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  1. Despite getting 'meh' reviews from critics, I found this movie very enjoyable. This isn't a character study film or something, Chris Pratt is Chris Pratt, however this movie did make dinosaurs pretty fucking cool again. They even address why the dinosaurs don't match up with the actual dinosaurs and things like that; I was very satisfied with this movie.

    Entertainment value:
    9/10 : it took a while to get started, but once it did, my heart rate never slowed down. Lots of entertainment to be found and the new beasties are pretty cool. Oh, and I was a skeptic but I totally bought the raptor trainer thing; trust me, it's handled well.

    Oscar bait:
    7/10 : yeah, you won't find the answer to the meaning of life in this film. But, the plot holes are mostly minor (to be honest, I didn't see any) and all the actors are at the least functional (but are very cartoony in that they are 100% their character without extra motivations). There is also a scene with a woman who starts crying and it is so completely fake that it was pretty bad.

    In closing:
    See this movie. It looks great in 3D, sounds amazing and there are lots of nods to the original that make it worth seeing in and of itself.
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  2. I'm seeing it tomorrow and I'm so freaking excited! It looks like a lot of people like it, which is a good sign. Most people didn't like the other sequels, but I didn't mind them. So if the same people who disliked the sequels that I enjoy really like this one, its looking really good!
  3. I saw it, and I've been excited for it since I saw the first trailer. It was a very well-made movie and it's not quite up to par with the original Jurassic Park, but it was such a fantastic experience that I couldn't have expected a better movie. My big fears about them not treating the dinosaurs like animals and just having big dumb action hero set pieces were pretty unfounded.

    My only real complaint about the movie is one of the villains is really a comically dumb asshole. Anybody who's seen it knows who I'm talking about.
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  4. Combined with the Thursday night "preview" box-office take, Jurassic World has broken all current records for Friday box-office takes at a WHOPPING $82.3 Million dollars, giving it the largest "Opening Day" in film history (with Deathly Hallows and Avengers films just barely behind).
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  5. Would you recommend seeing it not in 3D?
  6. @Faithviper
    Honestly if you can get it in a theatre that is IMAX approved, yes.

    This movie sounds amazing in IMAX and having watched it a second time in a standard theatre, the sound quality was par with most movies (then again, my local theatre made the avengers sound like shit).

    The 3D isn't in your face. Hell, the advertisement for "The Walk" had more annoying 'pop-up' attacks than the actual movie did.
  7. Sadly no IMAX here, but the theater downtown has some really good sound in it, just want to know because it is hard to wear those glasses with my glasses
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  8. I have glasses too-
    The struggle is real.
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  9. I'd recommend seeing anything in 2D.

    3D is an obnoxious money grab that adds jack shit to your experience while making you pay nearly double the standard ticket rate.
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  10. I agree with @Dervish.

    Unless the film was specifically filmed in 3D (which very few of these 3D-released IMAX films are), it's not worth it.

    HOWEVER, if you can see a movie in 2D IMAX, especially for these Summer Blockbuster movies, do it!!
  11. Pretty much, yeah.

    The only movie I can say 3D was absolutely incredible on was Avatar, because like you said, it was specifically designed for 3D; hell, a huge part of its budget was creating technology for the 3D. Most movies are filmed in 2D with 3D slapped on top, and to be honest, I can't tell the difference between 2D and 3D for about 90% of what I'm watching.
  12. If this movie was filmed in 2D and transferred over, it was a good job. I can legitimately say the foliage really hung out and it was immersive- often times, the dinosaurs really seemed to be as good looking as the animatronics of the first film.

    I'm sorry you're so against 3D, and while agree it's usually a money grabbing tax on the ticket, some movies are worth it.
    I did not think avatar was worth it due to its poor story and characters who were as bland as toilet paper; but that's just me.
  13. Avatar was like Pacific Rim; you watched it for the special effects.

    But even Jurassic World's 3D was pretty much non-existent. It didn't feel like it had depth and it honestly felt like I was watching it in 2D for most of it. Nothing popped out, even the foliage. I would not say this movie is any different for 3D, because once again, filmed in 2D with some after effects applied. You would have gotten the exact same experience in 2D, effects wise.
  14. If I think to, I'll come back to this thread tomorrow night and say how it was on a drive in movie screen.
  15. I miss the drive in. D: Now I have a pick up truck, it would have been awesome just to throw an air mattress and some pillows in the back, a cooler full of good stuff, and a portable radio.
  16. I go with my friend, my friend's family, and my friend's friends. We bring fold up outdoor chairs, and a portable gazebo if it might rain. The staff always get a kick out of that :P They usually want to take pictures.
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  17. I'm going to the movie on Thursday,and would like to ask: will I suffer from not watching the previous movies? Is the Jurassic World somehow related with the previous ones like returning chars and other? Anyways,will post my thoughts on the movie after I see it.
  18. Nope! It's a stand alone story, there's only one returning character and he's minor. It would help if you've seen the first movie but it certainly isn't a requirement to understand and enjoy most of Jurassic World.
  19. So we didn't end up going to the drive in, but I did see it and it was AMAZING. It even still had animatronics in it! I would have been so sad if they hadn't used any, since that was such a big part of the originals!
  20. I read that its intended to be a direct sequel to Jurassic Park, ignoring that the other sequels happened at all. It references a few things from the first one and there are two returning characters (one isn't human, and its never stated in the movie, but they said in interviews) but as long as you know the basic idea, you probably wont have much trouble following this one.
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