Jury Duty for a cat

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  1. Well, this proves to be somewhat amusing...


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    So... shall I file my cat on my next Census sheet in hopes that he gets jury duty as well?
  2. THAT'S HELARIOUS But seriously... what are they gonna do about a CAT?
  3. They'll get an interpreter TK, GOSH.
  4. "Now, Mr. Esposito, do you know the defendant or have you heard any details of this case from media outlets?"

  5. That's hilarious! XD Are they going to arrest the cat if he doesn't show up for jury duty?
  6. no, just appeal it to a high court due to 11 HIGHLY incompetent jury members, and one cat.
  7. Haha, wow. I wonder why the jury commissioner denied the request.
  8. ...maybe he's a dog lover?
  9. I bet the cat is a racist too.
  10. Sounds like an Adam Sandler movie... if Sandler was a cat.