His Doll, or Eternal Servant.
  6. Well I would love to do an Eternal servant one! So how about we do that one!
  7. Let's go for it then. :)
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