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  1. I will be straight with you. I really have no role ideas. But I am in the mood to play a more badass character. I'd love to be able to play a female but I won't say no to a male role either. But be forewarned that just because I want to play a badass doesn't mean that I want to be completely dom. So those of you who prefer to be submissive, which I know a lot of you do and there is nothing wrong with that, need to know that I would prefer two characters in a situation that aren't very sub or very dom. I like when it meets right in the middle. It makes things more fun. So if you have an idea that needs some badassery then shoot me a pm. If not thanks for reading! Any questions? Also feel free to shoot me a pm. I will be around all day.

    Possible role idea: I would be up for playing someone in a gang type deal. Whether it be a biker gang, drug lord, firearm dealer... Something like that. I have a few ideas in mind.

    I would love to do something apocalyptic as well. Maybe about a rebellion? I would love to discuss something like that.

    Pairings can be M/M, FXF, or FXM. Your choice!
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