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  1. I was thinking of making a original rp using the elements of two films Jurassic park series and Jurassic city film using a city as the main base and expanding out with an island jungle setting including shallow waters around the island for water based creatures anyone interested !
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  2. What would be your plot ideas for this, exactly? There's potential.
  3. I thought of having nanotechnology introduced during the original cloning process with the effect being the expansion of the brains of the dinos increasing the intelligence of them with the degree of effect varying between different species but as to where the plot goes from there Im open to ideas
  4. I may be interested
  5. We get to be Dinosaurs, you're saying?

    Count me in.
  6. if anyone has a plot idea that expands on this feel free to introduce it Im open to ideas on where to run with this

    there is one thing who should we have as the unofficial king of the island the t-rex ,spinosaur or another different dino
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  7. Wait. Would we be playing as dinos or survivors?
  8. both actually if we only play one side the story couldnt really progress while key figures from both will have bios the rest are free to use also I thought of using a dual Island one that is linked to the main by a land bridge when the tide is just right otherwise it looks like two separate islands
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