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    It was a dark and stormy night in the middle of July at about 5pm. It had been strange weather they had been experiencing in Rumble City. Isaac was hosting a simple kickback with with his friends from way back in high school. There were stacks of half empty pizza boxes with the white table-like pizza protector at the corner of the box all from a pizzeria around the corner at the end of the block that sold each one for $5. In the very same table were countless boxes of craft beers, and some sodas, but the ratio held in favor of the ales.

    It was odd that on that very day, just hours prior the sky was crystal clear and the news all week hadn't forecast a single drop, but there it was pouring cats and dogs out there. That wouldn't have been much of an issue had it not been for the sudden black out that completely cut in the middle of an old movie they were watching in the background of their idle conversation. The abrupt darkness also cut in like a giant pause button on life interrupting the current speaker mid sentence.

    "Don't panic, guys. I got this covered." Isaac announced as he stood from his place on the Craigslist-acquired sofa he had in his humble 'bachelor pad' and opened the closet door by the entrance door of his apartment and took out a batter powered novelty candle a comedically held it over his head as the dim light lit up a very small portion of his apartment. Keeping all corners eerily covered in darkness.

    "Don't look at me, I was on time with the electric bill this time" he announced and checked out the window to discover that his entire block was without power. Not sure how many more blocks were left in total darkness.

    "hmm, it seems pretty dangerous to go out there right now, even the street lights are out." He jumped between two of his friends with his arms around their shoulders. "But at least we have each other, haha!" He laughed at how cheesy that came out. "And I also have a game we could play, like a board game" Again, it didnt help out his previous statement.
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    "I think, that's the cheesiest statement that has ever left your mouth, Isaac. And that's saying something. I'm impressed." Kat said teasingly, following up with a laugh as she reached for her pineapple soda on the table. "It's probably just the storm, it'll fix itself soon. What're we playing, Candyland? Chutes and ladders?" She joked, running her free hand through her long, dark hair. Pale blue orbs focused on Isaac awaiting his response as she sipped her beverage.
  3. Lola sat, reclined comfortably on the cheap but cozy sofa, giggling under her breath as she took a drink of her Diet Coke, daintily sipping with a white and red straw. Tonight, her hair was tied tightly in a classic bun, her signature black bangs covering her forehead like they usually do. She wanted to wear something nostalgic tonight - something that reminded her of high school - so she decided to revert back to her 'classic period', where she implemented the most iconic styles into everything she wore, which was her staple back in Junior year. She, wearing a dress she made all by herself back in highschool, looked nice - as usual - and she knew it, too.

    The candle offered an eerie glow, and, coupled with the sounds of a thunderous rainstorm, the setting was nothing short of a scary movie - one of those stupid kinds that Lola never liked - where the friends, all reuniting, die one by one in a painful, brutal massacre. Lola rolled her eyes at the thought of it, her brown green eyes appearing almost chocolate in the ominous light.

    After a few seconds (an eternity in Lola's mind) of imagining herself as the surviving leading lady in a ridiculous slasher film, Lola finally arrived back into reality again, shaking her head at Issac's cheesy statement. Is that supposed to be a good thing? she was going to say, but Kat responded before her, her sarcastic comeback funny enough to earn a few more sincere chuckles from Lola.

    She smiled, leaning forward slightly in excitement, careful not to put pressure on her legs. Even years after the accident, Lola still walked with a limp, crushing her month long dream of being a successful super model just like that car crushed her. She, getting lost in another fit of thoughts, silently guessed what game they would play.
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  4. Kat shifted her weight, leaning to a side as she brushed her dark bangs from her crystal blue eyes, happily taking another drink from her favorite soda. Her gaze on Isaac switched over to the girl she had come to know as 'Lola'. She didn't know too much about the girl, what she did know was only what she heard during the times they happened to be hanging out in the same group; this one.

    Through all that she saw of Lola, She wondered how often she was actually where she appeared to be, and how often she was, somewhere else. Her lips curved into a grin, appreciating the laugh to her blatant sarcasm. As the party was still making its way to bring started, She tapped the tops of her worn out converse high tops in boredom. They were, ironically enough, the same ones she wore all throughout high school.

    She wasn't sure whether or not this was the time to take the chance to further get to know the group she had hung out with for years. They were really just people who were friends with Isaac, so she didn't know them quite as well. They all seemed interesting in their own differing ways, She definitely appreciated Lola's creativity in making her own clothes, though most weren't really her style. They suited Lola well enough. She certainly wore her creations well. Kat had done some stuff with her clothes in the past, but it was mostly modifications. Nothing near the caliber of outright making a wardrobe. She spent too much of her time elsewhere, you know, in other realities. Whether on screen or paper, to really get into something like that, though she imagined she wouldn't be much good at it anyways.

    The ensemble the girl chose looked familiar. It looks like one she wore back in high school. "I think I remember that one" She stated, Still looking at Lola. She felt a little hypocritical thinking about how lost Lola was in her thoughts, then proceeded to do the same. That and she realized that the comment may have seemed a little out of place considering the lack of conversation. "The dress, I mean. Didn't you make it back in high school?" Kat clarified.
  5. Lola was the type of girl who easily became lost in her thoughts. Usually, it would begin with a simple, one second notion appearing in her mind about even the most simplistic of things - this time, it was about which board game they would play - then it would develop into something a whole lot more diverse.

    Kat's sarcastic mention of playing Candyland made Lola think of a, in fact, real life Candyland, which reminded her of that California Girls music video, starring Katy Perry. Then, she decided, triumphantly, that she indeed looked like Katy Perry, and that she could do that video a whole lot better, especially since she saw herself as a whole lot more stylish than the pop singer, and she could definitely pull off the blue hair (she was in fact, at around age 13 - 8 whole years ago - considering dying her hair blue, but she chose black instead). Maybe even purple or pink, too.

    The daydream got a little annoying, however, especially since she always hated that song, so she mentally teleported out of Katy Perry's Candyland and went into her own, where absolutely everything was made of blood filled licorice, and all of the residents were vampires. A little morbid, but it was kind of cool, especially since she was the lone vampire hunter, seeking to seize the town with her magical gumdrop gun.

    Kat interrupted just when the daydream was getting a little ridiculous, and Lola was fighting the giant vampire king, who was trying to strangle her with a Twizzler whip. Lola, of course, was winning the fight by a long shot - no limp or crutches, either - but she decided to put it on hold, begrudgingly telling the giant that she 'will be back'.

    Lola's Dress (open)


    Looking down at her dress, Lola smiled. It was a nice, vintage material, in a vibrant shade of coral - maybe a little more pink than orange - with a skirt that flaired out under her chest, hanging just past her knees. Lola had, of course, grown since high school, but she was surprised that it still fit, although a little snug around the chest, and was quite happy with how it looked on her. The color, especially, was one of Lola's favorites, and it was normally something she wore when feeling happy. Now, it was more nostalgic than anything, and just wearing it made Lola remember her almost never ending high school days, where she was always the weird girl in an outlandish dress, most always something she made herself.

    Disappointed, she noticed that some of the stitching was coming undone - it was one of the best dresses she created at the time, but she still had a lot to learn - but she shoved the thought away, silently hoping not to go down memory lane too intensely at the moment.

    She smiled, glancing at Kat. She didn't know the girl very well, but she seemed to be an avid gamer, and Lola, even if she didn't look like it, loved a little gaming herself. Absentmindedly, she tugged at the skirt of her dress and said brightly, "Yeah, I made it in Junior year. It was so much better back then, though, and bigger." She smirked.
  6. "What is it that you're always telling me" He replied to Kat in rhetoric. "Dont knock it till you try it? Or am I thinking of someone else?" He had his body facing his closet and dug through the mess looking for a very specific item with very minimal light. "Ah here it is" the closet door slammed when he pushed it away from him with the ball of his foot. He brought with him an old box that had the the texture of stone with cryptic engravings along the edges. The pieces and contents within the box rattled like shards of porcelain as he set it on the flimsy wooden table behind the couch.

    "Ive been wanting to get a chance to bust this baby out" he said patting the weird box, Upon opening it, it was apparent that the box itself was the board after it was unfolded with a compartment that held a little more than eight figurines resembling RPG stylized characters such as a mage, healer, warrior, martial artist, etc etc. Covering the center was many old document-like pages with the descriptions of towns, NPCs, enemies, even lore. A shiny purple gem encompassed the center space and it was hand painted with paths and towns, little floating islands around the corners of the map.

    "So...this game came from the side of eBay where people claim that its cursed" he said implying by the way his tone of voice that he thought it was both silly but enticing little background to the game itself. "Supposedly I got a good deal because the seller just wanted to get rid of it and supposedly took the life of his children, Im sure the guy meant it figuratively seeing how addictive these kinda games can be" He chuckled.

    "Matter a fact, there seems to be a long chain of disappearances regarding this game" he held up the figuring resembling the martial artist clad in a gi and wrist wraps in a high-kick pose, then up to his guests. The light of the 'candle' beneath his chin accentuated his facial features with eerie shadows "So, wanna play a campaign? See if this board does anything."?
  7. [​IMG]
    Aria was running late...again. She was always late. In fact, Aria believed that's why she hadn't gotten any sort of deal with the local acting agencies. She also believed that running late was bred into her gene pool. "Oh...poop.." Was all she could say just as it started to seriously thunderstorm. She had chosen a marvelous day to walk to Isaac's house. Hopefully they wouldn't be to angry with her once she was able to finally show up. She pulled her phone out and punched in Isaac's home phone, since he didn't seem to have very good reception at his house, but it didn't get through. Maybe he had lost power? Should Aria just go home then? With a shake of her head, Aria kept walking. It would be a waste to just go back home, considering she was getting all wet walking already.

    As Aria got to the door, she shook what water she could from her long brown hair before banging on the door. "Hello? Kat? Isaac?" She listened for a moment before banging again. "Lola?? Is there anyone in there?" She would have opened the door herself, but it was pretty late and she didn't figure it was unlocked..of course, Aria being Aria she didn't even bother to check.
  8. Kat rolled her eyes and made a silly gesture with her hand to mock him, even though she had said that to him, on more than one occasion, in fact. Just as he brought out the almost ancient looking game, her eyes lit up with a happy, nerd girl sort of glow, watching as he pulled out some figurines and suggested a campaign. She almost squeaked due to excitement until she was scared out of it by a loud knock on the door.

    "I'll grab it." She offered, pushing herself up from the floor, and out from the furniture She had wedged herself between, almost skipping over to the door before standing on her tip toes to try to see who it was. She was probably the shortest person in the group, so her attempt was rather amusing. Just as she was about to get frustrated, the visitor spoke, and it sounded like Aria. Aria was one of those, you'd think she'd be late to her own funeral kind of people, so she wasn't surprised that that was who it was.

    She quickly unlocked some of the bolts and locks to open the door. "Hey Aria" She smiled, letting the girl in to get her out of the storm. "Let me grab you a towel" She suggested, running of towards the cupboard next to the bathroom that held the towels. She grabbed two of the bigger ones, just in case, and returned, handing one to Aria before sitting back down with the other for safe keeping.
  9. He lifted his gaze from the carefully crafted figurines towards the door, shifting the only light source in the apartment towards the door. "Hi Aria, Nice weather we're having, right?" he spoke with a hint of sarcasm,Isaac wasnt too surprised that she showed up late, the most amusing fact was that she had showed up through a thunder storm and a blackout that encompassed a few blocks radius."You showed up just in time, we're about to play a game, oh and we have a bunch of classy beers or soda, go crazy with it".

    "In the mean time I'll just begin setting all this up" he began to clear the ancient game of its contents and made steady progress placing the map pieces in their place, giving the board more of a 3D model look, all the available figurines neatly standing side by side next to the board. Only a few minutes of assembly had passed by before an ominous purple glow began to radiate from the center gem, startling Isaac nearly off his chair. "Ah, I think... Its...battery powered?" he tried to reason but was astonished. If the game was as old as its described to be, that couldnt be the case.
  10. Aria stood in the rain and began to pout. Maybe they weren't there? The thought barely made it into her mind when Kat opened the door to see Aria with her adorable pouted face. As soon as it was open, however, Aria's pout turned into a bright, screen worthy smile. "Hi Kat!!" Aria went to hug the girl, but remembering how wet she was, she stopped: She didn't want Kat's outfit as wet as her's was. "Yes..! A towel would be fantastic!" She noticed the board game sitting out and her soft brow furrowed. What were they doing? Her chocolate brown eyes gleamed with curiosity as she was given the towel. "Thank you Kat! You're a doll!" She gave the girl a playful wink before wringing out her hair. The rain was making it curl after Aria had worked so hard to straighten it. She looked to Isaac with a mischievous grin. "I know! It's absolutely perfect for tonight."

    "Sooo...what's this?" She sat down on the couch next to Lola, trying to keep her wet sweatshirt from dripping on Lola's handmade dress. "I would absolutely LOVE to learn how to sow..I'm sure it's a heck of a lot cheaper then actually buying clothes." Aria felt she dressed similar to Lola, but Aria didn't have the talent that her friend did. Actually...she felt the least talented of her friends. Lola had an amazing eye for fashion and design, Kat was such a hardcore gamer! Aria was sure she could get sponsored if she really wanted to, and Isaac had an imagination like nothing Aria had ever seen. To be honest though, Aria wouldn't have it any other way. Being around these people made her want to better herself.

    She was just about to get up and get herself some water when the board began to glow an ominous purple light. "How has the battery lasted so long then? This game looks like some cheesy game from the 1980's. The battery would have already began to leak and possibly ruined the plastic gem." Aria slipped from the couch and onto the floor next to Isaac as she spoke, inspecting the board, but not touching it. All thought of any kind of beverage left her mind as she became almost entranced by the purple mechanism. "What's the name of this board game again?" Aria directed the question to no one in particular.

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  11. "The whole old look is probably just a gimmick. It's gotta be battery powered, or an LED with a sensor." She thought aloud starting at it's light glow as well. She grabbed one of the figurines, lightly examining it before looking around for the instruction/rule book. Her feet impatiently twitched under the table as she waited and waited for more to happen. "Is this everyone?" She asked, not looking up from the table as she continued to look around. The game looked cool enough, but it was hard to tell without knowing how it was supposed to be played.
  12. Kat sometimes thought with the way Aria acted towards her that she almost seemed to flirt with her on occasion, though she didn't mind, and even thought about going along with it a few times to see how the girl would react to it. She was quite cute after all. Kat had made it appoint to return the wink at least before a mischievous grin came over her face as the girl called her a doll, responding with a quick "anytime, babe" her curiosity getting the best of her this time.

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  13. Isaac was always the onlooker of the bi-curious nature between Aria and Kat, and looked on with a hint of jealousy, unsure if it was jealousy of being hit on by Aria, or the boldness of how easy Aria made it seem to flirt with Kat.

    He saw Kat looking around the board game and figured she might be looking for the instructions, or the campaign book as anyone who played these kinda games would be curious to see; he carfully handed her the old parchements with the hand written instructions. "Be careful with those, they seem like they could crumble to ashes at any moment" He said in a catious tone. The instructions were in old...old english and was fairly difficult to read from the intricate hand writing.

    "The name... I seriously cant tell, nothing but rune-like symbols on the back of the board. Cheesy 80's game or not, still seems pretty cool. AAAAAnd I think I'll choses this little figure to be my avatar for this campaign" He said as he lifted the martial the pirest figurine and placed near the first town, This made the gem act up and even vibrate. As if it rejected his choice the piece fell from a standing position and rolled off the board.

    "Hmm thats odd...well...let me try this one" He replaced the priest with the martial artist. Again the gem light up, rumbling once more...but this time the piece itself began to glow as if the game itself accepted this choice.
  14. She got up and grabbed the booklet, walking over to sit next to Aria. "Geez, Isaac." She said, not even sure what to follow that up with. "Well, I can kind of read the instructions, but as far as the name goes, between the font, the dust, and how old and faded it is, I couldn't tell you. It looks similar to what we do to start a d&d campaign minus the character sheet. So we pick out our character figurines and find the matching card that shows our equipment" She said, pausing not only to give the group a chance to choose, but also to stare at the game's following reaction that followed Isaac's actions. She placed the book gently on her lap and leaned over, her butt rising slightly off the couch due to her short arms, to grab the elven rogue character figure she was previously playing with, placing it on the board next to Isaacs figure, the board giving the same approving glow and rumbling.
  15. ((I'm sorry Kythii! I hadn't realized lol I won't do it again))

    Aria could only laugh when Kat called her babe. She loved how easily Kat went along with everything and made her flirting a little less awkward. Of course, if the the interaction had been awkward it would only have made Aria flirt even more. It was just in Aria's nature to flirt and laugh with anybody, regardless of sex. After she finished her amused chuckle, Aria watched with curiosity at the reaction of the board when Isaac picked up his first choice. It seemed a little odd that it fell over just as he chose it..and an uneasy feeling rose in the bit of Aria's stomach. She didn't want to play the game all of a sudden. She looked to her friends: Isaac picking another piece, Kat looking at the instructions, and Lola still on the couch. Well, if they were all going to play, she may as well play as well.

    Aria looked to the figurines and looked at the different ones. There seemed to be an archer of some sort so she chose that one, but it too fell over just as Isaac's had. "Ok..." She moved that piece aside and chose one that looked almost like some kind of knight, but her choice was, once again, knocked over. "This is ridiculous..." She chose the knight piece once more, she wasn't going to let a board game dictate her choices: but as she placed the piece in the starting position, the light got a little brighter and moved the piece gently off the board and onto the floor. Aria just watched in amazement and looked to see if anyone else had seen what had just happened.

    After ducking her head down once more and mumbling something about the game not wanting her to play, Aria then chose a pirate piece and placed it, once again, on the board. The gem looked as if it would reject her choice, but it then accepted what Aria had chosen. All Aria could do was pout and lean back against the front of the couch. "I wanted to be the stinking archer..." She grumbled through her down turned lips.
  16. "I think you'd make a cute pirate, Aria, don't worry" She winked and nudged the girl's shoulder to try and cheer her up and maybe get her mind off of the strange series of events that was now taking place. "Besides, they're not hard to play and usually get some cool stealthy stuff like rogues do." She comforted the girl as she reached for her pineapple pop. She flipped her dark hair behind her shoulder and began to use her tongue to play with her Angel bite piercings trying to remain the calm, collected one in the room.
  17. Having a late-night shift at Microsoft, he was deciding to leave and work at Apple. He was in the bathroom, urinating along, and suddenly, blackout strikes the town. ''What the hell, I'm trying to piss!'', he shouted. He finished peeing,washed his hands, finished his shift, and walked to Isaac's house with his porto-phone charger, using his LG G3 for light. Once he got there, he greeted Isaac and Aria and Kat, and sat down. ''I see this is a board-game. Can I play?'' He stared at the game.
  18. ((Sorry, guys! Real life stuff going on recently, but I'll try and reply as regularly as possible ^.^))

    Lola watched her friends fiddle with the board game as she absentmindedly considered which piece to choose. This game was fascinating, she noticed, perfect for a dreamer such as herself, and she could feel the raw, tingling excitement bubble within her at the thought of which piece would be right for her.

    This, of course, spewed into another daydream, one where she imagined herself as the mage - no, mage robes are far too clunky; she was the archer - using her new and fantastic skills to defeat the giant licorice vampire she had yet to destroy. Shooting arrows in her imagination was effortless, and she, of course, was winning the battle by a long shot, just like before. This - the archer - would be the one she'd choose, no doubt about it. The costumes were cute, she could easily decorate her arrows, and she didn't need to worry about her bad legs, either.

    Lola glanced at each of her friends, almost as if she was waiting for their approval to make her choice. A small, excited smile appearing on her full, coral-colored lips, she sat up a little straighter, moving closer to the board as she placed her Diet Coke on the edge of the table. This would be a lot of fun.

    Leaning toward the board, she pushed a stray, black hair out of her green brown eyes, and delicately placed her fingers on the archer figurine, silently hoping the board would say yes.

    No. The piece flew out of her hand, sliding violently on to the floor in a rageful fit of rejection. Lola furrowed her brows, staring curiously at the figure, silently wondering why it's reaction was so extreme. Am I really that bad? She thought jokingly, carefully reaching for the piece again. As her fingers touched the archer's tiny, little cap, it slid away from her, this time more gently, and Lola knew that it wouldn't work out.

    She rolled her eyes, sitting up straighter and eyeing the board curiously, searching for a piece to catch her eye. Shrugging, she grabbed the mage rather effortlessly, figuring it would be an easy fit, but it hopped away before she could even lay a hand on it, standing comfortably next to the armor-clad knight piece.

    "This..." Lola said, gesturing to the board as she lifted her drink. Rolling her eyes, she took a dainty sip from the straw, then returned the half empty can to the edge of the table. "Is just pathetic."

    Pursing her lips, she decided to try the mage again. She didn't exactly touch it yet, so, technically, it didn't really reject her, did it? Reassuringly, Lola shook her head as she reached for the mage figure yet again, her fingers brushing lightly against the knight as she did it.

    The mage, wearing deep blue robes, squirmed out of her pale, manicured fingers, hopping lightly near the knight, circling it like an overzealous animal, hungriliy looking for a scrap. Lola scanned the expressions of her friends, hoping for a verbal answer to this display, but they seemed just as confused as her. Shrugging in a why-not kind of way, she took the knight in her hand, grabbing it lightly so it could fall out - this was most certainly not the one she wanted or expected - but it stayed firm in her grip, tightening itself to her sweaty palms.

    "It must be kidding," she said, aggravatedly setting the piece next to Aria’s pirate, half expecting it to fly on the floor.

    The gem in the center of the board glowed in an ominous purple, rumbling contentedly as the knight stuck proudly to the surface, silently saying yes to Lola's choice, the knight's silvery grey armor shining like a newly polished diamond.

    "No. Way."
  19. ''Holy crap!'', Jayke exclaimed. ''Are these, like, robot figures or something?'' He put his fingers next to the mage, and it jumped into his hand. The board, once again made the approving glow and rumbled. He put the mage onto the starting position where it waved its staff very cockily. ''Wow, Isaac, where'd you find this?
  20. He was memorized by the game's display unsure of what to think about everyone's rejected pieces; on one side it was hilarious that the game seem to be autonomous, but also, the mechanics of it seemed to be way to advanced even for their time. At the same time his heart began to pulse as if this was gonna be the most epic thing that all his life actions were building up to. Isaac pulled his chair close to the table now and as he began shuffling through the cards looking for each character's card describing their equipment and powers he said to Jayke "Cmon dude, pick a figure and lets get this shit started!"

    He began to disperse the cards like a dealer, one thing all of them had in common was the amount of currency they were to start off with and it seemed like it may be pretty important in order to upgrade from the basic starter equipment each character started off with. A measly 100 coins. For now it seemed measly but the players are yet to figure out the prices of in game items.

    "Jeez, my character doesnt even start with a weapon, haha!" he laughed as he looked over his martial artists card. He picked up one of the many crazy old documents and cleared his throat, "ok so, I'll just begin reading this as soon as our buddy Jayke here gets his piece, Then we can finally get started."
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