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  1. That is the stupidest thing I have read all week.
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  2. My response to this:

  3. So was this intentional or...?
  4. I think this was a coincidence.

    Or he saw mine, and decided to post that.
  5. It was intentional. :P
    But it's one a I tend to post/use often anyways, so there's a chance I would have used it anyways regardless.
  6. There's some potential /r/nosleep content here.

    What if you woke up, and missed an entire day? Except, everything went like normal. No one called you out for being late for work or school, no one mentioned not seeing you...

    ... except you had no recollection of the whole day, and to make matters worse, you know that something is amiss!
  7. That's happened to me before. :P

    It's called sleeping in really late.
  8. Except this guy said that he came to this conclusion thanks to "all of his receipts and the internet".

    I really wanna know just how this train of thought arrived at its destination.
  9. Conspiracy theorist?
    They come up with the craziest of things.
  10. For something this illogical, they must have not even bothered thinking. It seems more like a series of loosely related conclusions aimed at giving a particular answer.

    Basically this.
  11. Well yes but even conspiracy theorists have some reasoning behind what they come up with, even if it's usually terribly flawed.

    I just want to know how "receipts and the internet" led him to believe this. I'm so curious.
  12. Well, I'll give it a go.

    The internet is easy—he just has to look at the dates things were posted. He must not have seen any posts, threads, or news articles dated to that particular day. Note: I actually went through the trouble of doing a quick foray myself, and Iwaku has a number of threads started on that date, so.

    As for the receipts, that gets a little bit more complicated. The most likely explanation was that he bought something late at night, realized he forgot something, and bought another thing after midnight. Upon returning to review his receipts, he discovered that the difference of date was greater than what one would assume to be the case from the passage of 11:59PM to 12:00AM.
  13. Or they're a troll.

    But assuming they're serious it could always just be they didn't log on that day or buy anything, so they think the date skipped simply because of their inactivity.
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