Jurassic World

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  1. What upsets you most about this trailer and why is it the raptors being reduced to glorified hunting hounds.

    uh, wow. I can't wait. Jun 12 GET HYPE.
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  2. Saw this earlier today. Looks REALLY good, but man, if this trailer is indicative of anything, the script is... Well...
  4. Sorry, still waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy II

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  5. Pretty much this. The actors are good, the aesthetics are amazing, the CGI seems to work to this film's credit, and the idea of a hybrid dinosaur of some sort sounds pretty kickass.

    On the other hand... What. These scientists are smoking something pretty hard to want to make a hybrid carnivore of all things.

    Kinda hope that end scene of that one guy on the motorcycle with velociraptors is somehow that they've accepted him into the pack or something equally silly. I mean if we're going to have a bad script, at least make it one that is self-aware and able to have fun with the concept in a way that's at least fresh different to the original. They seem to be aiming for more tongue in cheek with the actor choices and dialogue as is: Stereotypical rich parents, sarcastic "told you so" main protagonist, et cetera.

    I might pay the theater ticket just for the dinosaurs though. I mean it's Jurassic Park, it just needs to have some dinosaurs doing their "rawr I'm a dinosaur" thing for me to be content. So it better not be 80 minutes of building up to hybrid the dinosaur. Please let other dinosaurs do neat shit too.

    My inner pessimist is fighting with my inner child about this. Excuse me, I need to take them to a private room to work this out.
  6. Pretty much nostalgia rules for this one!

    But man, at the end, when you hear the Jurassic Park theme played slowly, on the piano?

  7. They never learn...
  8. it's a liopleurodon, charlie!

    a magical leopluordon!
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  9. I am disappointed. I wanted dinosaurs that shot lasers out of their eyes. I won't be seeing this movie now.

    /End Sarcasm
  10. I don't know what it is, but Chris Pratt's delivery on some of his lines were rather cringe worthy... =/ I felt the same way about him in Guardians. Maybe it's just me.

    Anyways, unless I hear about some wonderful reviews, I'll probably wait to rent the movie.
  11. I just hope we get to see more of the Pliosaur.

    Aquatic dino is fave dino

    I hope it comes to Sweden at the same time as USA. Sometimes we have to wait half a year xb (We won't get big hero 6 before February)

  13. Jurassic World needs to beat this scene

    Otherwise, Jurassic Park is best park
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  14. off topic

    but mother fucker

    that avatar is too fucking adorable

  15. That's a tough feat to beat. The first one was always the best, the other 2 were just crap excuses to make more money if you ask me. I hope this one is better than that, otherwise I'll be disappointed. I'd still go see it, cuz it's Jurassic Park, but I won't be happy about it.
  16. Okay, there's something bugging me. When I see the female doc, the one with the red hair, I get this deja vú feeling, like I've seen her before, but as a cartoon. Does anyone know of such a character, maybe from a Disney movie or something?
  17. i'm all kinds of mad boners. Just for the soundtrack. Go fuck yourself usually applicable reasons to why this movie will be shit.
  18. [​IMG]

    This is seaworld-level villainy.

    This is feeding panda meat to hungry african orphans.

    This is a safety hazard waiting to happen. (of course!)

    This is the hypothetical disapproval of my unborn grandchild.

    This is an articuno in heat.

    This...This is Assassin's Creed Unity.
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  19. The raptors probably realize that he has terminal cancer and want him to die slowly, because they took a peek at his medical records after hacking the mainframe.

    I have a feeling they want Chris Pratt to be neo-Goldblum. But..er... no.

  20. Because Goldblum.