Just a couple of plots

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So I like to keep things short but here it goes.

1. I need a partner who can post at least once per day if not more, I get it if you are busy just let me know.
2. I don't do libertine, nudity and sexual jokes and stuff are okay though.
3. As for OOC I'm cool with whatever, if you wanna talk a lot okay, if not okay.

And now on to the plots

1. A group of boys (ranging of all ages) lives in a little shack in the woods and must survive on their own as they are in the wilderness. How they got there I figured we could figure that out together.

2. While wandering down an old road two boys find an old cottage. Going inside they accidently spill some liquid on them which causes them to be shrunk down to six inches tall. They will now have to make do with being six inches tall as they have no idea how they can get back.

3. A group of boys get in a plane crash and end up on an island. Seeing as no one is coming to rescue them they must learn to survive on their own. (Kinda a bit like Lord of the Flies)

4. A vampire who has been asleep for hundreds of years wake up and kidnaps a man and keeps him as a servant

Those are the only thought out plots I have but I like things to to with orphans and adoption and stuff like that. So thanks for taking a look post here or pm me if interested
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