GROUP RP PLOTTING Just a brainstorm of RP from existing games

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  1. So first off I'm open to any and all ideas but this is just to see if anyone would actually be interested in RP based within the worlds of dragon age, elder scrolls, metro and xenoblade chronicles.
    Just a further note this if my first time doing this so if it's bland or not to your taste I'm sorry but hey trial and error.

    Dragon age: there are a few ideas I have for this such as a first blight RP since that would be the most prominent moment in the lore that is effectively glazed over, it would be covering the fall of the dwarves thaigs, the founding of the grey wardens and one of the if not the deadliest encounters with the darkspawn. Another idea is the ongoing conflict between tevinter and wunari that is touched upon within inquisition, I think it has potential as we can see the viewpoints of both sides of the war and how magic can really run wild without templars controlling mages for centuries.

    With the elder scrolls idea the largest that comes to mind is an expedition into akavir to the land of the tsaeci with a completed new approach as since it isn't just a free roam but an expedition force it'd be best in a group for team based journeys.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the metro series a summary is a post apocalyptic Russia in which the surface is to deadly with mutated creatures and radiation that they live in the underground railway. It's a dark, slight horror game that I think could be an amazing RP following the journeys of people from all over the metro, some areas are essentially a reborn reich whereas others are based upon communist Russia with a third major faction being the rangers essentially the police force of the metro. My concept for the RP is as I said independent journeys throughout the metro in search of treasure, trade or even a reason known only to yourself.

    Finally xenoblade chronicles, essentially a sci fi mech genre RP. A short summary of the beginning situation, a ship carrying the last remnants of humanity is attacked and crashes on an unknown planet with new life forms and possibilities. The basis for this RP is another fragment of the ship crashes on the opposite side of the planet, taking place after the main story this RP will focus on development of this part of humanities struggle against the world as they did not have the fortune of landing with the semi-built city.

    As I said first time trying this stuff, if you're interesting pm me as well because the more people I have with in depth knowledge on these games the better I can develop it to not only be interesting and fun but also as accurate to the lore of the games as possible, also since I've never run an RP fully any users with GM experience would be appreciated.